Deep TendrilEdit

Melee slam attacks have a 100% chance to lure a Tentacle that lasts for 5 seconds.

  • Tentacles deal up to 90 Magnetic b Magnetic damage per strike depending on its length.
    • Tentacle length is dependent on the size of the area where tentacles are spawned.
  • Up to 3 tentacles spawned by this passive may exist at once.

Abilities Edit

TempestBarrageU15 PirateCannonBarage
Tempest Barrage
Target an area and call down a barrage of liquid fury. Charge this attack to increase the lethality of the onslaught.
Strength:25 (base)
50 (charged)
Duration:1.2 s (base)
5 s (charged)
Range:5 m (explosion radius)
Misc:∞ (cast range)
1 m (barrage radius)
5 m (charged)

  • Hydroid marks a targeted location for orbital bombardment over unrestricted range, calling forth an artillery barrage-like salvo of water missiles from above to strike the marked area 1 meter in radius for 1.2 seconds. Water missiles launch from above in a salvo of 4 per second, with each missile exploding on impact dealing 25 Impact b Impact damage to enemies within a 5 meters explosion radius.
    • Damage does not bypass obstacles in the environment and does not diminish with distance.
    • The barrage distinctly resembles a salvo of cannon-fire from an old warship. Like said salvo, it is not terribly accurate, but can threaten a wide area for several seconds and an enemy can be struck multiple times.
    • Water missiles have a chance to strike both grounded and airborne targets directly.
  • Tapping the button (default 1 ) initiates the ability cast immediately. Holding the button for up to 2.5 seconds allows Hydroid to charge Tempest Barrage for up to 100% damage per explosion and increased barrage duration, in exchange for double energy cost.
    • Holding highlights the area around the aiming reticle in Hydroid's energy color, allowing free aim before releasing the hotkey to cast Tempest Barrage at the target location.
      • While charging, an audible flowing liquid sound plays.
    • The barrage will be centered on the spot where the reticle is pointing up to the first solid object within view. This allows Tempest Barrage to be cast at distant locations as long as one has line of sight. Note that it tends to fall short if cast through a door or gateway.
    • The barrage spot is decided upon releasing the cast; you can move the reticle freely before releasing the ability button.
  • Can be cast during Undertow130xDark Undertow over unrestricted range.
  • Tempest Barrage is a One-Handed Action that allows casting during movement, while midair, and on ziplines.
  • Can be recast while active to create multiple barrage instances.
  • Water missiles and their impact indicator circles are affected by Hydroid's chosen Warframe energy color.

TidalSurgeU15 PirateTidalWave
Tidal Surge
Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water.
Duration:40 m/s (speed)
Range:2 m (striking radius)
22 m (travel distance)
Misc:1 s (wave duration)
0.6 s (invulnerability)

  • Hydroid transforms into liquid and surges forward as a wave of water. While traveling in waveform, Hydroid is granted with a 0.6 second invulnerability bonus, as his speed increases to 40 meters per second over a duration of 1 second. Enemies within 2 meters of the wave are knocked down, while dealt with 100 Impact b Impact damage as the wave travels and 100 Slash b Slash damage as the wave breaks at the end of the duration.
  • While traveling in waveform, activating Undertow130xDark Undertow halts Hydroid at his current position and transitions directly into liquid form on impact with the ground.
    • Likewise, deactivating Undertow while traveling in waveform halts Hydroid at his current position, causing him to emerge from the pool.
  • Can be cast while in Undertow liquid form to travel half the normal distance.
    • Hydroid remains in liquid form during and after Tidal Surge as long as Undertow remains active.

UndertowU15 PirateLiquefy
Become a water trap, opponents that come into contact will be knocked down if they attempt to jump.

