Devour DevourIcon
Hold power to trap target in quicksand rendering them unable to jump. Killing an opponent trapped in Quicksand creates a sand pile that can be devoured for Health.
Strength:250 (damage per second)
Duration:10 s
Range:30 m (cast and tether range)
Misc:2 s (damage ramp-up)
5 (damage ticks per second)

  • Inaros tethers an enemy target within 30 meters into quicksand for 10 seconds, disabling advanced movement of the target (Bullet jumps, rolls, etc) in a manner similar to Impaired b Impair. If the target dies while this ability is active, a small sand dune will be left behind. Inaros can interact with this dune to consume it and restore himself to full health. During the Devour action, the victim receives 2 damage per second, that ramps up to 250 damage per second over 2 seconds; damage is dealt in 5 ticks per second.
  • Tethered enemies are dragged along the ground and can fall to lower terrain elevations.
  • Cannot be recast on affected targets.

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