A different take on the Grineer assault rifle, the Karak Wraith features unique styling.

The Karak Wraith is the Wraith variant of the GrineerM16Rifle Karak assault rifle, with higher damage and magazine size.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 50
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A


This weapon was introduced during the Operation: Tubemen of Regor event, where players would need to complete a minimum of four regional battles in favor of one side more than the other, and Alad V was the victor of the conflict. Alad V had won the conflict in the PC and XB1 versions of the game, but not in the PS4. The weapon came with a free weapon slot and a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

The blueprint and parts were formerly a reward from the First and Third Seasons of Sorties; they can now be found as an Invasion reward. All components can be traded, although players must have a Mastery Rank of at least 7 to acquire the blueprint.


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • High Impact b Impact damage – effective against shields.
  • High accuracy.
  • High fire rate.
  • High magazine capacity.
  • Innate Madurai Pol polarity.


  • Low Slash b Slash damage – less effective against health.
  • Has small but erratic recoil, causing some inaccuracy at range. 


  • Karak Wraith, compared to Karak:
    • Lower base damage (26.0 vs. 31.2)
      • Lower Impact b Impact damage (11.7 vs. 14.1)
      • Lower Puncture b Puncture damage (7.8 vs. 9.3)
      • Lower Slash b Slash damage (6.5 vs. 7.8)
    • Larger magazine (35 rounds vs. 20 rounds)
    • Larger max ammo capacity (140 rounds vs. 80 rounds)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (7 vs. 1)


  • Curiously, the Karak Wraith's UI icon appears to be missing its magazine and the remainder of the hanging strap.
  • The Karak Wraith is the sixth Wraith weapon to be released.
  • When the Karak Wraith has a quarter of its total magazine left, it will sound slightly higher approaching the end of the magazine.
  • This weapon is wielded by the Nightwatch Lancers during the Project Undermine Tactical Alert, perhaps due the similarity in appearance between Wraith and Nightwatch skins, and the fact that there is no Nightwatch skin for the Karak, Hind Hind, or GrineerAssaultRifle Grakata.
    • This the second time an enemy is seen using an Event Reward weapon (following the Stalker's use of the BratonVandal Braton Vandal prior to the introduction of the Dread2 Dread).

Karak Wraith Skins


  • Karak Wraith in Codex.
  • Karak wraith and stats
  • Karak Wraith

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.20
  • PBR treatment.

Update 22.12

  • Mastery Rank increased from 0 to 7
  • Damage increased from 30 to 31
  • Status chance increased from 15% to 25%
  • Critical chance increased from 5% to 13%

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