AbsorbModU15 Nyx Absorb
Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that collected energy into an explosive radial discharge.
Energy Drain: 20 s-1
Strength:100 (passive damage gain)
200 (minimum damage)
Range:12 m

  • Nyx must have max energy in order to activate the ability.
  • Nyx enters a meditative state that allows her to absorb incoming damage and become completely immune to all forms of crowd control. A passive damage threshold is created that increases by 10 every second (e.g., an Absorb lasting 10 seconds will inflict a minimum of 100 damage. This threshold has a minimum damage potential of 200. If the total amount of absorbed damage is greater than the damage threshold when Nyx leaves her meditative state, all absorbed damage is inflicted as Magnetic b Magnetic damage to every enemy in a 12 meter explosion of psychic energy. Otherwise, the damage threshold is inflicted as Magnetic b Magnetic damage over the same area.
  • Absorb drains 20 energy per second, and will remain active so long as Nyx has energy. An additional 4 energy is drained for every 10 damage that's absorbed. Absorb will end if Nyx runs out of energy, or if deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 4 ).
  • Casting Absorb in the air will cause Nyx to stay suspended until the skill is deactivated.
    • Absorb will stop any movement achieved prior to casting the skill when used in the air.
    • Even after deactivation, no momentum will carry over. Instead, you will drop straight down.
    • This does reset the directional melee, however, and it may be used again to regain some momentum. Used in this manner, Nyx is able to "fly" across tiles so long as she has energy to cast Absorb.
  • After not receiving damage for a short amount of time, the damage counter resets. This will not reset Absorb's total accumulated damage, however.
  • Shields are allowed to recharge freely while in the absorb state, whether Nyx is being attacked or not.

Main article: Singularity

Singularity is a Conclave-exclusive Warframe Augment Mod for NyxIcon272 Nyx's Absorb130xDark Absorb that creates a ring every three seconds to drag in enemies close enough to Singularity's radius.

Rank Ring Pulse Range Cost
0 3s 9m 6
1 3s 11m 7
2 3s 13m 8
3 3s 15m 9

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