BulletAttractorModU15 BulletAttractor
Creates a magnetic field around a target that attracts any weapon fire that hits it and deals damage over time.
Strength:0.5x (multiplier)
100 (explosion damage)
4 (damage per second)
Duration:4 s
Range:1.2 m (field radius)
4 m (explosion radius)
Misc:10% (absorption)

  • Mag creates a powerful magnetic field that surrounds a single target. The field has a 1.2 meter radius and lasts for 4 seconds. During the field's lifetime, all projectiles and bullets will be redirected towards the center of the field, and incoming damage from all sources will be multiplied by 50%.
  • If the initial target dies while magnetized, the field destabilizes and explodes at the end of its duration for 100 Blast b Blast damage in a 4 meter radius. Each time an enemy gets hit by the damage ticks inside the bubble, 10% of the currently absorbed damage gets added to the explosion damage.
  • Redirected projectiles travel in a straight line from the point of impact to the center of the sphere which can draw fire away from enemy weak spots. However, you can target vital areas by aiming for any point on the sphere that is perpendicular to the weak spot. Hitscan weapons have less difficulty hitting weak spots; simply aiming at the target's weak spots will yield extra damage in most cases.
    • Shots fired within the field are also redirected, including shots fired by the magnetized target.
    • In addition to firearms, Magnetize can redirect RadialJavelin130xDark Radial Javelin blades, Prism130xDark Prism lasers, ExaltedBlade130xDark Exalted Blade's waves, ArtemisBow130xDark Artemis Bow's arrow fan, and bouncing projectiles such as the glaives into a single target.
  • If the target dies before the Magnetize bubble appears or Mag misses her ability, energy will not be refunded.
  • Magnetize's visual effects are affected by Mag's chosen energy color.
  • Casting Magnetize is a One-Handed Action that can be done while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading, charging, shooting, and moving (either sprinting or sliding).
    • Can be used in mid-air.

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