Combustion Beam is a mod that causes enemies killed by Held Trigger primary weapons to explode, dealing up to 600 damage shortly after death.


Rank Damage Cost
0 +100 4
1 +200 5
2 +300 6
3 +400 7
4 +500 8
5 +600 9


  • Combustion Beam is only usable on primary continuous weapons. This includes Robotic Weapons like SentinelArtax Artax and Cryotra Cryotra
  • Combustion beam essentially functions as a weaker MolecularPrime130xDark Molecular Prime (chain reaction effect), making it effective at clearing weak low level enemies very rapidly.
  • Damage is Blast b Blast, spreads out over a 3m radius, and diminishes with distance.
  • Enemies and the environment may block the AoE effect from reaching them, making it less consistent against tight crowds of enemies.
  • Enemies who are vaporized when killed (e.g. Volatile Runner) will not activate the bonus damage effect.
  • The extra damage has no knock down or stunning effect as associated with a Blast b Blast proc.
  • Because the TennoMiter Panthera's secondary fire has a continuous and fixed range, Combustion Beam can also be equipped on it. Enemies killed by either the primary or secondary fire will trigger the explosion.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 17.0
  • Introduced.
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