Newly awakened, and with no permanent location to call home, Tenno warriors have aligned to construct secret temples of their own. The architecture within is distinctly Tenno in origin, but these hidden places of bonding, training and meditation are undeniably influenced by Orokin architecture.
—Dojo Fragment

A Clan Dojo is the home base of a Clan. A Clan can customize its Dojo by using Resources to build rooms and add amenities and decorations. Only certain members of the clan can customize the layout, but every clan member can use the amenities and assist in funding construction.


  • Dojos can conduct Clan Research in research Labs to make it possible for members to acquire different types of equipment not obtainable without Platinum.
  • Clan members can Trade with other players in the Dojo, including non-members of the clan.
  • Members with the Architect privilege can build rooms specifically for Duels, planning, group activities, and decoration.
  • Members have the ability to access additional amenities, such as an Obstacle Course and Ludoplex.

Access Acquisition[]

In order to access their Clan Dojo, a player must first construct a Clan Key, the blueprint of which is given when joining a Clan.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 10
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A

Once the Key is built, players can enter the Dojo by selecting it from the Star Chart as if it were a planet. Prior to Update 14, the Dojo was accessed by selecting the Clan Key from the Void Key button near the top of the screen, from the Star Chart, after Eris, or through the Clan Menu, also located at the top of the screen.

When selecting the Dojo "planet," a single node with the name of the Clan will be shown, along with options to tour other, featured clans. Anyone with a key and the permission to host other players will be able to invite others to enter the Dojo, e.g. for trading.


Some amenities are pre-supplied, while others will depend on what has been constructed by Clan members with the Architect privilege.

Pre-Supplied Amenities[]

These amenities are pre-supplied with every Dojo:

  • Equipment management, the same as the one found in a player Orbiter. Accessible from within the Dojo via the Main Menu: ESC  > EQUIPMENT > _____:
  • Trading with other players. Clan members can trade in the Dojo with other players, including non-members, by inviting them to their squad. Trading is accessible from within the Dojo by default (Q  > SET UP SHOP), or from any constructed Trading Posts (these are not pre-supplied, but need to be constructed first; approach a Trading Post and press X ).

Constructed Amenities[]

These amenities need to be constructed by Clan Dojo Architects for certain items:

  • A Navigation Console to access the Star Chart, the same as the one found in a player Orbiter. Accessible from within the Dojo via the Main Menu: ESC  > NAVIGATION. This is only available once an Observatory is built.
  • An Arsenal Console to select and configure equipment, the same as the one found in a player Orbiter. Accessible from within the Dojo via the Main Menu: ESC  > EQUIPMENT > ARSENAL. This is only available once either an Observatory or a Dry Dock is built.
  • Specialized equipment, including Warframes, Weapons, Archwings, Railjacks, and gear, can be replicated by clan members for Credits, once the following Research rooms have been constructed. If built, they can be instantly accessed from within the Dojo via the Main Menu (ESC  > FAST TRAVEL), and are shown on the Minimap (default M ) with different icons. These equipment amenities include:
  • Duel Rooms. Contain a dueling area for Tenno to spar with each other. Shown on the Minimap with a special icon.
  • Obstacle Courses. These come in 2 varieties: a standard course, and a custom course. Contain a set of different traps and platforms, and keep a record of the fastest completion times. Shown on the Minimap with a special icon.
  • Oracle. Built as a prerequisite to Research Labs.
  • Crimson Branches. Used for trading Liches.
  • Halls - one of which can be selected as the spawn point for any player coming to visit the Dojo.
  • Social areas, such as Temples of Honor and Barracks.
  • Hallways and Lifts. These allow faster travel within the Dojo, including to amenities not accessible via the Main Menu. Shown on the Minimap with special icons.
  • Treasuries. Allow clan members to donate resources and personal decorations to the clan vault that can be used for constructing additional amenities, conducting clan Research, and decorating rooms. Accessible from within the Dojo via the Main Menu (ESC  > FAST TRAVEL > VAULT), and shown on the Minimap with a special icon.
  • Trading Posts. Allow treasurers to change Credits64 credit tax (can be set 0-100%), and to make trading easier and more convenient than the pre-supplied "set up shop" feature. Shown on the Minimap with a special icon.
  • Transporters. Can be placed in custom locations with custom names and allow faster travel within the Dojo, including to amenities not accessible via the Main Menu. Shown on the Minimap with a special icon.
  • Ascension Altar. Allow clan members to receive Endo rewards when the clan advances to a higher tier (which happens by collecting clan XP awarded to the clan when completing construction of certain rooms/items for the first time).
  • Ludoplex terminals - must be bought from Cephalon Simaris and donated to the clan vault. Not shown on the Minimap.


Dojo Tileset[]

The Clan Dojo makes use of its own unique tileset. In the original Dojo 1.0 version, the tileset was themed around Orokin architecture. In Update 9.5 (2013-08-09), the tileset was replaced with a new, overhauled version, themed around Tenno architecture instead of Orokin. This new tileset also makes use of a different grid co-ordinate system, making it incompatible with the 1.0 tileset.

When Update 9.5 was released, clans were given the option of keeping their current Orokin tileset or upgrading to the new Tenno tileset. Those wishing to upgrade had to fully deconstruct their entire Dojo, down to the initial Clan Hall. Once this was completed, the Clan's Warlord could initiate the upgrade from the Hall's control console. Those who did not upgrade were able to keep the original tileset. However, it was locked down and no further changes to room structure could be made, despite the room space or resources available.

Conclave Maps[]

There is currently 1 map for the Conclave from this tileset.

Dojo Concepts[]

Note: The following section describes processes and information applicable to Dojo 2.0, utilizing the Tenno tileset. It is not known how accurate this information is in regards to those using Dojo 1.0, a.k.a., the Orokin tileset.

The process of constructing a Clan Dojo can range from being incredibly simple to incredibly complex, depending on the desires and plans of the clan members involved in construction. Due to certain aspects of how the placement system for Dojo tiles currently works, if a Dojo is not fully planned out prior to starting construction, the architects can run into a variety of problems, sometimes requiring half of the Dojo to be destroyed to take into consideration something that was originally left out. This tends to become a tedious and frustrating activity, especially given that Dojo rooms require either 12 or 24 hours to construct, resulting in a process that could range from a week to a month, depending on design complexity.

Because of this, it is generally considered a good idea to keep the following concepts in mind during planning and construction. Given the cost in time to go back even two or three rooms during the Dojo's construction, extra time invested in the planning process is quickly made up for in the time saved.

Note: The following sections describe fundamental concepts for the Clan Dojo. These concepts may reference room or decoration types which are further described in the Rooms and Decorations sections located after this Concepts section.


The Dojo Capacity pool limits the amount of rooms that can be constructed in a Dojo. The construction of Clan Halls increases the size of this pool by 200, with the exception of the first Clan Hall and the Inspiration Hall, both of which contribute 100 capacity each. All rooms other than the Halls will consume a predetermined amount of the Dojo's Capacity. If a room requires more Capacity than is available in the pool, the room cannot be added.

Because of this, it is important to plan ahead for the locations of your Clan Halls. If there is not enough Capacity to construct connector hallways leading to where the clan desires a particular Hall to be placed, the clan will need to destroy existing rooms and all of the decorations inside that room in order to free up the needed capacity.


The Dojo's Energy pool limits the amount of rooms that can be constructed in a Dojo, but not decorations, which are limited solely by capacity. Except for Reactors, every room within a Dojo consumes a predetermined amount of the Dojo's Energy. The Energy pool can be increased by constructing Reactor rooms anywhere in the Dojo. Each Reactor adds an additional 25 Energy. As with Capacity, if a desired room requires more Energy than is available in the pool, the room cannot be added.

Decoration Capacity[]

Each room in a Dojo has a predetermined Decoration Capacity pool. Similar to Dojo main Capacity pool, this pool limits the number of Decorations that can be placed in a given room. Different rooms come with capacity pools of different size. Unlike the main Capacity pool, the Decoration Capacity of each room cannot be increased. If a Decoration requires more Decoration Capacity than is available in the room, it cannot be placed.

Dojo Room Limitations[]

The Dojo only supports up to 128 rooms. Once the limit of 128 rooms is reached, all expansion doorways that are unused will display the words "Dead End" and prevent the clan from expanding the Dojo further. Rooms may still be removed to back away from this limit and permit expansion.

Clan Vault[]

The Clan Vault is an important concept to understand when it comes to building and funding both the Dojo itself and the research projects available within. The Vault is essentially virtual storage for every single resource that the clan owns, including Credits, Resources, Platinum, and Formas. Any clan member can contribute Credits directly to the Vault by interacting with its respective decoration. Any donated resources or decorations are permanent and cannot be reversed.

