The Codex is an in-game database containing data on all aspects of Warframe. Several sections of the Codex are automatically populated as more content is released (Warframes, Weapons, Events, Sentinels, Sentinel Weapons) and are additionally used to track player's progress in attaining and leveling those items.

In order to obtain information on enemies and objects for the Codex, players need to scan the relevant items using scanners. Codex section for Kuva Liches will be available after the player creates their first Lich.

Information for other categories is obtained by owning the item in question (Mods) or by progressing in Mastery Ranks (Art Gallery).

Scanning[edit | edit source]

Codex Scanner

Synthesis Scanner

  1. Obtain a Scanner:
  2. Equip the Scanner under the Gear section of the Arsenal.
  3. While in a mission, select the scanner in your gear section or use the appropriate hotkey (default Q  on PC).
  4. Right-click to zoom, hold left click over an enemy to scan. Alternatively, hold Left-click to both zoom and scan simultaneously.

Codex Entries[edit | edit source]

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Attack Drone (Archwing Enemy)
Attack Drone Eximus (Archwing Enemy)
Axio Weaver (Elite)

(Unknown Entry)
Jackal Eximus (Orb Vallis)

Senta Turret (Kuva Fortress)
Senta Turret (Orb Vallis)
Shield Osprey (Venus Proxima)

Taro Weaver (Elite)

Vorac Weaver (Elite)