Energy Drain: 2 s-1
Grab Cost: 5
Meters per Energy: 0.2 m

Strength:25 (dmg/sec)
2 % (dmg increase/sec)
Range:6 m (puddle size)
16 m (grab range)

  • Hydroid submerges into a pool of water with a 6 meters radius, becoming invulnerable to damage and applies a 6 second debuff on enemies in range of the puddle that causes a knockdown when they attempt to jump.
    • Shooting at the center of the puddle will drain Hydroid’s energy. AoE damage also affects the puddle center.
    • If any invisible opponents happens to walk across Undertow, it will reveal them and render their invisibility useless.
  • While active, Hydroid can aim at an enemy target within 16 meters and press the primary attack key (default LMB ) to expend 5 energy, launching a water tendril from the pool, grabbing the target and pulling it into Undertow.
  • Undertow drains 2 energy per second, and will remain active so long as Hydroid has energy. Undertow will end if Hydroid runs out of energy, jumps (Space ), rolls (2x Shift ), or if deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 3 ). Hydroid can slowly move while in Undertow by draining 1 energy point per 0.2 meters moved.
    • If moving while in Undertow you can sprint (hold Shift ) for faster movement speed.
  • While hidden in his liquid form, Hydroid can cast all other abilities.
    • TidalSurge130xDark Tidal Surge allows Hydroid to remain submerged in Undertow and travel in waveform for half the normal distance.
      • Undertow will not drain additional energy when Hydroid moves via Tidal Surge.
    • TentacleSwarm130xDark Tentacle Swarm centers the kraken on Undertow and spawns tentacles inside the pool. Charged cast can extend tentacle spawn radius outside Undertow.
    • Tentacle Swarm deals 200% damage when cast from Undertow.
  • Cannot switch, fire, or reload weapons, perform parkour Maneuvers except jump and roll, nor collect Pickups while in liquid form.
  • Can be cast while in midair to enter liquid form. Undertow pool will form when Hydroid lands on the ground.

TentacleSwarmU15 PirateKraken
Tentacle Swarm
Tap to spawn watery tentacles from all nearby surfaces to wreak havoc. Charge to increase the number of tentacles and spawn area. Use while in Undertow to have the tentacles emerge from the pool.
Strength:60 (base)
180 (charged)
Duration:6 s
Range:5 m (base radius)
10 m (charged radius)
Misc:∞ (cast range)
8 (tentacles)
16 (charged tentacles)

  • Hydroid summons a creature from the deep, causing 8 tentacles to emerge from all surfaces within a marked location 5 meters in radius, cast over unrestricted range. Tentacles prioritize spawning beneath enemies inside the radius, with each tentacle hiting their targets or knocking them down, dealing 60 Magnetic b Magnetic damage upon emerging, on first contact with enemies, and when submerging as the ability expires after 6 seconds.
    • Tentacles detect and damage new enemy targets when they come into range.
    • Tentacles can damage multiple enemies at once.
  • Tapping the button (default 4 ) casts the ability immediately. Holding the button for up to 2 seconds charges Tentacle Swarm, increasing the number of tentacles spawned up to 16 and spawn radius up to 10 meters, in exchange for up to double energy cost.
    • Tentacle Swarm's spawn area will be highlighted by Hydroid's energy color during the casting and charging animations.
    • Spawn area indicator visibly grows in size as Tentacle Swarm is charged.
    • While charging, an audible whale-like call from the Kraken plays.
  • Can be cast while in Undertow130xDark Undertow liquid form to center Tentacle Swarm on the pool.
    • Quick cast causes all tentacles to spawn inside Undertow's radius, while charged cast extends the spawn radius outside of Undertow.
    • Tentacle Magnetic b Magnetic damage per second deal 200% damage when cast from Undertow, including tentacles that spawn outside Undertow.
  • Casting Tentacle Swarm is a two-handed action that stops Hydroid's movement and other actions. Charging Tentacle Swarm is a two-handed upper body animation that allows player movement.
  • Can be recast while active; however, only one instance of Tentacle Swarm can be active at a time. Recasting will replace the previous instance.
  • Hydroid briefly summons the Kraken at the center of the spawn area as a visual effect. The Kraken emerges from a pool of water, then submerges slowly and disappears. Kraken is affected by Hydroid's chosen Warframe appearance and energy colors.
  • Tentacles appear as translucent water tendrils emerging from a small puddle of water. Tentacles emit splashes of water periodically, as well as a steam particle effect at their base which is affected by Hydroid's chosen Warframe energy color.

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