As of Update 22.16 (2018-03-15), clan members can contribute Orbiter Decorations to the Clan Vault to be used for decorating the Dojo.

As of Update 23.7 (2018-09-06), it is now possible to also donate resources to the Vault.

Note: See the Funding Phase and Destruction sections for more information relevant to the Clan Vault.

Clan Tier[]

Main article: Clan#Clan Tier

The Clan Tier determines the member cap and research cost multiplier for a Clan. The Clan Tier is directly impacted by the construction of Barracks within the Dojo. See the main article for more information.


Certain rooms available for construction within a Dojo require that another room be constructed first. This often produces a chain effect, where room D requires room C, room C requires room B, and room B requires room A. There is no way to bypass this requirement, nor can a room be destroyed if it is used as a prerequisite for any other room currently constructed within a Dojo.

See Prerequisite Trees for a complete listing of all known prerequisite trees.

Room Construction[]

Rooms can only be queued for construction by a clan member possessing the Architect role. A room can be queued for construction if all required conditions for the chosen room are met. To be precise, the Capacity, Energy, Prerequisite (if any), and Tile Space requirements must be met.

To queue a room for construction, the architect must locate a door displaying the words "Available Node." This door usually bears white lights, as opposed to "Dead End" doors which display red lights. By interacting with the door, the architect will be prompted with a list of rooms available for construction. Selecting a particular room will display its associated costs, map tile, and description.

If there is not enough Capacity or Energy to support the selected room, the architect will be unable to queue the room for construction, and notified as such. Rooms that cannot be placed due to space limitations will have their icons locked with a message displaying "Insufficient Space". Certain rooms that can only be built once, namely Clan Halls, Barracks, and the Dry Dock, will not appear in the list of rooms if they have already been built.

Once a room is queued, it enters the Funding Phase of construction.

Funding Phase[]

During this phase, a yellow hologram (orange if focused on by crosshair) of the room will be displayed on the other side of any accessible doors while it waits for the resources required to build the room. Resources can be donated at any door, though the doors will not permit entry into the room during this phase. One Forma is needed to build every room, as well as the Trading Post and some other decorations, so it's best to stock up on Forma blueprints using Void Relics.

Any clan member can contribute resources from their personal inventory. However, clan members with the Treasurer privilege can contribute resources directly from the Clan Vault. When prompted for resources, the contribution amounts are shown being deducted from the Vault instead of the member's personal store. If the Vault is out of a particular resource, the Treasurer can still contribute that resource from their personal inventory, if they wish. Oddly enough, members with the Treasurer role are actually forced to donate resources from the Vault in order to make a contribution, as there is no option presently available in the UI that allows them to select their personal inventory as the first prioritized source instead.

At any point up until the room is fully funded, the architect may access the contribution dialogue and cancel the room's construction. This automatically refunds any and all resources or credits contributed by clan members to their personal stores. Note that any contributions made by a Treasurer from the Clan Vault are returned to the Vault and not to clan members.

Once the room has been fully funded, the Construction phase will begin automatically.

Construction Phase[]

Once a room enters the aforementioned Construction phase, the yellow hologram will change to the standard dark blue color (purple if focused on by crosshair), and all doors leading to the room will display a countdown timer and a circular progress indicator, denoting the amount of time remaining until the construction is complete. At this point, clan members may donate Platinum to accelerate, or "Rush," the construction process, and reduce the time remaining on the countdown clock. A minimum of 1 platinum may be donated, and each platinum donated will decrease the timer by a small amount.

Once completed, the architect may go back and queue additional rooms that branch from the new one, or queue the room itself for destruction, if they wish.

Room Destruction[]

Destruction of Dojo rooms may be initiated by any member with the Architect role. Once initiated, the room will become a red hologram and a countdown timer will be displayed on the room's control console. The destruction process requires two hours to complete, after which all players present within the Dojo will be forced to reload the map, after which the destroyed room will be gone. If a player is present in the room queued for destruction at the end of the countdown timer, they will be teleported to the Dojo's spawn point upon reentry into the map.

Note that destroying rooms such as Research Labs will not reset any research projects that have been completed within that lab. It may be destroyed and rebuilt elsewhere, and the clan members will still have full access to the researched blueprints once the new lab is complete.

Any resources that were initially spent to fund the room that was destroyed (including Credits, Formas, or Platinum) will be refunded to the Clan Vault only. Once refunded, these resources may be contributed by a Treasurer to fund research projects, new rooms, or even the reconstruction of the destroyed room elsewhere for no additional cost to clan members.

Note that certain conditions must be met before the Dojo will allow an architect to queue a room for destruction.

  • For most Dojo rooms, the base requirement is that no other rooms be attached as child components.
    • For example, you can't delete a hallway that connects to another hallway.
  • If the room in question is a prerequisite for other Dojo rooms, none of the other rooms can be present in the Dojo. This primarily applies to Clan Halls, Barracks, and Research Labs.
    • For example, you cannot delete the Oracle Room without deleting all Research Labs first.
  • For the Orokin Lab, no solar rail construction or lab research can be in progress. Any active Solar Rails or research projects must be canceled or allowed to complete before the room may be destroyed.
  • For Reactors, the energy provided by the reactor cannot be in use elsewhere in the Dojo. A basic rule of thumb is that there must be at least 25 extra energy in the Dojo Energy pool before a reactor can be removed. Alternatively, an additional Reactor can be built elsewhere, and once it is complete, the original Reactor may be destroyed.

Prerequisite Trees[]

The known construction trees for Dojo rooms are listed below. Note that items on the same level require the prerequisite from the upper level, but are otherwise independent of each other.

As of Update 29.10 (2021-03-19), clan halls can be built in any order.

  • Clan Halls
    • Level 1 - Clan Hall - This is the initial hall of the Dojo, and does not need to be constructed manually.
    • Level 2 - Clan Great Hall
    • Level 3 - Clan Greater Hall
    • Level 4 - Clan Grand Hall
    • Level 5 - Clan Grandest Hall
  • Barracks
    • Level 1 (Tier 2) - Shadow Barracks
      • Level 2 (Tier 3) - Storm Barracks
        • Level 3 (Tier 4) - Mountain Barracks
          • Level 4 (Tier 5) - Moon Barracks
  • Research Labs
    • Oracle Room
      • Bio Lab
      • Chem Lab
      • Energy Lab
      • Orokin Lab
      • Tenno Lab
        • Dagath's Hollow
        • Ventkids' Bash Lab

Rooms and Decorations[]

Organization Rooms[]

Main article: Organization Rooms

Organization Rooms consist of Barracks, Halls, Connectors, Elevators, Small and Large Gardens, and Reactors.

Interactive Rooms[]

Main article: Interactive Rooms

Interactive Rooms consist of Oracles, Bio Labs, Chem Labs, Energy Labs, Orokin Labs, Tenno Labs, Dueling Rooms, Observatories, Obstacle Courses, Crimson Branches, and the Dry Dock.


Main article: Decorations

Decorations from different factions and themes are available, including Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Orokin, Tenno, Natural, Atmospheric, Sentient, and Solaris United. Personal decorations for the Orbiter can also be used once they have been donated to the clan vault.

Interactive decorations include the Ascension Altar, Trading Post, Treasury, Transporters, Bells, and Drums.


Polychromes are colors which can be used to decorate the Clan Dojo. They can be researched using Pigments at a substation within the Tenno Research Lab, and require thirty-six hours to complete upon the acquisition of all components.

Dojo Rooms can be colored with a Polychrome Decoration, which is found in the Main Menu, and not in the room control panel like other decorations. The Polychrome Decoration will disappear after the room is colored and can be placed again then.


Polychrome Decoration


Polychrome Coloredit Menu


Polychrome Main Menu


As of Update 9.5 (2013-08-09), the Dojo is overhauled with a new version of existing tilesets. These tiles have a different interior design and slightly different sizes to fit the new "grid" system, which allows better tile management and multiple entryway looping. Here is some information regarding the conversion from old tiles to the new tileset:

  • Some basic changes can be found in the Update 9.5 build notes.
  • Due to the different sizes between old and new tiles, all Dojo tiles have to be destroyed in order to have the Dojo renewed with new tiles. All resources and Platinum will be refunded to the Clan Vault. However, each destruction needs 2 hours to complete.
  • The Clan Hall can be converted to the new appearance after ALL tiles and decorations have been destroyed. The conversion can ONLY be done by the Warlord, regardless of the ranks and privileges that the other clan members have.
  • Grand and Grandest Halls now have 6 entryways instead of 2.
  • Reactors are noticeably bigger in size than their previous version.
  • The Obstacle Course and Barracks have both yet to receive new tile versions.
  • Polychrome colors cannot be rushed.
  • Having more than one Tenno Lab will not allow multiple color research.


