AvalancheModU15 FrostAvalanche
Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes and shatters all enemies in its radius.
Strength:100% (armor reduction)
250 (initial damage)
150 (explosion damage)
Duration:2 s (freeze duration)
Range:12 m (freeze radius)
4.5 m (explosion radius)

  • Frost summons an avalanche that freezes enemies in place after damaging them over a duration of 2 seconds within a radius of 12 meters. Frozen enemies have their armor reduced by 100% of their current armor (similar to a Corrosive b Corrosive proc) for the duration of the freeze.
  • Once the avalanche completely encompasses the area of effect after a short delay, 250 Cold b Cold damage is dealt to all frozen enemies. Frozen enemies violently shatter upon death and inflict 150 Cold b Cold damage within 4.5 meters.
  • Avalanche cannot be cast while airborne.
  • Has a cast time of ~2.4 seconds and a cast delay of ~0.75 seconds.

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