The Amprex rifle fires a continuous beam of high voltage electricity that arcs among nearby enemies. This weapon excels at crowd control.

The Amprex is a Corpus rifle that is unlockable through the Energy Lab in the Dojo after researching the CorpusEnergyRifle Dera. The Amprex can damage large crowds of enemies by firing multiple Electricity b Electricity arcs that can chain between units.

This weapon can be sold for Credits647,500.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 35
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 225 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price:Credits6450,000
Energy Lab Research ClanAffinity64 3,000
Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: Dera
LeaderBadgeGhostHolo x1   LeaderBadgeShadowHolo x3   LeaderBadgeStormHolo x10   LeaderBadgeMountainHolo x30   LeaderBadgeMoonHolo x100


This weapon deals Electricity b Electricity damage.


  • Innate Electricity b Electricity damage – effective against health and shields.
  • Electric current chains between enemies.
  • Multiple shots hit enemies in all directions.
  • Consumes 0.5 ammo per tick of damage.


  • Damage cannot be converted with Slash b Slash, Impact b Impact or Puncture b Puncture mods.
  • Damage ramps up from 25% to 100% over 0.6 seconds when firing. After firing stops for 0.8 seconds, the damage decays back to 25% over 2 seconds.
  • Slow reload speed.
  • Main beam has a limited range of 18 meters.
  • Chain beam has a limited range of 10 meters.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Resource-heavy to craft, requiring Fieldron648 Fieldron and ArgonCrystal643 Argon Crystals, as well as Ferrite64 9000 Ferrite.
  • The Amprex fires a single beam of electricity which then chains to nearby enemies.
    • The beam will chain to the closest living enemy in range dealing half damage to it. From there it will chain additional times (3 to 4 times total), halving the damage each time.
    • Headshotting the original target does not affect damage from chain lighting.
    • Chain lightning will also be emitted if an enemies corpse is chosen as the original target.
    • Additional electrical arcs are also emitted, striking randomly around the player. However, these stray arcs are purely visual in effect.


  • After the clan obtains the Energy Lab, it will take exactly 12 days to research this weapon.
  • The Amprex's name is a portmanteau of the words Ampere (the base unit of the International System of Units used to quantify electric current) and the word Rex, which is the Latin word for king.
    • The word ampere itself is named after a French mathematician and physicist, André-Marie Ampère, who's also considered to be one of the fathers of classical electromagnetism, most commonly known for Ampère's Circuital Law.
    • Like the CorpusLaserRifle Flux Rifle and DECorpusHandCannon Detron, Amprex does not conform to the common Corpus weapon name scheme; two syllables ending in 'a'.
  • The weapon shares its similarities on its battery components with DETetra Tetra.
  • This is the third Primary weapon that deals purely Electricity b Electricity damage, after the CorpusSniperRifle Lanka, and U10InfPrimary Synapse.
  • This is the second clan weapon that does not need a Forma in its construction.
  • Hatches on the side of the Amprex slowly open up during firing, spreading vanes underneath. This animation is a visual indicator of the weapon's magazine capacity, with the vanes spreading out more the closer the magazine is to empty. The hatch closes upon reloading.
  • This is the first weapon in Energy Lab whose duplication costs 50,000 credits.
  • After Update 15.13, the chained beams were changed to be affected by Mod TT 20pxSinister Reach as well. As of Update 22.14, this is no longer the case.


  • Amprex in Codex
  • Demonstration of Amprex color customization
  • Frost standing at the end of the Amprex's beam length. Took approximately 4.5 forward rolls to reach him from this distance.
  • Vauban Has A New Toy


Amprex Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.14
  • Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies (alive but in a ragdolled state) when being affected by certain ‘crowd control’ Abilities.
  • Damage now ramps up over 0.6 seconds and after moving off target there is a delay of 0.8 seconds before it starts to decay over 2 seconds.
  • All Beam weapons now start their Damage ramp up at 20% (instead of 10%).
  • The Multishot chance should now apply more consistently with Beam weapons.
  • Weapon Range Mods (like Sinister Reach) no longer affect the distance of chains for chainable Beam weapons (like the Amprex). Main Beam distance is still affected by them.
  • Fixed Beam weapons continuously firing when quick Meleeing.
  • Chain Range increased from 7.5m to 10m.
  • Damage reduced from 24 to 22.

Hotfix 22.13.4

  • Increased the Beam weapon Damage ramp up time from 0.8 to 1 second.
  • Fixed Beam weapon Damage ramp up not happening per target.

Hotfix 22.13.3

  • Perfect accuracy and high fire rate is balanced by limited range and damage ramping up from 10% to 100% over 0.8 seconds when firing and decays back to 10% over 1 second after stopping.
  • Mastery Rank increased from 5 to 10.
  • Damage increased from 7.5 to 24.
  • Fire Rate decreased from 20 to 12.
  • Status chance changed from 20% per sec to 22% per tick of damage.
  • Critical chance decreased from 50% to 32%.
  • Critical Damage increased from 2.0x to 2.2x.
  • Max ammo capacity increased from 540 to 700.
  • .5 Ammo consumption per tick of damage.
  • Aimed Zoom reduced from 2.23x to 1.4x.

Update 19.5

  • Magazine size in Conclave reduced from 100 to 40.

Update: The Index Preview

  • The Amprex can now be used in Conclave.

Update 13.1

  • Introduced.

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