WARFRAME, like other online games possesses an in-game Chatting system. It is within this feature that a player can communicate with other players. The regions players are in will determine which chat servers they will enter. There are

  • Squad chat, allows you to chat with your fellow squad members in a mission.
  • Hub chat, allows you to chat within a player hub's instance, such as Cetus or Relay.
  • Clan chat, allows you to chat with fellow clan members.
  • Alliance chat, allows you to chat with fellow clan members belonging to the same alliance.
  • Region chat, allows you to chat with anyone within the same region.
  • Council chat, allows you to chat with fellow Tenno Council members.
  • Recruiting chat, allows you to recruit fellow Tenno into a squad for a certain activity.
  • Trading chat, allows you to look for any trades to make as well as post your own.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 24.1.3

Chat Moderation Changes:

  • In-game Kick, Ban, and Spam Flush messages will now be handled as a system notification instead of a private message.

Hotfix 24.1.2

  • Chat will now autocomplete when attempting to link a Zaw, MOA Companion, K-Drive, and Kitgun.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Chat link a Kitgun with a custom name.

Hotfix 24.0.5

  • Fixed a crash related to Chat linking.

Update 8.3

  • Added support for /invite in chat, and inviting people who aren't on your friends list or in your clan.
  • Added game invite and add friend options to chat user list context menu.

Update 8.2

  • Added a “recruitment” channel to Global Chat!
  • Changes to IRC commands to be case insensitive and reject unknown commands to avoid embarrassing chat attempts.

Hotfix 8.1.7

  • Huge optimizations to chat UI performance.

Hotfix 8.1.6

  • Added better back-end diagnostics for chat server connection issues.

Hotfix 8.0.6

  • Various improvements to member list population on Chat Window.

Hotfix 8.0.4

  • Option added for larger font size in chat window.

Hotfix 7.10.3

  • Fixed problems with ignoring users in global chat.

Hotfix 7.7.3

  • Fixed an issue with squad chat breaking when exiting and re-entering a lobby.

Hotfix 7.7.1

  • Chat server upgraded to allow moderation, unified authentication and blunt the hacking attempts.

Update 7.6

  • Added Region chat filter toggle in Options Menu.
  • Multi-line chat messages should now wrap properly.
  • Chat-hang fixes.

Update 7.5

  • Clicking anywhere off chat window will now dismiss it during game.
  • Chat history should now save when returning from a match.

Update 7.4

  • Improved chatbox error handling and connectivity.
  • Fixed chatbox breaking when attempting to send a whitespace only message.
  • Fixed chat user list not re-populating after returning from mission.

Update 7.3

  • fixed global chat window disappearing shortly after game launches.
  • fixed chat contents disappearing when switching tabs.

Update 7.2

  • fixed chat window not appearing when running at certain resolutions, added diagnostic output if connection fails.

Update 7.1

  • Fixed chat scrollbar scrubber not resetting when the height of the scrollbar was changed.
  • Fixed chat area text wrapping.

Update 7

  • Global Chat - an overhauled communication system for region, clan and squad chat!
  • Fix chat breaking when scrolling user list.

Update 6.4

  • Fixed an issue with clan chat messages sometimes not showing up.

Hotfix 5.4.1

  • Add help option for chat commands.
  • Fix chat window input text being erased as presence changes came in.

Update 5.0

  • In game voice chat added.


  • Introduced with game release.