EnergyVampireModU15 TrinityEnergyVampire
Energy Vampire
Allies will gain energy over time when enemies are marked with Energy Vampire.
Strength:10 (restored energy)
5% (damage percentage)
Duration:10 s
Range:16 m (cast range)
16 m (pulse radius)

  • Trinity marks a target within 16 meters. It shines bright blue and emits 4 pulses over 10 seconds. Each pulse restores 10 energy to Tenno within 16 meters, and the target is dealt 5% of its remaining health as TrueDmg b True Damage bypassing the target's Shields.
  • Has a cast delay of 0.6 seconds. Not recastable while active.
    • After the cast delay, the animation takes another 0.6 seconds to finish. After this Trinity can move freely again. This delay is affected by casting speed mods as well.
  • Multiple Trinities cannot drain energy from a single target simultaneously.

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