WARFRAME, like other online games possesses an in-game Chatting system. It is within this feature that a player can communicate with other players. The regions players are in will determine which chat servers they will enter. These are:

  • Squad chat, allows you to chat with your fellow squad members in a mission.
  • Hub chat, allows you to chat within a player hub's instance, such as Cetus or Relay.
  • Clan chat, allows you to chat with fellow clan members.
  • Alliance chat, allows you to chat with fellow clan members belonging to the same alliance.
  • Region chat, allows you to chat with anyone within the same region.
  • Council chat, allows you to chat with fellow Tenno Council members.
  • Recruiting chat, allows you to recruit fellow Tenno into a squad for a certain activity.
  • Trading chat, allows you to look for any trades to make as well as post your own.

There is also a filtering system under Region, Recruiting, and Trading chat to omit or include terms that you are looking for in a particular channel.


Chat commands are typed in line with the message with a single space between the command and the message.

Function Command Note
See Chat Commands /?
Set Clan "Message of the day" /motd message Requires Ruler or Herald permissions.
Talk to world (global) /g
Talk to Clan /c
Talk to Squad /s
Talk to Design Council /d Only usable by those in the Design Council.
Talk to user (whisper) /w username
Ignore (un-ignore) user /i username
Switch Active Tab /t
Add friend /f add username
Remove friend /f remove username
Invite user to session /invite username
View user profile /profile username
Jump to first player in user list with letter /goto letter
Teleports you back to the last "good" position /unstuck Only usable in missions. Also sends a bug report to Digital Extremes.
Join a user's session /join username
Disables private messages and invites /dnd Do Not Disturb
Enables private messages and invites /normal
Linking to an item [item name] Typing 'Riven Mod', 'Song', 'Zaw', 'Amp' or 'Kitgun' will open menus where player can select the desired item to link.
Linking to Clan's profile page {clan name}
Linking to player's profile page @player name Will also ping this channel in user's chat window.
Linking Warframe appearances [Look] Pulls up a window with loadouts for selection.
Linking Warframe/weapon mod configuration [Mod Config]
Linking OctaviaIcon272 Octavia's Songs [Song] Pulls up a window with songs for selection.

Chat SuspensionsEdit

Players who receive chat suspensions will be prevented from accessing the chat channel that they had acted inappropriately in or all chat channels depending on the severity of the offense. These chat suspensions can last from one hour to one week depending on the severity of the offense and repeated violations. Please refer to the official Community Guidelines for chat guidelines.


  • The command "Reply to last message" (/r msg) was removed in one of the game updates in favor of the tabbed chat style.


  • Sending a message to trading before the cooldown expires yields a message saying "Please limit your advertising to once every __ seconds." The number it pulls from, however, is not the frequency at which a user can post but rather the amount of time left until next post.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 25.7

We have added 2 new features that allow you to instantly share 2 major parts of the Warframe experience:

Share the way you Mod: Mod Link Share the way you Look: Look Link

Read on for details on how to instantly share your builds and customizations:


Instantly share the way you play in Chat with MOD LINK! By clicking the handy ‘Link’ icon in your Modding screen, your active Chat window will be instantly populated with your build. Just hit enter to share - whether in a Private Message, with your Clan, or in Region chat! Note that we put a 15 second cool-down to reduce spam!

U25.7 Modlink

Instantly share the way you look in Chat with LOOK LINK!

By clicking the handy ‘Link’ icon in your Arsenal>Appearance screen, your active Chat window will be instantly populated with your build. Just hit enter to share - whether in a Private Message, with your Clan, or in Region chat! Note that we put a 15 second cool-down to reduce spam!

  • We also moved the Captura button on the Appearance screen to the upper right-hand corner and updated the icon to better match the Look Link style
U25.7 Looklink

Hotfix 24.2.2

Chat Moderation Changes
  • As a continued improvement to our Chat Moderation, we have removed the ‘purple text’ indicator from Chat.

Hotfix 24.1.3

Chat Moderation Changes
  • In-game Kick, Ban, and Spam Flush messages will now be handled as a system notification instead of a private message.

Hotfix 24.1.2

  • Chat will now autocomplete when attempting to link a Zaw, MOA Companion, K-Drive, and Kitgun.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Chat link a Kitgun with a custom name.

Hotfix 24.0.5

  • Fixed a crash related to Chat linking.

Update: Specters of the Rail

Item Linking in Chat!

Item linking is a popular pastime in many MMOs, and now you’ll be able to link items in Warframe’s chat by typing “[“ plus the name of the item you wish to link! Clicking the link will open a description of that item. We hope this will also help the [Flow] when trading your [Spare Parts]!

