Quest description

Inspect your personal quarters upon finishing The Sacrifice quest.


The Man in The Wall: Haha!


The Man in The Wall: Psst... Hey.

The Man in The Wall: Haha!

The Man in The Wall: Hey, kiddo!

Lotus: I am not who you think I am.
Ballas: But of course, you are. Imprisoned, just as she was.
The Man in The Wall: Haha!

The Sentient Chamber

Ballas: No... No... My beauty, my grace, my humanity--

Ballas: H-hello? No. No hope.
Ballas: Ah... Only suffering under her eye.

Ballas: But... she gave me the gift of life!
Ballas: Why would I betray her?

Ballas: Fool! This... this is no gift!
Ballas: She stole my death! My perfect death.
Ballas: Such is her power... over me. Over the devil!

Ballas: We saw what we wanted, those devils and I.
Ballas: A lover... a mother! But now I know.
Ballas: She is neither. She's a hawk - calling with sparrow's song.

Ballas: A viper, blending into wood.
Ballas: And her venom... spreads not into flesh, but into your heart.

Ballas: Those devils! What has their great awakening accomplished - but the destruction of potential allies?
Ballas: Don't they see?

Ballas: Love must die--
Ballas: --As Margulis did... when I sent her to the Jade light.
Ballas: And the Lotus... just some cloud in the sky, just some shape they imagined.
Ballas: Only the Sentient is real.

(If Ballas spots the player)

  • Ballas: Who-who's there?
  • Ballas: What? What is this?
  • Ballas: Oh? Is there someone...?
  • Ballas: Huh?

(If Ballas loses sight of the player)

  • Ballas: Nothing, so...
  • Ballas: I'm just confused... uh...
  • Ballas: Only shadow... only shadow...
  • Ballas: Ok...

Ballas: Only Natah.
Ballas: So... tell me devil. Do you understand what must be done?
Ballas: The Paracesis. The Sentient slayer... Hurry! Take this... the idea of it... it is the only way your war can end.

Lotus: Tenno... Tenno...

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