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There are a myriad of characters in the WARFRAME universe that players will encounter throughout their journey within the Solar System. They play an important role in developing the underlying story and history behind the Orokin Empire and the current state of the world. Often referred to as Non-Player Characters (NPC), these characters will interact with the player when triggered by a timer, event, or character action.

Known Characters

Throughout the game, players will physically encounter these characters either in a Mission or a Quest. Some may also be encountered during past and future Events.


Main article: Lotus

The Lotus is a mysterious figure who guides the Tenno during their operations throughout the Origin System.

Main article: Ordis

Ordis is a Cephalon of Orokin origin who serves aboard the Orbiter. His visual form is that of a cracked hexahedron which emits radio wave-like ripples as he speaks.

Ordis assists the Tenno, whom he refers to as "Operator". He manages the various systems of the Tenno's landing craft, and provides them with information in between missions.

Main article: Darvo

Darvo (full name Darvo Bek) is the son of a prominent Corpus Board member Frohd Bek. Darvo is a freelance ex-Corpus merchant who regularly sells equipment to the Tenno, either through the Market or through his own shop located on any Relay's second floor, which is accessible by visiting any Relay and then using Fast Travel from the Main Menu: default ESC  > FAST TRAVEL > DARVO DEAL. Items he sells in the relay are discounted (up to 90% of their usual Platinum cost) but have a limited stock, and randomize on a daily basis.

Main article: Maroo

Maroo is a thief who helps the Tenno and the Lotus uncover the Arcane Codices after being hunted by her former employers, the Grineer, during the Stolen Dreams quest. As a thief, her interests lay in anything that helps her in the pursuit of money and riches. She runs her own relay on Mars, exclusively for Trading with other players and to access her Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt.

Main article: Teshin

Teshin is the ConclaveSigil Conclave Master, who can be found within the Conclave Hall of the Relays. He is responsible for the management of the Conclave PvP System, providing incentives through various rewards that can be earned through Conclave battles, as well as The Steel Path game mode.

He currently resides in Teshin's Cave, somewhere in Duviri.

Lore & History


Teshin is an individual from the IconOrokinOn Orokin era, who was one of the few who did not enter cryosleep. How he has remained alive for this long however, is unknown. He blames the fall of the Orokin on the Lotus, who led the TennoIcon Tenno to become "complacent like oxen"

Teshin references the imminent arrival of the SentientFactionIcon Sentients by insisting the Tenno use the Conclave to fight their greatest enemy, themselves, in order to grow stronger and to prepare themselves for 'horrors' beyond the Outer Terminus.


After the Lotus abruptly breaks off communication with the Tenno, Teshin makes contact, offering to guide the player and help them figure out why. By the time the Lotus resurfaces, the Tenno and Teshin are already hot on the trail of Tyl Regor and his excavation team.

Notably, Tyl Regor calls Teshin a "pseudo-Tenno," and implies at least some familiarity between the two.

The War Within

During this quest, it is revealed that Teshin is one of the Dax Soldiers, bearing the epithet "Teshin Dax", one of the mighty warrior caste created by the Orokin and used as their personal guardians. Unfortunately for him, the Elder of the Grineer Queens possesses a Kuva BrokenScepter Scepter, marking her as a member of the Orokin Elite. As result of his Dax heritage, Teshin is mentally incapable of refusing her orders, though his loathing for the Twins is made quite clear.

In the quest, Teshin suggests that Margulis did a disservice to Tenno by concealing and erasing their past. Partly to rectify this and partly to save the player's life, Teshin guides the player's Operator (via astral projection, it is assumed) through a mountain temple on Earth, to an Orokin Yuvan Theater previously used for countless Orokin Continuity rituals. Thanks to Teshin's guidance the player's Operator regains full use of their powers, and transfers into the Kuva Fortress using their Warframe. In the ensuing battle the Queens' Guardians and Teshin are defeated, and the Elder Queen loses possession of her Scepter, freeing Teshin from her thrall.

The New War

As the SentientFactionIcon Sentients invade the Origin System, the TennoIcon Tenno, forming an unlikely alliance with the IconGrineerOn Grineer and IconCorpusOn Corpus, push toward the fleet in the Veil Proxima. On the Railjack, Teshin instructs the Tenno to bring their ship close to the Sentient mothership and slingshots inside, but denies them entry due to the Orphix fields.

Teshin drops in from the ceiling and destroys an Aerolyst. As he searches for the scattered Orphix fields, he tells Ordis that he doesn't need his help and orders him to switch off. Along the way, he discovers captured Grineer and Corpus, and later encounters a strange red projection that makes him slowly recall reprimanding the Tenno before shrugging off its effects.

After destroying all the Orphix and defeating their Typholyst guardians, Teshin chooses not to call the Tenno but instead decides to scout ahead. After making the jump, Teshin is captured and forced to don a Narmer Veil, causing him to become deluded into believing the Tenno killed his presumed lover, Valeria, while Ballas tortures the Lotus by forcing her to watch. As Teshin fights off Erra and his brainwashing, he eventually collapses and forces the veil off— possibly hinting to the Operator that the device can be disabled by force. In Teshin's final moments, Erra deems him a lost cause, grabbing him, crushing his helmet, and leaving him for dead.

