• Allies can shoot through Gara without Punch Through in team games.

Abilities Edit

ShatteredLash GaraShatteredLash
Shattered Lash
Lash out with stream of shattered glass, or hold for an arcing strike.
Range:8 m (range)
Misc:180° (sweep arc)
1 m (blade radius)

  • Gara thrusts her glass longsword with 8 meters range toward the aiming reticle, dealing 60 Puncture b Puncture damage and knocking back all enemies within 1 meters radius from the blade. Holding the ability key instead sweeps the glass longsword from left to right in a 180° arc in front of Gara, dealing 60 Slash b Slash damage to all enemies within reach and Impaired b Impairs them.
    • Sweep is not perfectly aligned in a straight line and is similar to a wave-like pattern, allowing Shattered Lash to hit enemies on a slightly higher terrain elevation than Gara past ~90°.
  • Thrust direction is determined when quick cast is initiated. Glass longsword will generate from the initial position regardless of Gara's orientation and position during the cast.
  • Sweep occurs around Gara's character model once the hold cast is initiated. On cast, Gara is reoriented toward the aiming reticle, but the glass longsword's path is predetermined by the sweep animation and cannot be redirected upward or downward.
  • Shattered Lash's quick cast is a one-handed action that allows Gara to fire and reload weapons, as well as move and perform maneuvers during cast.
    • Hold cast is a two-handed animation that stops Gara's movement and other actions during cast.
  • Can be cast while in midair.
  • The glass longsword is visually summoned from Gara's left palm and does not possess a grip. Glass shards will constantly break away and fall from the blade as a visual effect, while the longsword fades into and out of existence for the duration of the thrust or sweep.
    • The longsword and its particle effects are affected by Gara's chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Shattered Lash can damage enemies across the Rift Plane.

SplinterStorm GaraSplinterStorm
Splinter Storm
Gara's armor splinters into a maelstrom of shattered glass that slices enemies and impairs their weapons. Allies who contact the cloud are fortified against damage.
Strength:25 (damage per second)
25% (damage reduction)
1.25x (damage multiplier)
Duration:5 s
Range:20 m (cast)
2 m (radius)
Misc:50% (absorbed damage)

  • Gara shatters her glass armor into a storm of razor-sharp fragments that encircles herself, an ally, or an enemy target on the aiming reticle within 20 meters, lasting for 5 seconds. The shard storm has a radius of 2 meters, within which enemies are dealt 25 damage per second and constantly pushed away from the center. When cast on self or allies, the target also receives 25% damage resistance to enemy attacks; when cast on enemies, the target also receives 1.25x increased damage vulnerability to weapons and abilities.
    • Damage per second is distributed between Impact b Impact, Puncture b Puncture, and Slash b Slash.
    • Damage multiplier affects Splinter Storm's damage per second, causing the affected enemy target to receive increased damage from the Splinter Storm around it.
  • Casting Splinter Storm stops Gara's movement and actions.
  • Can be cast on self when not aiming at an ally or enemy target.
  • Can be cast on multiple targets while active.
  • Cannot be cast on a target already affected by Splinter Storm.
  • The newest active instance of Splinter Storm is tracked by the ability icon timer, including the instance on Gara herself.
  • Splinter Storm buff on ally players appears as an icon with the timer below and percentage of damage reduction at the top-right, displayed beside the Shield and Health indicators on the affected players' HUD.
  • Gara's glass armor becomes the shard storm around her target, changing her base model visually without the glass accents while Splinter Storm is active. When all existing Splinter Storms expire, Gara's glass reforms on her model immediately in a flash of light.
    • Glass fragments are affected by Gara's chosen Warframe energy color.
    • Even though Gara's armor is visually shattered if at least one Splinter Storm is active, Gara can still cast new Splinter Storms on new targets.

Spectrorage GaraSpectrorage
Trap enemies in a carousel of mirrors, forcing them to attack visions of their true selves. Destroyed mirrors damage their attackers, as does the collapse of the carousel.
Strength:200 (mirror damage)
200 (collapse damage)
Duration:20 s
Range:10 (number of mirrors)
5 (collapse threshold)
Misc:100 m (cast range)
50% (absorbed damage per mirror)

