ElectricShieldModU15 ElectricShield
Electric Shield
Volt deploys an obstacle of energy, providing cover in any situation.

Meters per Energy Drained: 2 m
Duration:14 s
Misc:50% (damage bonus)
6 m x 4.25 m (static shield)
2 m x 3 m (current shield)
2 (shields limit)

  • Shots fired through Electric Shield by Volt and his allies will gain 50% Electricity b Electricity damage.
    • Cannot be hit with hitscan or projectile weapons with Punch Through, but melee attacks & abilities can still hit Volt through Electric Shield.

  • "Static" refers to static electricity, a stationary electrical charge where there is no flow of electrons.
  • Volt creates an energy barrier 4.25 meters high and 6 meters wide that absorbs enemy fire. The shield lasts for 14 seconds.
  • As a Static Shield will be centered near the HUD's target reticle when cast, the reticle will determine the shield's orientation as it spawns.
  • The Static Shield can only be cast a maximum of 2 times. Casting after the maximum will remove the earliest Static Shield and create a new one where cast.
  • A Static Shield cannot be cast while a Current Shield is equipped.

  • "Current" refers to an electrical current, which is the flow or movement of electrons.
  • Volt has the ability to pickup one of his Static Shields through a context action. Doing so will cause the shield to decrease in size to 2.0 m × 3.0 m and become mobile. Activating the context action again will revert the Current Shield back into a Static Shield.
  • The position and movement of the Current Shield will be fixed to the target reticle, meaning the Shield will move with the camera while being within 1.5 meters of Volt.
  • When the Current Shield is equipped Volt will be limited to the use of only his secondary and melee weapons and will have his speed and mobility reduced.
  • Volt will be drained 2 energy for every 2 meters he travels with the Current Shield equipped.
    • Note that despite the drain rate the Current Shield will still disappear when the 14 second time limit is reached.
  • Only one Current Shield can be equipped at a time.

  • Casting Shock through an Electric Shield will electrify it, inflicting 50% of Shock's damage to enemies that pass through it.

Main article: Recharge Barrier

Recharge Barrier is a Conclave-exclusive Warframe Augment Mod for VoltIcon272 Volt's ElectricShield130xDark Electric Shield that restores allies' shields when they pass through the barrier.

Rank Shields restored Cost
0 25 6
1 50 7
2 75 8
3 100 9

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