The sensual lines of these golden Kamas have long been celebrated as a masterwork of Tenno weapon smithing.

The Dual Kamas Prime are the Primed versions of the Dual Kamas, featuring higher damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, and status chance.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:N/A


This weapon deals primarily Slash b.svg Slash damage.




  • Dual Kamas Prime, compared to Dual Kamas:
    • Lower base damage (57.1 vs. 57.1)
      • Higher Puncture b.svg Puncture damage (11.4 vs. 5.7)
      • Lower Slash b.svg Slash damage (42.8 vs. 48.5)
    • Different polarities (Madurai Pol.svg vs. None)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (8 vs. 1)


  • The Dual Kamas Prime are the first Prime dual swords to be introduced.
  • The Dual Kamas Prime was accidentally revealed in-game upon the release of Update 17.5, with its parts temporarily being made available as drops in the Orokin Void. This was later patched out in Hotfix 17.5.1.
  • Similar to the Dual Raza, the Dual Kamas Prime's blades are normally folded into the weapon when not in use, deploying only when attacking. If sufficient time has passed after the last attack, the Tenno will perform an animation where it flicks the weapons across its chest, stowing the blades away.


Dual Kamas Prime Skins Edit


  • On August 23rd, 2017, it was announced that Dual Kamas Prime would enter the Prime Vault and be retired from the reward tables on August 29th, 2017. Any preexisting components or fully-built weapons will remain as is.

Patch History

Update 17.6

  • Introduced

See also

  • Dual Kamas, the non-prime counterpart of this weapon.
  • Kama, the single, non-prime version of this weapon.
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