  • Gara summons a perpetually spinning carousel of 10 spectral mirrors at the targeted location within 100 meters. Enemies that breaks a mirror will receive 200 damage and release it as spectral energy back to the attacker. When 5 mirrors are broken, the carousel collapses in an explosion inflicting 200 damage to all enemies inside the ring. Spectrorage lasts for 20 seconds or until all mirrors break from collapse.
    • Damage is distributed between Impact b Impact, Puncture b Puncture, and Slash b Slash.
      • Mirror damage is only applied against the enemy that breaks the mirror. Collapse damage applies to all enemies inside Spectrorage and diminishes with distance from the center.
    • The carousel expands or shrinks with the total amount of mirrors spawned on cast.
    • The carousel rotates clockwise constantly.
    • Mirrors do not have collision and will phase through objects, walls, players and AI.
    • Mirrors can path up and down terrain where elevation difference exists.
  • Casting Spectrorage stops Gara's movement and other actions.
  • Can be recast while active. Only 1 carousel of mirrors may remain active per player.
  • Can be cast while in midair.
  • Cannot be cast without a valid horizontal surface within cast range as well as directly on or below the aiming reticle.
  • Spectral mirrors appear as collections of floating glass fragments that emanate energy toward the center of the carousel.
    • Upon breaking, the mirrors release their energy while they remain floating in motion.
    • Mirrors and their energy color are affected by Gara's chosen Warframe energy color.

MassVitrify GaraMassVitrify
Mass Vitrify
Create an expanding ring of molten glass that slowly crystallizes enemies who enter. When the expansion is complete, the ring hardens to block weapons fire. The ring draws extra strength from the health and shields of crystallized enemies. Use Shattered Lash to smash the ring and send razor-sharp glass flying outward.

Energy Drain: 2 s-1, ramp up to 15 s-1

Strength:1x (damage multiplier)
925 (ring segment base health)
250 (segment explosion damage)
250 (shatter explosion damage)
Duration:3.5 s (expansion time)
3 s (effect duration)
Range:2 m (ring initial radius)
8 m (ring max radius)
8 m (segment explosion range)
8 m (shatter explosion range)
Misc:3 m (ring initial height)
12 m (ring max height)
3 s (crystallization time)
12 (ring segments)
50% (absorbed damage)

  • Gara coats herself in a shell of hardened glass, becoming immobile, invulnerable to damage, and immune to Status Effects as she unleashes a radial ring of molten glass that expands outward and downward. Ring expansion occurs over 3.5 seconds, initially draining 2 energy per second which ramps up to 15 energy per second over the course of expansion. The molten glass ring's initial horizontal radius from Gara is 2 meters, which expands up to a maximum horizontal radius of 8 meters. The molten glass ring's initial height is 3 meters high, which expands downward up to a maximum height of 12 meters.
    • Molten glass bypasses all entities, obstacles, and terrain as it expands.
    • When the molten glass ring is created, its base is aligned with Gara's feet to ensure that the initial ring height is about Warframe height.
    • Ring height expands downward much faster than ring horizontal radius, reaching full height before expansion time completes.
  • Mass Vitrify's glass undergoes two distinct phases with diverse effects on Gara, allies, and enemies:

  • Enemies that contact the molten glass are crystallized over 3 seconds, slowing in movement and attack speed until completely solidified in place for 3 seconds. Each enemy crystallized contributes extra health to the barrier formation phase, based on a portion of their maximum Shields and Health.
  • On death, crystallized enemies shatter into glass with visual and sound effects.

  • Upon pressing the ability key again (default 4 ), when maximum horizontal radius is reached, or when Gara runs out of Energy, Gara sheds her glass shell as the molten glass ring solidifies into a hardened glass barrier.
  • The glass barrier consists of a circle made out of 12 individual segments, each possessing 925 base health, Mass Vitrify also converts a portion of their maximum shields and health into extra health for the glass barrier segments. When a segment's health is depleted, it explodes outward and damages all enemies for 250 damage in a range of 8 meters. Glass barrier lasts until all segments are destroyed or when Mass Vitrify is recast.
    • During the crystallization phase, the number of total crystallize converted health is displayed beside the shield and health indicators on the HUD, as a buff icon with the number of converted health below the icon.
    • The number of intact glass barrier segments is shown on the ability icon while at least 1 segment exists.
  • All players, including Gara herself, cannot go through the barrier

  • Can be cast while in midair.
  • Can be recast while active to expand molten glass and create a new barrier. Only 1 barrier may remain active per player.
  • When the barrier duration expires, the glass barrier shatters harmlessly into fragments that float away upward.
  • Molten glass, hardened glass, and crystal tint color and particle effects energy color are affected by Gara's chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Casting Mass Vitrify in the air often delays the effect of refreshing Splinter Storm's duration until Gara lands on the ground, or if done from extreme heights, not refresh it at all.
  • Interrupting the expansion quickly after casting might sometimes result in a "fake" barrier which does not block damage and can not be detonated with Shattered Lash. This can also occasionally happen without voluntarily stopping the expansion.

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