Quiver QuiverIcon
Cycle through and shoot one of three tactical arrows: Cloak, Null-Shield, and Encumbered Arrows.
Duration:12 s (bubble duration)
6 s (EMP duration)
4 s (cripple duration)
Range:2.5 m (bubble radius)
6 m (EMP radius)
6 m (cripple radius)
Misc:1 (max bubbles)
6 s (shield regen prevention)

  • Ivara launches one of her variety of specialized arrows that performs a different ability depending on the selected arrow type. Quiver cycles between arrow types upon tapping the ability key (default 1 ), while holding down the key and releasing launches the selected arrow. Up to three different arrow types are used, listed below:

Cloak Arrow
  • Cloak Arrow anchors onto any surface or entity upon impact, generating an energy bubble that cloaks Ivara and her allies within 2.5 meters of its point of impact for 12 seconds.
    • Cloak Arrow can be attached to allies, enemies, objects, and terrain.
  • A maximum of 1 bubble can be active simultaneously. Firing an additional Cloak Arrow will replace the oldest active bubble.
  • Opponenets cannot see the bubble outline except Ivara.
    • While cloaked, Ivara leaves a faint blurry outline (visible with Motion Blur), and the SFX from Cloak Arrow is audible to enemies.

Null-Shield Arrow
  • Null-Shield Arrow removes the shields of opponents within 6 meters of the impact point, and prevents their shield regeneration for 6 seconds.
    • Affected opponent's shields will fully regenerate instantly after duration ends.

Encumbered Arrow
  • Encumbered Arrow Impaired b Impairs opponents within 6 meters of the impact point for 4 seconds.

  • A special cyclic display located above Ivara's weapon stats in the HUD will show the currently equipped arrow type along with a charge meter that displays the charge state of Quiver before firing. If using Cloak Arrows or Sleep Arrows, the display will also show a countdown timer for the arrow's active duration.
    • Cloak Arrow cycles to display a barbed purple arrowhead, Null-Shield Arrow cycles to display a yellow diamond-shaped arrowhead, Encumbered Arrow cycles to display a semicircular red arrowhead.
  • Quiver's arrows do not inflict damage upon impact.
  • Quiver only consumes energy upon launching an arrow; switching arrowheads will not consume energy.
  • Quiver's arrows are considered as projectiles and can be controlled using Navigator130xDark Navigator.

Main article: Power of Three

Power of Three is a Conclave-exclusive Warframe Augment Mod for IvaraIcon272 Ivara's Quiver130xDark Quiver that fires three additional arrows but consumes extra energy.

Rank Energy Cost Cost
0 50 6
1 40 7
2 30 8
3 20 9

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