Update 18.5

Chat Changes

Warframe’s chat UI has been given a complete overhaul, including new features and more intuitive settings for private conversations and player searching. We will continue to expand upon the chat UI in the coming updates. The following changes have been made to the chat UI:

  • Chat has received a visual reskin.
  • Tabs are now icons for default channels and text for private messages, separating chat channels from conversations you’re having with other players.
  • An Emojis tab has been added to the chat UI! Share your feelings without words using Emoji’s you know and love, in addition to Warframe exclusive Emojis. Enjoy! :D
  • Emoji’s can also be auto-completed with the : command.
  • Emoji color settings has been added to the Chat Options menu.
  • Auto-complete player name functionality has been added. This tab will open when typing @, and will only show players recently spoken to.
  • Chat channel notifications will now appear in the chat tab when a player’s name has been mentioned in a channel. This effect will be brief for channels you are currently speaking in, but more prominent for channels you are not currently focused on.
  • Pressing up and down while in a chat channel will display previous messages you’ve sent.
  • Maximum character count in the Trade channel is 180.
  • A whisper button has been added to the player Profile screen.

Update 16.9

  • Users with Chat Moderation privileges have their chat messages display in Purple Text.

Update 16.2

  • Added an ‘unstuck’ command to help players escape from areas they would otherwise have had to leave the Mission to escape. The ‘unstuck’ command can ONLY be used when the player is alive, and will teleport the player to their last good position.
    • The command can be used simply by typing /unstuck
    • Once the Mission has been completed, you will be required to restart Warframe so that we may receive an appropriate bug report to help identify these problem locations and monitor the use of the unstuck command.
    • The ‘unstuck’ command does not currently function in the Liset, Dojo or Conclave.
    • There is a 2 minute cooldown between use.

Update 11.2

  • Incoming private messages will now also be shown in Clan chat when in-game.

Update 11.1

  • Increased the speed of the social tabs flashing when they have unread messages.
  • Chat - Hold onto the current user list scroll bar position when the user list is refreshed, instead of always being snapped back to the top of the list.
  • Private conversation tabs will now have their chat histories persist through multiple game sessions.

Update 9.2

  • "/ignore" now stops invites from friends, ignored players will no longer be able to add you as a friend.

Update 9.0

  • Added friendly system message in EU Region Global chat reminding players to “take a break” every hour they play.

Update 8.3

  • Added support for /invite in chat, and inviting people who aren't on your friends list or in your clan.
  • Added game invite and add friend options to chat user list context menu.

Update 8.2

  • Added a “recruitment” channel to Global Chat!
  • Changes to IRC commands to be case insensitive and reject unknown commands to avoid embarrassing chat attempts.

Hotfix 8.1.7

  • Huge optimizations to chat UI performance.

Hotfix 8.1.6

  • Added better back-end diagnostics for chat server connection issues.

Update 8.1

  • Added Clan “Message of the Day” feature. People with Ruler or higher privileges in clans can add a MOTD by using this command “/motd” in their clan chat channel .

Hotfix 8.0.6

  • Various improvements to member list population on Chat Window.

Hotfix 8.0.4

  • Option added for larger font size in chat window.

Hotfix 7.10.3

  • Fixed problems with ignoring users in global chat.

Hotfix 7.7.3

  • Fixed an issue with squad chat breaking when exiting and re-entering a lobby.

Hotfix 7.7.1

  • Chat server upgraded to allow moderation, unified authentication and blunt the hacking attempts.

Update 7.6

  • Added Region chat filter toggle in Options Menu.
  • Multi-line chat messages should now wrap properly.
  • Chat-hang fixes.
  • /f and /r shortcuts for adding and remove friends.

Update 7.5

  • Clicking anywhere off chat window will now dismiss it during game.
  • Chat history should now save when returning from a match.

Update 7.4

  • Improved chatbox error handling and connectivity.
  • Fixed chatbox breaking when attempting to send a whitespace only message.
  • Fixed chat user list not re-populating after returning from mission.

Update 7.3

  • fixed global chat window disappearing shortly after game launches.
  • fixed chat contents disappearing when switching tabs.

Update 7.2

  • fixed chat window not appearing when running at certain resolutions, added diagnostic output if connection fails.

Update 7.1

  • Fixed chat scrollbar scrubber not resetting when the height of the scrollbar was changed.
  • Fixed chat area text wrapping.

Update 7

  • Global Chat - an overhauled communication system for region, clan and squad chat!
  • Fix chat breaking when scrolling user list.

Update 6.4

  • Fixed an issue with clan chat messages sometimes not showing up.

Hotfix 5.4.1

  • Add help option for chat commands.
  • Fix chat window input text being erased as presence changes came in.

Update 5.0

  • In game voice chat added.


  • Introduced with game release.
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