  • Sometimes, despite the player not being in a Clan, the Dojo will still appear on the star map. If they attempt to join, the player will be connected to a random mission on Mercury.
  • Since the Dojo is treated as a mission, all unscripted deaths will cause the player to actually die. Reloading the Dojo is necessary in order to respawn.
  • It is possible to glitch out of the Dojo and fall into nothingness, where the player will eventually hit an invisible floor and be able to walk around. If the Dojo has an Observatory or any Labs built, it is possible to teleport to them using fast travel (or by selecting "Navigate" from the pause menu in the case of the Observatory) thus escaping back in bounds, if none of these rooms are present, reloading the Dojo is the only way to get back into it.
  • Occasionally, when jumping onto the device that activates the elevator as it is moving upwards, the player will clip through the platform and fall into the pit under it, and will respawn on either the elevator platform or the entrance/exit of said platform after hitting the bottom.
  • In the elevator, if the player jumps towards the edge of the ceiling just as the elevator is about to stop ascending, it is possible to clip out of bounds.
  • Once out of bounds, it is possible to get back in bounds by going through sections of one-directional collision. Most rooms have these sections, however some do not.
  • It is even possible to enter rooms that haven't been constructed yet (are either a yellow or blue hologram), as long as they have one-directional collision. These rooms are fully operational, and do not need to be finished to be used. Entering the observatory this way will allow the player to access navigation, and their arsenal. Be careful when doing this, though, as it is not possible to leave the room normally. Unless the room contains an out of bounds clip, the only way to get out of the room is to use fast travel or to reload the Dojo.
  • The player's spawn location in the Dojo can sometimes be inside a pillar or similar structure. When this occurs, it is usually possible to simply walk out.
  • Destroying a clan hall that has only one connection and is set as the spawn room will cause an error message to appear, which says that the room already has child connections. This can be fixed by setting a different clan hall as the spawn room.
  • Building too many decorations can result in a game crash while you try to enter the Clan Dojo.
  • When in another Tenno's Orbiter, if said Tenno accepts an invite to another Tenno's Dojo, after a moment, the player will be kicked out of the Orbiter and into the loading screen. It will glitch several times for another moment before the player spawns into an empty version of the inviter's Clan Dojo. This version will have the same layout as the inviter's actual Dojo, but be devoid of any furnishings. If a full squad is present, the three uninvited will be put in the same bizarro Clan Dojo.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 36.0.1 (2024-06-19)

  • Fixed certain Displays not appearing after being placed in the Dojo.

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

  • Fixed stats not updating in the UI while modding Companions in a Dojo.
  • Fixed visiting large featured Dojos having gradually increasing performance issues the longer you stay in them.
  • Reduced the memory footprint of Dojo-placeable Decorations.
  • Fixed large hitch when loading into Dojos with many Displays.
  • Fixed case where players would be unable to see each other in large featured Dojos.
  • Fixed a rare case of visiting a Featured Dojo or being invited to another Dojo, but ending up in your Dojo instead.
  • Fixed terrain hole in the Courtier’s Bliss Dojo Room.
  • Fixed an out of memory crash caused by large featured Dojos.

Hotfix 35.5.11 (2024-05-07)

  • Fixed several Entrati Lab Dojo Decorations missing commas in their names.

Hotfix 35.5.6 (2024-04-10)

  • Fixed being unable to trade Mods in the Dojo immediately after Ranking them up.

Hotfix 35.5.2 (2024-03-28)

  • Fixed seeing PH text in the Dojo and Relay Quick Access wheel.

Hotfix 35.5.1 (2024-03-27)

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Tributa Dojo Decorations to load in the wrong order, which would affect the displays players created using them.
  • Fixed a script error caused by the new Map Legend (introduced in Dante Unbound).

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

New Fast Travel Menus: Dojo

No longer shall you need to journey through layers of menus to fast travel! You can now hold the Gear Wheel/Decrees binding (default “Q” on keyboard) in the Dojo to bring up a radial menu with the following options:


As expected, if you do not have certain rooms constructed (such as the Dry Dock, etc), they will not appear.

  • Navigation
  • Arsenal
  • Set Up Shop
  • Transporter
  • Trading Post
  • Vault
  • Dry Dock
  • Crimson Branch
  • Decorate
  • Research Rooms
    • Selecting this option will open a secondary menu for each Research Room in your Dojo (Tenno Lab, Bio Lab, Energy Lab, Chem Lab, Orokin Lab, Ventkids’ Bash Lab, and Dagath’s Hollow).
  • Friends
  • Clan
General UI Changes:
  • Added a map Legend for Cetus, Fortuna, the Chrysalith, and the Necralisk/Sanctum Anatomica to help players identify and locate where each Vendor is located.
    • The Legend is accessible by first opening the map and hitting “L” as indicated to open the list.
      • This format also now applies to Dojo Legends. Previously the Legend menu would be ever-present while in Dojos. Now it will appear only when the Dojo Map is opened.
  • Over 100 Albrecht’s Laboratories-themed Dojo Decorations have been added. To help you find them in the list, they are each titled with “Entrati Lab”.
  • Slightly updated the Dojo Research icons.
  • Improved default orientation and sizes of 3D previews in the Dojo Decoration menu.
  • The Prominence Wisp Totem Decoration can now be donated to the Dojo!
  • Made some improvements to prevent freezing while loading into Dojos sessions.
  • Fixed returning to the Dojo from a mission after successfully Unveiled Rivens not revealing the Riven until players go to their Orbiter.
    • Now the Riven will be revealed upon returning to the Dojo!
  • Fixed Dojo Decoration build count increasing when a decoration is previewed.
  • Fixed a long texture gap on one of the walls in the Galleon Chamber Dojo Room.
  • Fixed the Solaris Large Access Housing Dojo Decoration having broken textures.
  • Fixed the Corpus Corporate Flag Dojo Decoration missing its flag and being just a frame.
  • Fixed an oversized splash VFX appearing when previewing the Waterfall (Gentle) Dojo Decoration.
  • Fixed the cloth flags on the Ostron Sign (Fish) and Ostron Sign (Fruit) Dojo Decorations floating away from their wooden frames in the preview screen.
  • Fixed the Sparks Bursting Dojo Decoration not being visible when GPU Particle Quality is disabled.
  • Fixed several plant Dojo Decorations having partially or fully see-through foliage in the preview screen.
  • Fixed the spores on the Infested Spores Dojo Decoration being flat.
  • Fixed the “placing” yellow diamond still being visible after fully building the Electricity Bolt Dojo Decoration.
  • Fixed being able to place Decorations close to the Dagath Prex card in Dagath’s Hollow Dojo Room if the decorator had picked it up.
    • This resulted in being able to block other players from picking up the Prex Card through decoration placement!
  • Fixed several Infested Dojo Decorations having broken preview models in the preview screen.
  • Fixed the Artisan Abacus Desk Dojo Decoration having a spelling error in its name.

Hotfix 35.0.9 (2024-01-17)

  • Fixed a rare issue that could allow a Dojo Room’s construction to be canceled when it had already finished.

Hotfix 35.0.3 (2023-12-18)

  • Renamed “Duviri Slipper Chair” Dojo decoration to “Duviri Senate Chair”, and updated the description to match.

Hotfix 35.0.2 (2023-12-14)

  • Fixed being unable to interact with the Duviri Torch Flame Dojo Decoration after placing it.
    • Also fixed its capacity cost being 1 instead of the intended 20.

Hotfix 35.0.1 (2023-12-13)

  • Fixed the Vosphene Dojo Decorations icons being pixelated/warped in the preview window, making them difficult to see.

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)

  • Over 150 new Duviri-themed Dojo Decorations have been added.
  • Added Vosphene Dojo Decorations for each type (Fass, Jahu, Khra, Lohk, Netra, Ris, Vome, and Xata).
  • Added the ability to sort by “Recent” (most recently purchased or acquired) in the Dojo Decoration Menu (for Personal Decorations only).
    • Note: Ayatan Sculptures will always be listed at the top, followed by the most recent.
  • Fixed the hologram door icons for the Harbinger’s Pass and Courtier’s Bliss Dojo Rooms hovering away from the door.

