BlessingModU15 TrinityBlessing
Restore the health and shields of allies within Trinity's Affinity aura while giving them some damage resistance.
Strength:80% (shield/health restoration)
50% damage resistance
Duration:10 s
Misc:50m (affinity range)

  • Trinity restores 80% of her allies' shields and health within shared Affinity range (default 50 meters). Allies will be granted 50% damage resistance for 10 seconds.
    • Amount of damage resistance is displayed in the player UI upon casting.
  • Blessing does not grant immunity from Status Effects such as Knockdowns and Impaired b Impair.
  • Even if Trinity dies while casting, the healing and damage resistance will still be granted to her allies. The damage resistance for Trinity will not apply.
  • While active, electricity-like energy waves will appear on all affected characters and companions; the color is affected by Trinity's energy color.
  • Can be cast while in midair.
  • Cast time delay of 0.5 seconds.
  • Can be recast while active. Blessing's previous damage resistance values will be overridden.

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