EnsnareMod Ensnare130xWhite
Bind a hapless target in living metal, entangling others who stray too close. Whipclaw will refresh the trap allowing it to capture more enemies.
Duration:4 s (duration)
1 s (spread delay)
Range:20 m (cast range)
4 m (spread radius)
Misc:2.0x (damage multiplier)

  • Khora thrashes her whip at an enemy target within 20 meters, binding it in living metal for 4 seconds. While ensnared, the target is unable to jump and has their movement speed slowed, as the living metal propagates and pulls in all nearby enemies within a 4 meters radius after a 1 second delay.
    • The affected target is unable to roll.
    • Ensnare pulls enemies from behind obstacles and does not require line of sight.
    • Propagation always occur after the delay, regardless of any enemies actually being in range.
    • Ensnared enemies receive 200% damage from Whipclaw130xDark Whipclaw. Additionally, ensnared enemies hit by Whipclaw will propagate again to pull in new enemies.
    • Whipclaw propagation refresh is considered as a new instance of Ensnare, therefore it will affect enemies freed from a previous cast.
  • Cannot be recast on affected targets.
  • Casting Ensnare is a full-body animation that stops grounded movement and other actions.
  • The ensnared target is visually trapped within a cluster of spinning, living metal coils, while both the original target and branch targets glow faintly in Khora's chosen energy color.
  • When Ensnare propagates, living chains briefly lash out from the source enemy to pull in new targets before disappearing.
  • The living metal coils on the target are affected by Khora's chosen Appearance colors.

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