Hotfix 34.0.8 (2023-11-09)

  • Fixed Clans who had raised/lowered their Clan tier before Hotfix 34.0.7 having tech research costs in the negative. For players who were unable to craft the Infested Catalyst Blueprint for Plague Star due to this bug, you should now be able to contribute the tier-appropriate amount!
    • Resources and Credits that were contributed to research while it was in the negative have been refunded into the Clan Vault! Note that only Clans who were still in the negative prior to this hotfix will receive the refund. For Clans who contributed back up to positive values prior to the hotfix, you can submit a ticket to support.warframe.com (be sure to use the Clan/Dojo category).
  • Fixed a texture gap in Dagath’s Hollow Dojo room.

Hotfix 34.0.7 (2023-11-02)

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)


Resurrect a Naberus legend with a new Dojo Room; Dagath’s Hollow. Here you will find the Shrine of Dagath, where you can acquire Dagath and Dorrclave’s Blueprints to be crafted in your Foundry. Interact with the pillar to listen to Grandmother tell the haunting tale of a Dax cavalry woman, her beloved steed, and the fate bestowed upon both of them by those who had once treasured her.

The spirit of Dagath’s Kaithe Rakhali is strong here - allowing you access to your Kaithe and all of its customization options.

  • In preparation for the introduction of Cross Platform Play Clans, the way resources are refunded from canceling Dojo Rooms and Decorations has been changed to ensure parity between Cross Platform and non-Cross Platform Play Clans. Instead of the resources returning to the contributing players’ inventories, it will now be refunded to the Clan Vault.
Top Fixes:
  • Fixed the Navigation and other fast travel options disappearing from the pause menu upon aborting from a Railjack mission and returning to a Featured Dojo.
General Fixes:
  • Fixed the skybox in both the Courtier’s Bliss and Harbinger's Pass Dojo Rooms turning default when another player is adding or destroying a Dojo Room.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing a loss of function after trying to visit the Host’s Dojo.
  • Fixed a tree clipping through the island in the Harbinger's Pass Dojo room.
  • Fixed being unable to donate Acolyte Noggles to Clan Dojos.
  • Fixed not spawning in the Observatory when returning to the Dojo from a mission that was started in the Observatory.
  • Fixed being unable to place Dojo Decorations if Warframe is within a certain vicinity.
  • Fixed the Domestik Dais Drone not roaming around the Dojo.
  • Fixed the axis rotation arrows being unnecessarily large for the Duviri Dojo 16m Railing Dojo Decoration.
  • Fixed Clients losing function after returning to the Host’s Dojo after a mission.

Hotfix 33.6.9 (2023-09-12)

  • Fixed players who have not unlocked the Steel Path being able to join Steel Path missions when invited by Host from Dojo.
  • Fixed being unable to place decorations near to the Orokin Lab in the Dojo.

Hotfix 33.6.7 (2023-08-31)

  • Fixed the following Dojo Decorations having off-centered anchor points, making it difficult to move and position them:
    • Electricity
    • Electricity Arcs
    • Glow Bright

Hotfix 33.6.5 (2023-08-21)

  • Fixed the Shockwave Dojo Decoration being invisible and non-interactive after it has finished building.

Hotfix 33.6.4 (2023-08-15)

  • Fixed being able to equip Primary weapons in the Dojo after using the Shawzin emote.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)


Open a passage to the Harbinger’s Pass and Courtier’s Bliss islands via these new Dojo Rooms. Once placed, enter the portal to free roam the islands to your heart’s content!

These rooms come equipped with the ability to change the backdrop from the Room Options console. Select from all of the Duviri Spirals (Joy, Anger, Envy, Sorrow, Fear) to set the mood.

Due to the unique nature of these rooms, only one of each can be placed in your Dojo.

  • Fixed Clan Affinity not updating immediately after rushing a Dojo room / decoration that gives Clan Affinity.
  • Fixed Waterfall (Gentle) Dojo Decoration VFX disappearing when viewed from certain angles.

Hotfix 33.5.2 (2023-06-21)

  • Fixed the Orokin Entrati End Cap and Orokin Entrati Gold Trim End Cap Dojo Decorations missing their textures and appearing bright pink.
  • Fixed a script error caused by going from Dojo to Railjack mission.

Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

  • Fixed the copy function for Dojo decorations not always maintaining the settings and defaulting.
  • Fixed being unable to rotate Dojo Decorations in the preview.
  • Fixed typing in the Dojo Decoration search bar causing the entire window to move and potentially blocking category tabs from being selected.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a Squad Host's Dojo.

Hotfix 33.0.1 (2023-04-27)

  • Fixed being able to Donate the Watchful Paragrimm Decoration to Dojo.
    • Seeing as this is a one-time purchase from Acrithis, we want to prevent accidental donations from occurring.
  • Fixed soft-lock when contributing Dojo Research to the Greedy Milk K-Drive Scrawl in the Vent Kids Bash Lab.

Update 33.0 (2023-04-26)


There are 70 new Duviri-themed Dojo Decorations available for you and your Clan to use! Enter an otherworldly cave inspired by Tales of Duviri with the new Duviri Cave Room.


Give your Dojo a wash of color inspired by Duviri with these new Pigments:

  • Harmony Green (Thrax Centurion)
  • Veldt Yellow (Thrax Legatus)
  • Tempest Brown (Eclipse Thrax Centurion)
  • Argon Purple (Lua Thrax Legatus)
  • False Orange (Void Angels - including Ravenous Angels)

Begin Polychrome Color research for these colors in your Clan Dojo’s Tenno Research Lab and begin collecting Pigments dropped from Thrax enemies and Void Angels in Zariman missions.

  • The Greedy Milk, Hang Tenno, and Puppeteer K-Drive Scrawls are available in the Dojo Bash Lab Research.
    • These were previously only available in a 6th year anniversary Twitch Drop campaign - so we’ve made them accessible again via the Bash Lab to earn!
  • Fixed the Orokin Tower Chamber room lighting FX extending into the Open Space room when Volumetric Lighting is turned on in the Dojo.
  • Fixed the naming of many Dojo decorations that were grammatically inconsistent.
    • Fixed the naming of many Dojo decorations missing a comma in between the adjectives in brackets.
      • Example: Bamboo Plant (Curved Single)
      • Correct example: Bamboo Plant (Curved, Single)
    • Fixed the Ostron Canopy Dojo decorations describing the color of the decoration outside of the brackets.
      • Example: Ostron Canopy Blue (Rectangular)
      • Example of correction: Ostron Canopy (Blue, Rectangular)
    • Fixed the Dojo decorations that list sizing having inconsistent spacing. The format has now been consolidated to:
      • Wall (16x16m) instead of Wall (16 x 16m)

Hotfix 32.3.5 (2023-02-28)

  • More fixes towards the pop-up to rush Dojo Decorations not showing the exact amount of Platinum needed.

Hotfix 32.3.4 (2023-02-23)

  • Fixed a small typo in the Grineer Corner Trim Dojo Decoration name.

Update 32.3 (2023-02-15)

New Dojo Room & Decorations: Grineer Galleon Chamber

Themed after the Grineer Galleon tileset, a new Grineer Galleon Chamber room and close to 90 decorations are here!

  • Fixed Client and Host getting stuck being unable to open the main menu and return to Dojo after Host initiates a return to Dojo countdown from Railjack.
  • Fixed Polychrome lighting changes affecting neighboring rooms in the Dojo.
    • Some lights in Dojo rooms have such a large radius that they would extend into adjacent rooms. When searching for lights to apply Polychrome colors to, the lighting system would find all lights in the room, but this was also including lights from neighboring rooms. Now it will only include lights whose primary zone is in the room with the Polychrome. It is however still possible for the lights to “leak out” into other rooms, but only when the doors are open (which makes sense!).
  • Fixed crash that could occur when starting a Quest mission from within a Dojo.
  • Fixed crash caused while having all of Chroma’s abilities active and traveling from Free Flight to the Dojo in Railjack.

Hotfix 32.2.9 (2023-01-11)

  • Fixed the leaderboard not appearing in the Dojo after completing a Custom Obstacle Course.

Hotfix 32.2.5 (2022-12-14)

  • Fixed some Festive Dojo decorations not appearing.
    • These will now remain permanent fixtures in the Dojo decoration menu.
    • Also fixed duplicates of the Holiday decorations appearing in the menu.

Update 32.2 (2022-11-30)

  • Added a new message when failing to enter a Dojo on another platform; “Unable to join Cross Platform Dojo. Dojo joining is currently restricted to the same platform only.”
  • No Dojo support is intended as listed in our Cross-Platform Play post.
  • Added an error message when attempting to load into a Cross-Platform Dojo while being in a Cross-Platform squad; “Unable to load into a Cross Platform Dojo while being in a Cross Platform squad. Load into a Dojo first and then invite other platforms to join.”
  • Added icons and name of the drop sources of Pigment Sources in the Dye Research screen.
  • Added a chime sound FX to the Ostron Wind Chime Dojo Decoration!
  • Fixed the Ostron Cove Dojo Room having very limiting restrictions for placing decorations - it should now be much easier to place decorations!
  • Fixed Dojo reticle appearing on top of various UI elements when decorating.

