MoltModU15 SarynMoult
Shedding her skin like a snake, Saryn leaves a decoy behind that attracts nearby weapon fire.
Strength:400 (health)
50 (explosion damage)
1.2 x (speed multiplier)
Duration:12 s (decoy)
8 s (speed buff)
Range:6 m
Misc:1 s (invuln. time)
400 (decoy shields)
100% (Toxin w Toxin status chance)

  • Saryn sheds her skin, increasing her movement speed by 1.2 x for 8 seconds, while leaving behind a decoy with 400 shields and 400 health that absorbs enemy fire for 12 seconds. When deployed, the decoy is invulnerable for a period of 1 seconds. The decoy will explode if it loses all of its hitpoints, if its duration expires or if the ability is cast again, inflicting 50 Toxin b Toxin damage with 100% Toxin b Toxin status chance to all enemies within 6 meters from it.
    • Toxin b Toxin status effect deals 100% of the explosion damage per tick over 4 ticks in 3 seconds (duration is prolonged due to Saryn's passive).
    • Does not have a cast time or animation.
  • Molt's decoy is placed at Saryn's current position, mirroring her pose and elevation.
    • Molt cannot be knocked down or moved, and acts as a physical object.
    • Molt will slowly vaporize and dissipate for its duration, eventually exploding once it nearly vanishes.
  • Casting Molt can be done while performing any action without interrupting it, including reloading, charging, shooting, maneuvering, and while on a zipline.
    • Can be cast in all states (except while upside down in a flip jump or while dodging) and can be reused instantly.

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