BladeStormModU15 BladeStorm
Blade Storm
Project fierce shadow clones of Ash upon groups of distant enemies. Join the fray using Teleport.
Strength:150 (damage)
Range:8 m
Misc:3 (max. marks per enemy)
1 (number of Shadow Clones)

  • Blade Storm requires Ash to have 100 energy and uses 100 energy (regardless of number of targets marked.)
  • Ash instantly enters a state of intense focus as he searches for targets to assassinate. During targeting mode, enemies within 8 meters from Ash that are seen near the aiming reticle become tagged with a death mark. Staring at marked enemies longer or swiping the reticle over them again will add up to 2 additional death marks, signifying more than one potential attack.
    • If a marked enemy moves out of the target acquisition range, then all marks on the target are removed and energy spent marking will be refunded. The amount refunded is equivalent to the amount initially used to apply the mark.
    • If a marked enemy is killed before all of its marks are consumed, then the energy for each unused mark will be refunded.
    • Maximum number of marks per enemy is capped at 3 marks.
      • Marked enemies become highlighted in red and display death mark icons above their heads.
        • Death mark icon color is affected by Ash's chosen Warframe energy color.
      • A counter on the ability icon displays the total amount of death marks that have been applied. The number displayed counts down for every mark removed.
  • When at least 1 enemy is marked, reactivating the ability will spawn 1 Shadow Clone that teleport between and strike all marked enemies. Each strike consumes one mark and performs a Front or Back Finisher which inflicts 150 Front or Back Finisher damage.
    • Melee damage mods do not affect Blade Storm's damage.
    • Strikes from the Shadow Clones add 1 hit per enemy.
    • Strikes from Ash have a chance to add more than one hit per enemy depending on the amount of times he stabs the enemy.
    • Strikes by Ash on marked enemies use the same damage values and behaviors as his Shadow Clones.
  • Targeting mode can be activated, reactivated, and deactivated instantly without interrupting Ash's actions.
    • While in targeting mode, Ash emits black smoke and sees the environment through a monochrome screen overlay.
    • Ash is still able to perform all other functions, such as moving, maneuvering, casting other abilities, and firing or reloading weapons while in targeting mode.
    • If there are no marked enemies, reactivating Blade Storm will simply deactivate targeting mode.
    • Ash cannot enter targeting mode if his Shadow Clones are still attacking marked enemies.
  • Blade Storm hits can damage across the Rift Plane.
  • During targeting mode and teleport strikes, Ash is unable to gain energy from all sources (e.g. Energy Orbs, EnergyVampire130xDark Energy Vampire, Rift Plane energy regeneration, etc).

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