Update 32.1 (2022-11-02)


Over 140 new Ostron Decorations are now available to give your Dojo the Cetus and Plains of Eidolon treatment.

A brand new Dojo room is also here: Ostron Cove! A secluded cove, somewhere on the Plains of Eidolon.

*We also moved several existing Ostron themed Decorations into the Ostron Tab in the Dojo Architect menu.

PC/Xbox Cross Platform Play Changes & Fixes:
  • Dojos now behave the same way as Relays in terms of Cross Platform Play settings - If two players on PC are in the same Clan, but one has Cross Platform Play on and the other has it off, they will no longer see each other in the Dojo anymore. This is because the PC player with Cross Platform Play enabled could invite an Xbox player into their instance, which would cause issues.
    • For trading, players that have differing Cross Platform Play settings can still go to Maroo’s Bazaar to go through with their trades.
  • Made several small optimizations to Dojo loading.
  • Made a few micro-optimizations to loading large Dojos.
  • Fixed custom Clan Emblems not updating on banners placed in the Dojo until another decoration is placed or you reload into the Dojo.

Hotfix 32.0.13 (2022-10-14)

  • Fixed inability to donate the Stalker Noggle to the Dojo Treasury.

Hotfix 32.0.12 (2022-10-12)

  • Fixed the UI marker for the Dojo ‘Legend’ being visible while in decoration mode.

Hotfix 32.0.11 (2022-10-06)

  • Fixed prompt to expand Dojo Legend missing the D-pad icon for controllers.

Hotfix 32.0.10 (2022-10-05)

  • Fixed the prompt to expand the Dojo Legend using the Railjack input context.

Hotfix 32.0.8 (2022-09-29)

  • Fixed Clan Dojo invites failing.

Hotfix 32.0.7 (2022-09-28)

  • Fixed the Polychrome random button only setting Dojo colors to default.

Hotfix 32.0.6 (2022-09-16)

  • Fixed the Dojo Legend UI not disappearing when making the HUD disappear.

Update 32.0 (2022-09-07)

  • Ignis Wraith Research is now available to all Clans!
    • Take a trip down memory lane with me as we travel back to 2017. Operation: The Pacifism Defect event concludes, and the top 10% of Clans in their tier are awarded the Research for the Ignis Wraith. Fast forward to 2022, and Research remains within those Clans, showing some unfortunate side effects of Trading manipulation. After internal discussion, the team decided to add the Ignis Wraith Research to all Clans with some rules:
      • Ignis Wraith Blueprint Research requires the Clan to have a Rank of 10 and will be three times more expensive - we believe it’s vital that Clans earn the Research for those who did not place in the Operation.
      • Ignis Wraith Blueprint is now untradable - protecting players from Trade manipulation who might be unaware that it’s now available in Clan Research.
      • Ignis Wraith Blueprint's sell price is now equal to the acquire price of 15,000 Credits - Allowing those who might have stockpiled Blueprints for Trading purposes to make back their Credits.
  • Added an "Accept All" option in the Pending section of the Clan Menu to allow you to approve all pending Clan join requests.
  • Removed the automatic message notifying members that a player has been kicked, has left, or has been rejected from the Clan.
  • Added a toggle while in the Dojo to toggle the Map visibility.
  • Missed note from previous hotfixes: Added ability to toggle character shadows while in  the Dojo.
  • Fixed the cancel button not being visible when visiting a Clan Ad screen for the first time from the Clan screen.
    • Also fixed two loading spinners appearing when loading into the Clan AD screen.
  • Fixed issues of the Starlight Market Dojo room clipping into other rooms.
  • Fixed controller input binding missing to expand the Legend list in the Dojos.

Hotfix 31.7.2 (2022-08-17)

  • Fixed Lua Rock (Small) and Lua Rock Column (Large) being listed in the Orokin category for the Dojo Architect menu instead of the Nature category.

Hotfix 31.7.1 (2022-07-28)

  • Fixed a game lock when interacting with an inactive Ascension Altar in a Dojo.

Hotfix 31.5.10 (2022-05-17)

  • Fixed being unable to select the top part of the event Trophies and the following Statue decorations after being placed in the Dojo:
    • Armored Grineer Statue
    • Female Grineer Statue
    • Grineer Marine Statue
    • Lech Kril Statue

Hotfix 31.5.3 (2022-04-29)

  • Updated the Dojo Map Legend UI to support custom themes.
  • Fixed Dojo Map Legend UI lingering if it was visible when you enter Decoration mode.
  • More fixes towards being unable to enter extremely large Clan Dojos.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Dojo Decoration Screen changes:
    • Added 3D preview to Decoration elements selection screen.
    • Dojo Decoration info now displays the number of unfunded decos of the same type currently placed.
    • Changed “Add Decoration” label to “Move Decoration” when selecting an already placed Decoration.
  • Fixed opening the progress screen for a Decoration in the Dojo resetting the timer countdown instead of ticking away in the background.
  • Fixed inconsistent naming of the Lua Rock Dojo decorations.
    • Any previously named ‘moon’ decorations are now correctly named ‘Lua’.
  • Fixed the ‘Damaged Trim’ Dojo decorations having the same descriptions.
  • Fixed ‘Wall (Left Side Damaged, 2m)’ Dojo decoration’s pivot point changing orientation after being picked up after being placed.
  • Fixed various Grineer Fortress Dojo decorations missing capitals in the word ‘Fortress’.
    • Also fixed issues with certain decorations missing mention of ‘Fortress’ in their descriptions.
  • Fixed the ‘MID’ in the ‘Pillar Debris’ Dojo decoration description being capitalized.
  • Fixed the ‘Dragon’s Tooth Weapon System’ Dojo decoration missing a hyphen in the description on ‘anti personnel’.
  • Fixed areas in the Orokin Tower Chamber Dojo Room that make it too difficult to place decorations.
  • Fixed being able to interact with intractable Dojo decorations before they are built.
  • Fixed buttons for contributing/rushing to donated personal decorations appearing in the Dojo menus. This also fixed a script error as you cannot contribute/rush to a personal decoration.

Hotfix 31.2.1 (2022-03-18)

  • Fixed being unable to pick up and move the Orokin Public Information Screen Decoration after placing it in the Dojo.

Update 31.2 (2022-03-16)


Calling all Dojo crafters! We have added two new rooms and new Dojo Decorations inspired by the Grineer Kuva Fortress and Orokin Tower tilesets for you to let your creativity fly.

  • Fixed being unable to place The New War Decorations in a Dojo room.
  • Fixed destroyed Dojo rooms not actually being fully destroyed (they would not show in-game, but a new room could not be placed at their location).
  • Fixed Dojo decoration icons appearing distorted and stretched in the ‘Rush’ menu.

Hotfix 31.1.3 (2022-02-15)

  • Fixed crash related to the Anku Blueprint in the Tenno Lab.

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)


Dojo Architects are you ready?? We have a handful of new Dojo Decorations and some new Rooms as well! We cannot wait to see your continually amazing creations.

New Rooms

Earth Forest Chamber

Uranus Chamber

New Decorations

100 Grineer Forest and Ocean themed Decorations have been added! We’ve got water pumps, turbine blades, cloning machinery and much more!

  • You can now replace an existing Arrival Gate with another Gate located elsewhere in your Dojo should you choose to. Previously you had to destroy the original Arrival Gate in order to place a new one.
  • Fixes towards Dojo hitches, mostly when coming back from Railjack mission and the Liset.
  • Fixed the Tenno Lab in the Dojo having incorrect glass textures.
  • Fixed Foliage Decoration having a visible name tag when looking at it in Dojo.
  • Fixed numerous UI screens (Dojo Room Construction) being illegible when a lighter UI Theme is equipped.

Hotfix 31.0.10 (2022-01-20)

  • Fixed incorrectly sized ‘X’ button callout in the Dojo Room Options screen.

Hotfix 31.0.4 (2021-12-21)

  • Fixed Dojo room 'Default' colour option appearing locked, and cannot be selected.

Update 31.0 (2021-12-15)

  • Changed the Dojo Orokin Lab description to "Void focused research" to remove outdated Solar Rails indication.

