Condemn HarrowCondemn
Cast a wave of energy that chains them where they stand. Each enemy held reinforces Harrow’s shields.
Strength:30 (shield/hit)
50% (slow)
Duration:3 s
Range:25 m

  • Harrow swings his thurible to cast a spectral afterimage forward that travels along the ground for 25 meters. As the afterimage travels, it emits a growing wave of ghastly energy that prevents enemies from jumping and slows their movement speed for 3 seconds. Each enemy enchained restores 30 Shield points to Harrow which can accumulate Overshields.
    • Shield points are only granted on Condemn applying its chaining effect on unaffected enemies.
  • The spectral afterimage resembles Harrow's thurible being swung perpetually in motion. The thurible and its afterimage are affected by Harrow's chosen appearance and energy colors.
  • Chained enemies glow in Harrow's chosen Warframe energy color, while covered in black chains that erupt from cracks formed on nearby surfaces.
  • Casting Condemn is an One-Handed Action that allows firing weapons and player movement during the animation.
  • Cannot be cast if there is no valid surface 10 meters below Harrow.
    • Afterimage spawns from the ground at Harrow's current position and dissipates on direct impact with terrain obstructions.

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