Metamorphosis MetamorphosisIcon
Switch forms, temporarily gaining bonus shields and armor in Night-Form, or bonus damage and speed in Day-Form.

Night form
Strength:200 (armor bonus)
100 (shield bonus)
Duration:6 s

Day form
Strength:1.2x (damage bonus)
20% (speed bonus)
Duration:6 s

  • Equinox transforms between her night or day forms, over 1 second. She acquires abilities exclusive to each form and gains bonuses that diminish over 6 seconds.
  • These bonuses decay linearly every second until they equal zero on ability expiration.
  • The bonuses differ depending on Equinox's form:

Night form

Day form
  • Upon switching to Day Form, Equinox can use Rage, Provoke, and Maim.
  • She gains 1.2x weapon damage and 20% movement speed.

  • Switching between forms removes any bonuses granted by the previous form. Only a single set of Metamorphosis buffs can be active at any given time.
  • While switching, Equinox cannot cast any abilities but can perform all other actions such as moving and using weapons.
  • During the transformation, Equinox momentarily becomes whole with her night and day features merged together, then separates into the opposite form.

Main article: Push & Pull

Push & Pull is a Conclave-exclusive Warframe Augment Mod for EquinoxIcon272 Equinox's Metamorphosis130xDark Metamorphosis that Impaired b Impairs enemies within 6m when switching to day-form, or knocks them down if switching to night-form.

Rank Stagger/ Knockdown Radius Cost
0 1.5m 6
1 3m 7
2 4.5m 8
3 6m 9

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