Hotfix 30.9.4 (2021-11-16)

  • Fixed falling through the floor when attempting to use the Dojo Arrival Gate.
  • Fixed missing pause button on Polychrome research in Dojo.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

Dojo Improvement
Introducing the Arrival Gate

You now control where Tenno spawn in your Dojo! Place an Arrival Gate and Tenno will appear in that very spot when they visit. Dojos without an Arrival Gate will default to the current spawn system.

  • You will now be sent back to the Dojo instead of your Orbiter when everyone in your squad dies and loses all their revives in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed inability to duplicate Ayatan Statues in the Dojo if available in the Vault.

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Updated the Dojo room HUD title to have more of a Vitruvian theme!
  • The ‘Converted Adversaries’ menu will now auto open when starting a Trade in the Crimson Branch instead of having to click through the tabs.
  • Fixed the Dojo Room selection sometimes not having some Rooms available for selection.
  • Fixed Dojo Room message and name font being very dark.
  • Fixed missing lighter on player when in high areas around the Clan Dojo Hall.

Update 30.6 (2021-08-04)

  • Fixed changing the colour of Bash's Lab Dojo room via Polychrome resulting in the Ventkid NPCs skin color also changing.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

  • Fixed crash while loading back to the Orbiter from the Dojo.

Hotfix 30.3.2 (2021-05-27)

  • Renamed the “None” Dojo Backdrop to “Default Backdrop”.
  • Fixed the "Hide Owned" in Dojo Backdrop Research Panel not functioning.

Update 30.3 (2021-05-25)

  • Changed the “None” Dojo Backdrop to a default option instead of a Recipe that must be researched.
    • We made this change because “None” is every room’s default when first constructed. We want this option always available instead of requiring more research on the part of Clans who wish to return a room to how it first appeared.
    • This change will deduct 1K Affinity from Clans that completed the research, but it will not affect the tiers of Clans who upgraded to a higher tier using this 1K Affinity. We will be running a script to refund Clans who spent Credits on “None” Backdrop research.
  • Fixed crash after selecting and placing Personal Decorations in the Dojo.
  • Fixed script error when traveling between Dojo.
  • Fixed Challenges (Achievements, Nightwave) involving mission completion gaining progress when returning to town from an Open Zone mission, or when returning to the Dojo from a Railjack mission.
    • This was allowing certain Challenges (e.g. "Complete a mission with only a sword", "Complete a mission with a Kubrow", etc.) to gain progress just by going in and out of the town gates, or in and out of free flight.

Hotfix 30.0.6 (2021-04-20)

  • Added a ‘None’ option to Backdrops in the Dojo so you can go back to default.

Hotfix 30.0.4 (2021-04-16)

  • Fixed an overlap issue in the UI in the Dojo menus.

Update 30.0 (2021-04-13)

  • The Clan Dojo Room Limit of 128 is now visible for Dojo Architects. This limit always existed but was never exposed to the player, which could cause confusion when building/destroying rooms.
  • When viewing the Dojo Transporter menu, the room you’re currently in will appear faded out with an arrow next to it to indicate that ‘YOU ARE HERE!’.

Hotfix 29.10.9 (2021-04-01)

  • More fixes towards Arsenal being inaccessible from the Dry Dock unless there is an Observatory in the Dojo.

Hotfix 29.10.8 (2021-03-31)

  • Made micro-optimizations to Dojo loading.
  • Fixed a livelock that could occur when visiting extremely complex and highly decorated Dojos.

Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)

  • Brand new Open Space Dojo room, Starlight Market! A large Corpus market hall with a view of the stars!
  • 161 brand new Corpus themed Dojo Decorations! From Holo screens, to an Auctioneer’s platform, the Dojo is your Corpus oyster!
  • Clan Hall Ranking Order has been Removed. Build the Greater Hall, Grand Hall, and Grandest Hall in any order your Clan desires.
  • You can now preview Decorations. Room consoles give Architects the option to preview unfinished Decorations for 60 seconds.
  • We have reduced the red zone areas in the Dojo! Build near doors - or even right through them!
  • Research 6 backdrops in the Tenno Lab at the new Chromatic Research Console. Once Research is complete, you can change the Open Space backdrop from the room console!
    • Ceres Backdrop
    • Deimos Backdrop
    • Earth Backdrop
    • Saturn Backdrop
    • Venus Backdrop
    • Void Backdrop
  • Removed the Construct Solar Rail and Research Solar Rail consoles from the Orokin Lab. This also removes the Solar Rail pop-ups! Dragon Key research remains.
    • Years ago Solar Rails were retired in Update 16, but these consoles remained in the Orokin Lab. They are now also being officially retired as requested!
  • Completed Researched Dojo items will also be indicated as such with the ‘Researched’ icon in the backdrop.
  • Completed Research tracking for the Orokin Lab and Chem Lab now aligns with available recipes.
    • For example: The Ignis Wraith will now be hidden from Clan stats if the research is not complete, as per player feedback.
  • Dojo Research UI Pass:
    • Item prerequisites now appear in the hover popup.
      • The UI will also display if the prerequisite item has been researched yet or not.
    • Research now shows Research Requirements in the first on hover tab instead of Crafting Requirements until research has been completed.
      • Crafting Requirements appear in the second tab on unresearched items.
    • “Awaiting Funds” state now has its own icon so you can tell at a glance the difference between something being researched and something still requiring contributions.
    • “In Progress” state now shows updating time in hover popup.
    • Newly researched items show as “New” for 2 weeks in the hover popup.
  • Fixed seeing Note Beacon and Tributa Statue "text" through walls when placed in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Natural Vallis Land Mushroom Wide and Tall Dojo Decoration not having any collision.
  • Fixed inability to shrink the Infested Structural Arm Dojo Decoration after resizing it too large.
  • Fixed Dojo decorations spawning in a pile instead of at their intended location.
  • Fixed script error that would occur if you accepted an invitation to visit a Dojo while you were on the Railjack Navigation screen.
  • Fixed crash when selecting the Gold False Profit Trophy in the Dojo Decoration menu.
  • Fixed a crash after accepting an invite to Dojo.
  • Fixed custom walk and roll animations for Wisp and Titania not working while walking around the Dojo.

Hotfix 29.8.1 (2021-02-18)

  • Fixed a crash occurring if you quickly hit Escape twice after choosing a new Glyph for a Glyph Display Decoration in the Dojo.

Hotfix (2021-01-25)

  • Fixed the False Profit Gold trophy being missing/causing the game to crash if you tried to place it in your Clan Dojo

Hotfix 29.5.6 (2020-12-01)

  • Fixed (again) UI becoming unresponsive when holding down a key while using Fast Travel/Decoration mode in the Dojo.

Hotfix 29.5.5 (2020-11-27)

  • Fixed re-naming Dojo Transporter after placing it causing it to disappear.

Hotfix 29.5.4 (2020-11-25)

  • Fixed scaling Decorations/objects in the Dojo teleporting to and from last position placed.

Hotfix 29.5.3 (2020-11-23)

  • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive when holding down a key while using Fast Travel/Decoration mode in the Dojo.

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)



New Infested Chamber!

A huge breathing and pulsing chamber perfect for building the Infested realm of your dreams.

New Infested Decorations!

Was your Dojo missing a ‘Infested Very Large Cyst Popped’? Perhaps a ‘Infested Glowing Bollard’? Well you’re in luck! Even MORE Infested Decorations have been added for your Dojo!

New Entrati Dojo Decorations!

Choose from a slew of Entrati Decorations: from Broken Clock pieces, to Void Mirror Fragments and everything in between!

*Both the new Infested and Entrati Decorations have reduced Resource costs (by 25% of how we’d normally price) that is in part of a larger Dojo QoL Update coming soon!


  • You can now rename each Dojo room in the ‘Room Options’ Menu!
  • Renamed Dojo item research button text to “Start Research” instead of “Start Project” for clarity.
  • Renamed Clan Research "DEPENDENCIES" sort and Room Selection to "PREREQUISITES" to match the side crafting panel for accuracy.
  • Clicking on a Clan Research Prerequisite will now select that Research, where you can then start researching it immediately.
  • Dojo Bell decoration sounds can now be changed by the “Sound Effects Volume” slider in your Options.
  • Added the ability to rename Transporter after placing them in your Clan Dojo.
  • Disabled Warframe Passives when entering Dojo Obstacle Courses and disabled the several seconds of invulnerability when starting the course.
    • We spoke to Dojo Designers in the community and got their feedback on obstacle courses. These changes come from their point that both of the above give players an unfair advantage. Zephyr’s passive comes to mind. The temporary invulnerability at the start of the course was mirrored from regular missions, but was being used to bypass some traps. Overall, these changes allow Dojo Course designers to really challenge those who attempt their creations and do so fairly.


