Landslide LandslideIcon
Bash enemies with an exploding sliding punch, and repeat for a devastating combo. Petrified enemies take extra damage, and drop Rubble when destroyed. Rubble can heal Atlas and bolster his armor.
Strength:15 (1 hit)
30 (2 hits)
60 (3+ hits)
Duration:1 s (combo window)
Range:10 m (dash range)
[1 hit] 1.5 m (impact radius)
Misc:50% (bonus Rubble health/armor)

  • Atlas charges forward to punch a target enemy up to 10 meters away. The target and enemies within 1.5 meters are dealt 15 Impact b Impact damage as a melee strike.
  • Landslide can be recast within a 1 second window to perform a repeating combo chain. Each successive hit in the chain deals increasing damage with a larger impact radius and reduced energy cost up to a cap:
    • 30% damage, 1.5% impact radius, and 50% cost reduction for the second hit
    • 60% damage, 1.5% impact radius, and 75% cost reduction for the third and all subsequent hits in the chain
  • Impaired b Impairs on the first hit, and causes Knockdown on third combo.
  • Can be cast while in mid-air.
  • Casting Landslide requires an unobstructed enemy target.

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