IceWaveModU15 FrostIceWave
Ice Wave
Sends a wave of razor sharp, crystallized ice toward an enemy, dealing heavy damage.
Range:45° (angle)
1.5 m (initial width)
15 m (length)
Misc:50% (mobility decrease)

  • Frost sends forth a wave of ice shards that inflicts 100 Cold b Cold damage to all targets in its area of effect. The wave has an initial width of 1.5 meters, disperses at a 45° angle, and travels over a distance of 15 meters.
    • Cold b Cold status effect reduces a target's movement speed and fire/attack rate by 50% over a duration of 4 seconds.
  • Ice Wave follows terrain. With multiple levels of terrain, the ice shards can change elevation to damage enemies.
  • Can be cast while airborne, and the cast animation cannot be interrupted.
  • Has a cast time of 1 second and a cast delay of ~1 second.

Main article: Ice Wave Impedance

Ice Wave Impedance is a Warframe Augment Mod usable in both PvE and Conclave for FrostIcon272 Frost's IceWave130xDark Ice Wave that makes it leave a trail of frozen ground after casting, slowing down enemies that walk over it.

Rank Duration Cost
0 6s 6
1 8s 7
2 10s 8
3 12s 9

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