  • Fixed Dojo Decorations with names about 38 characters long getting cut off by the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed being unable to shrink several Dojo Decorations after you’ve scaled them up (Natural Vallis Falls for example).
  • Fixed large Decorations in constricted movement mode in the Dojo not moving when attempting to do so if it is out of the player’s FOV.
  • Fixed an issue with the damage/fail triggers of Trap Dojo obstacle course decorations not scaling when size was changed.
  • Fixed PH appearing next to the “Reset Rotation” option when rotating a Dojo Decoration.
  • Fixed the Tributa Statue Dojo decoration’s light defaulting to white when you attempt to move it.
  • Fixed all Sawgaw Floof variants appearing the same in the Dojo.

Hotfix (2020-09-22)

  • Fixed an issue where using the ESC Menu function when inviting players to the Dojo during a trade causes a game lock.

Hotfix 29.1.2 (2020-09-22)

  • Fixed the Entrati Audience Chamber room not being an option to be set as a Spawn room for Dojos.

Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)

  • Fixed being unable to move, remove, or contribute to the “Natural Vallis Orb” Dojo Decoration once placed.
  • Fixed “Failed to Place Decoration” when attempting to move Dojo Decorations even if the attempted movement has nothing wrong with it.
  • Fixed script error when attempting to change the lighting color of the Obstacle Course room in the Dojo.

Update 28.3 (2020-08-12)

  • Updated ‘Solaris’ named Dojo decorations to ‘Orb Vallis’.

Hotfix 28.0.6 (2020-06-24)

  • Doubled the Decoration Capacity for the "Open Space" Dojo room, from 800 to 1600 (for comparison the Inspiration Hall is 1400).

Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)

  • The ‘Open Space’ room has been added to the Barracks section of the Dojo Architect! Enjoy this very large open space for your Dojo Decorating fantasies.
    • You will need a very large area to accommodate this room, if the area you are attempting to add the ‘Open Space’ does not fit, a popup will let you know that “No Space is Available”.
  • New Solaris themed Decorations have been added to the Dojo Architect! And yes, there is a paper boat Decoration.
  • Fixed a case where the End of Mission screen would pop in for a split second when transitioning from a Railjack mission to Dojo.
  • Fixed being able to launch Railjack missions from an incomplete Dry Dock (still in construction through Rising Tide) after Host migrating from a mission joined as Clients.
    • This also fixes a related issue of infinite loading tunnels when returning to Dojo after host migration.
  • Shield Gating is now disabled in the Dojo Obstacle course when you hit intended insta-fail traps such as Kill or Laser Traps.

Hotfix 27.5.3 (2020-05-15)

  • Reduced Floof and Noggle Dojo Decoration cost from 20 to 5 (matching the Orbiter).

Hotfix 27.4.4 (2020-05-07)

  • Fixed a script error when launching a Railjack mission from the Dojo Navigation.

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

  • Fixed inability to load into the Dojo via Railjack Navigation.
  • Optimized load-times and memory footprint for Dojos.
  • Fixed Loki Dojo statues having a different material on its head than on its body.
  • Fixed [Pause > Equipment -> Arsenal] teleporting you to the Railjack Arsenal if your Dojo doesn't have an Observatory. Option no longer shows if you don't have a completed Observatory; normally we never teleport to the Railjack one if the Observatory is complete.
  • Fixed [Pause > Navigation] in the Dojo not doing anything if you have a Dry Dock/Railjack, but no Observatory room. Option no longer shows if you don't have a completed Observatory.
  • Fixed Dojo Decoration preview disappearing after selecting another Decoration.
  • Fixed context actions appearing on Drums being used as structural decorations in the Observatory in the Dojo.

Hotfix 27.3.16 (2020-04-22)

  • Fixed a script error when placing Decorations in the Dojo.

Hotfix 27.3.13 (2020-04-14)

  • Optimized network connections to Dojos for people around the world. Not only will this improve player movement but it should also help accelerate Kill Code transmission for Scarlet Spear Murex Raids that would have previously had a very high-ping to our servers.

Hotfix 27.3.12 (2020-04-14)

  • Optimized network connectivity for Dojos.

Hotfix 27.3.11 (2020-04-09)

  • Fixed script error that could occur if you tried to equip your Fishing Spear in a Dojo Dual.

Hotfix 27.3.10 (2020-04-08)

  • Fixed a script error when Rushing a Dojo room.

Hotfix 27.3.9 (2020-04-07)

  • Fixed a script error that could occur in a large Dojo.

Hotfix 27.3.5 (2020-03-27)

  • Fixed a script error when removing a Decoration in the Clan Dojo.

Hotfix 27.3.4 (2020-03-26)

  • Fixed a script error in Dojo Contribution screens.

Hotfix 27.3.3 (2020-03-25)

  • Fixed several types of crashes that could occur when travelling to or from Dojos.

Update 27.3 (2020-03-24)


If Biomasses, Biofluid and Bones are your vibe then strap yourself in for an abundance of new Sentient themed Dojo Decorations!

  • Fixed Dojo Room selection screen appearing to be partially scrolled down upon first opening.

Hotfix 27.2.2 (2020-03-06)

  • Fixed an issue with clashing decorations in the Observatory in the Dojo.

Hotfix 27.2.1 (2020-03-05)

  • Fixes Decorations in the Temple of Honor room in Dojos being shifted.
    • This fix should retroactively put your Decorations back in their place before the shift - granted you didn't move them.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

Railjack Changes & Fixes
  • Fixed Clients experiencing infinite loading when attempting to load into the Dojo from the Star Chart with the Host.
  • Fixed a copy of your Warframe being created after selecting the Dry Dock as Operator and Transferring back to Warframe. This also fixes issues of having a bunch of sentient Excalibur Umbras running around.
  • More fixes towards broken Dry Docks when some players have different progression into the Rising Tide Quest.
  • Potential fix towards Clients unable to exit the Railjack once back in the Dry Dock from a mission.
  • Fixed Railjack Configure UI screen overlapping with the Trading window when invited and accepting to trade in the Dojos. This also fixes being unable to accept invites while on the Intrinsics menu.
  • Fixed inability to use the ‘Change Loadout’ button functionality in the Railjack Navigation screen when anchored in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed selecting the Companion loadout in the Railjack Arsenal starting from a black screen and moving to the Companion station in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Dry Dock docking clamps disappearing at certain angles form viewed from inside the top level of the Railjack.
  • Fixed the banners in the Dry Dock near the entrances not using the Clan Emblem.
100x Restore Blueprints (Scaling Costs)

We are adding a new series of Restore Research and Blueprints that yield 100 of given Restore. Visit the Clan Dojo to research, and prepare your Railjack Resources accordingly!

Upon research, you will be able to build in batches of x100 with costs scaled from the x10 Blueprints!!

Why: The frequency at which players use these in missions vs. the 1 minute wait times for building 10x meant we could level up the batches here. Railjack Resources are being used for Research to give another use for what you are picking up!


100x Cipher Blueprint is also available in your Clan Dojo Tenno Lab!

  • Optimized lighting across many Dojo rooms.
  • Fixed a memory leak in dojos that could result in a crash after entering a large number of rooms.
General Changes
  • Updated naming conventions for Dojo Decorations. For example: “Small Topiary Bush” is now “Topiary Bush (Small)”.
  • Fixed players in Towns, Relays and Dojos sometimes staying as blue Excalibur (loading) until they moved.
  • Fixed rooms in the Dojo showing as “Insufficient Space” despite not overlapping with the Observatory, even with larger amounts of space given.

Update 26.1 (2019-11-22)

  • Introduced Railjack drydock.
  • Increased maximum Dojo Room capacity from 100 to 128 to accommodate for the new Crimson Branch and Dry Dock additions!

Hotfix 26.0.7 (2019-11-14)

  • Introduced The Crimson Branch room.

Hotfix 25.8.1 (2019-10-09)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Donating your last of a type of Ayatan Sculpture to the Clan Vault.

Hotfix 25.7.6 (2019-09-18)

  • Fixed in-construction Dojo decorations sometimes going invisible.

Hotfix 25.7.5 (2019-09-09)

  • Fixed Teleporters in Featured Dojos sometimes teleporting back to your own Dojo.

Hotfix 25.7.2 (2019-08-30)

  • Fixed a crash when in the Dojo.
  • Fixed see-through Decorations when building in the Dojo.
  • Fixed attempting to change a Dojo Room description not saving and instead displaying 'undefined'.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

New Infested Dojo Decorations!

Does your love for Infested Aesthetic spread through your being like a festering disease? Start crafting today and get your hands -- or hand-like appendages -- on Infested Dojo pieces that would make Lephantis wriggle with pride.


Hotfix 25.4.3 (2019-07-26)

  • Fixes towards cases of mismatched Host / Client Dojo.

Update 24.4 (2019-03-08)

Dojo Changes
  • Improved the visibility of the Color Pigment Research in the Clan Log by adding further detailed information as well as color coded texted to each respective Pigment.
UI Changes & Fixes
  • The Dojo Decoration screen and Dojo Room Construction screen now reflects your chosen UI Theme!

Update 24.3 (2019-02-27)

  • Added a checkmark for prerequisite Dojo Research preview and completed material requirements.

Update 24.2 (2018-12-18)

Dojo UI Changes
  • The initial Trading Post screen and Research screen in the Dojo have been reworked to not only be more functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also to match your chosen UI Theme!
  • Research in progress now displays contribution progress in the right panel and incomplete material contributions will appear faded.
  • Hovering over non-Credit Research requirement materials now shows the item info as well as the amount owned.

Update 23.10 (2018-10-12)

Dojo Additions & Changes
  • Over 40 FX Decorations and 7 structural Decorations have been added for your decorating enjoyment!
  • A brand new Sandbox room has been added! Check your Dojo Room Building options for the 'INSPIRATION HALL'! This empty great hall is a blank slate awaiting inspired designers!
  • All Display Decorations are now usable in Dojos, as well as a 'Text' Decoration!
  • The Clan Chat tab now displays the following Clan activity in green:
    • Player left Clan
    • Player invited
    • Player joined
    • Color Research started or unpaused
    • Player Hierarchy change
    • Clan Tier change
  • A confirmation prompt now appears when a Clan Chat Moderator attempts to kick/ban a player.
  • Added a toggle to ‘Show All’ or ‘Hide Owned Blueprints’ in the Energy, Bio, Orokin, and Chem Labs.
  • Added 3 more options in the Contribution screen under Alliance header for donating Credits, Decorations, and Resources to other Allied Clans.
  • Initiates can no longer purchase/replicate Clan Research (contributing allowed). This prevents new recruits from joining and bailing once they have taken their fill of Research.
  • You can now toggle ‘Disable Operator’ on/off from the Dojo Obstacle Course console at the entrance of the room!
  • The Clan screen now displays the remaining time to those who have not yet participated in the Ascension Ceremony (if one is active).
  • Ammo is now successfully restored when a Dojo Duel is over.
  • Improved visibility of the room rotate button in the Dojo Architect menu, and added shortcut indicators for mouse and keyboard, and for controllers.
  • Added “Duplicate” button to Dojo (and Orbiter) Decoration modes. Pressing it duplicates the aimed at Decoration, including its scale (where applicable) and rotation.

Hotfix 22.20.8 (2018-06-05)

Dojo Additions

We've added some much-requested items to Clan & Dojo management to make decorating and contributing much easier!

  • A new ‘DECORATOR’ Role has been added to Dojo hierarchies! This role will allow the player to place/remove Decorations and change room colors/lighting, but without the ability the destroy/build rooms.
  • Added a ‘Contribute All’ button for Dojo room/Decoration Resource contributions, and Dojo Research contribution.
  • Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Obstacle Course to clear all Decorations.

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

Dojo Remaster Part 2!
  • Lighting Remaster!
    • Polychrome has a new function: Room Lighting Controls! Construct and place a Polychrome to explore all the new lighting and fog options for each room in your Dojo!
  • Obstacle Course Architect!
    • Construct your own custom Obstacle Course with the Obstacle Course Architect in your Dojo!
    • Create elaborate courses and have your Clan compete for best times! This is only a sampling of the different obstacles you can use:
      • Disappearing platforms!
      • Deadly frickin lasers and pressure-pads that you should avoid at all costs!
      • Dummies you need to kill to complete the course!
      • And much more!
  • New Decorations & Pigments!
    • Added 37 Tenno Decorations and 54 Orokin Decorations for your Dojo renovating pleasure!
    • Added new Pigment colors dropped by the following enemies:
      • Shard Black: Vomvalysts
      • Tower White: Condrocs
      • Devar Grey: Tusk Bombard
      • Wisp Grey: Skiff Pilot
      • Mortus Pink: Kuakas
  • Other Changes:
    • You can now fast travel to ‘Navigation’ in the pause menu once you have your Observatory completed in the Dojo.
    • You now spawn in the Observatory upon returning to the Dojo after a mission.

Update 22.16 (2018-03-15)

Dojo Remaster
  • The new and improved Decoration Placement functionality is here for what will probably fill the next few days of your Warframe play time! This new Placement functionality applies to both Dojo and Orbiter decorating.
    • Placing Decorations now uses a free cam technology, similar to Captura!
    • Decoration Placement now gives the following new options:
      • Ascend/Descend
      • Billboard Facing
      • Push/Pull
      • Placement: Surface Snapping or Free Placement
        • If you experience issues when attempting to place Decorations, double tap that F to turn off Surface Snapping (working on a fix)
      • Cycle Grid Snapping
    • Decorations in both the Dojo and Orbiter can now be placed mid-air.
    • Decoration Placement bindings can be customized at the bottom of Options > Controls.
  • Revamp your Dojo with the all new Faction themed Dojo Decorations and FX Decorations! Over 60 new Decorations to choose from to give your Dojo a whole new vibe (we ask that you please refrain from setting snowmen on fire with this newly acquired decorating powers):
    • Corpus Barrels, Batteries, BENCHES, and more!
    • Grineer Catwalks, Fuel Tanks, Pipes, and more!
    • Steam, Sparks, Fire, and more!
  • Dojos have received improved lighting! We have more Dojo lighting improvements to come, and yes, I will refrain from using any ‘lit’ puns for the sake of us all.
  • Load straight into any mission from the Dojo by accessing the Star Chart in the Observatory room!
  • You can now access your Arsenal via the ESC Menu if you have a completed Observatory Room in your Dojo.
  • Increased the Decoration capacity in all Dojo rooms!
    • Clan Hall is now 600
    • Clan Great Hall is now 700
    • Clan Greater Hall is now 800
    • Clan Grand Hall is now 900
    • Clan Grandest Hall is now 1000
    • Connectors are now 200
    • All other room Decoration capacity varies - check the Dojo Architect screen
  • Clan members can contribute their own Orbiter Decorations to the Clan Vault using the Treasury! These Decorations will be listed as "[item name] (Vault)" in the selection menu.
    • Vaulted Decorations can be viewed by going into the ESC Menu > Decorate > Personal Decorations.
    • Only Architects can place Orbiter decorations in the Dojo.
    • Architects can access Orbiter Decorations via the Treasury menu, selecting “Decorations” > “Personal Decorations” and choosing from the Clan’s donated Decorations.
      • Since Architects are the only ones that can place Orbiter Decorations in the Dojo, they are the only ones that will see this option in the Treasury.
    • If an Orbiter Decoration is removed from the Dojo, it will simply go back into the Vault, where it can be placed again if desired.
    • Orbiter Decorations CANNOT be refunded back to the original Orbiter inventory once they’ve been donated to the Clan Vault.
      • You will receive a confirmation prompt when donating one of your own Orbiter Decorations to your Clan’s Vault.

Hotfix 19.6.2 (2017-01-13)

  • Solar Rails and Specter Regiments can now be cancelled while in the ‘awaiting contributions’ phase.

Update 11.5 (2013-12-19)

  • Increase limit on the number of rooms allowed in your Dojo. The limit is now 100 rooms!

Update 9.5 (2013-08-09)

Clan Dojo Construction Upgrade Phase 1
On the Grid
  • 5 Halls, Power Room, and all connector pieces updated to fit new grid system for improved layout options.
  • Older versions of these rooms are no longer available for creation but remain if you own them.
  • Older versions of these rooms will not fit the new grid system.
  • Older versions can be destroyed for a full 100% refund allowing you to reconstruct with the new versions. All Platinum used to rush rooms is included in the Clan Vault.
  • New versions fit a grid system that will eventually allow you to loop pieces with more than one entryway.
  • New versions look better!
  • All other room pieces not listed have updates in progress to fit the grid where necessary.
  • Rooms that have not been updated retain their functionality,
  • Rooms that have only one entrance are largely unaffected by the grid change (because they can’t be looped anyway)
  • Older version of the Clan Hall can be converted to the new Clan Hall instantly with no cost, if it is the only room in the Dojo (destroy all other rooms first). You must remove all Decorations in the Hall before converting.

Update 8.0 (2013-05-23)

  • Introduced.

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