In the aftermath of The New War, Teshin is replaced by a grey hologram.

Angels of the Zariman

Teshin's Swords in the Dormizone

Teshin's swords propped up against the Dormizone's door to Duviri wreathed in Void-like unlight.

When entering the Dormizone as the Drifter, Teshin's swords would mysteriously manifest for a time until Update 32.3 (2023-02-15), leaned up against a closed door and infused with grey Void-like energy, serving as an early nod to the Teshin of The Duviri Paradox. This door would later open up in Update 33.0 (2023-04-26) to be a gateway into the realm of Duviri, into Teshin's Cave.

The Duviri Paradox

Within the Void, it is revealed that Teshin was pulled into the portal during The New War after Erra crushed his head, along with his Narmer Veil, which sits tarnishing, unused, on a Narmer banner in his cave.[1] As he fell through the sky, he crashed into the lake on the island now known as Hermit's Landing. Teshin was then dragged back to shore and healed by Mathila.[2]

He appears in Duviri as an old, wizened, and retired Dax carrying around a walking stick, and owns a pet Rablit which the Drifter named Sol, Terra, or Lua. Taking refuge within Teshin's Cave, he acts as a mentor to the Drifter and instructs them on using the Warframe received from outside the walls of the Void while offering his swords Sun&Moon Sun & Moon.

Meanwhile, the mad ruler Dominus Thrax grows increasingly agitated with the Drifter's defiance. He eventually locates and captures Teshin, leaves behind an imposter who is later killed by the Rablit, and has him executed. Teshin dies before the Drifter, requesting they take care of his pet and acknowledges their growth.

The Drifter confronts Dominus Thrax and, after learning that the Drifter was the real master of Duviri all along, uses the throne's time-rewinding ability to resurrect Teshin, but returns Thrax to power which they deem to be a fair trade.


Teshin is a playable character during The New War.

  • Teshin has 1200 health and 225 shields.
  • Teshin uses Sun&Moon Sun & Moon as his melee.
  • Teshin has three "abilities":
    • His first ability infuses his weapons with DmgFireSmall64 Heat and changes his stance to Mod TT 20px Carving Mantis.
    • His second ability infuses with DmgColdSmall64 Cold and stance changes to Mod TT 20px Crossing Snakes.
    • His third ability infuses with DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity and stance changes to Mod TT 20px Swirling Tiger.
    • Sentient enemies are protected by elemental shields that can only be destroyed with the corresponding element.
  • Teshin can perform most maneuvers available to Warframes, including sliding and double jumping, but not bullet jumping.
  • Teshin can throw Orvius Orvius with the primary fire button to stun enemies. He can then lasso onto it and make long jumps with Alternate Fire.


  • His voice actor is Sean Phillips.
  • His helmet makes him look similar to a Kappa, a Japanese mythological water imp with a plate full of water on the top of its head.
    • The style itself is also reminiscent of a kasa, a traditional Japanese hat commonly worn by monks and warriors.
  • Teshin is the second syndicate leader to have multiple intro voice lines, with the first being Cephalon Suda.
  • Teshin's Sun&Moon Sun & Moon nikanas both have Ymir-Form Gemini Nikana Sheaths. He is also able to call his blades to his hands in the event he is disarmed as indicated in The War Within.
    • Following Update 23.0 (2018-06-15), his sheathes have been replaced by Nikana Dax Skin. However he still erroneously uses Ymir-Form Gemini in some The War Within cutscenes.
  • Teshin is likely derived from Deshin Shekpa, the 5th head of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • During Tennocon 2021 it was revealed that Teshin will be one of three playable characters in the next phase of The New War.
  • Tyl Regor once referred to Teshin as a "pseudo-Tenno", though there is no visible connection between the two.


Patch History

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixed a typo in a Daily Tribute message from Teshin.

Hotfix 29.3.2 (2020-11-05)

  • Increased resolution of Teshin's textures (because you know he's handsome).

Update 19.6 (2017-01-11)

  • Teshin’s Conclave Affinity Inbox message will no longer open automatically. This was resulting in Conclave Affinity being claimed and lost if you were maxed out.

See Also

Main article: Clem

Clem is a Grineer defector who serves as one of Darvo's undercover contractors, providing the merchant with information. Born with a cloning mutation that allowed him to disobey the Twin Queens, Clem is nonetheless capable of holding his own against his former comrades with his choice weapons; the TwinGrakatas Twin Grakatas.

Main article: Cephalon Cy


Main article: Frohd Bek

Frohd Bek is the current Chairman of the Corpus Board of Directors and the father of Darvo. Though players have yet to directly encounter him, Bek's interactions with the Tenno have been the catalyst for several events.

Main article: Parvos Granum

Parvos Granum is the original founder of the Orokin-era Corpus merchant cult and the inventor of Specter technology. As part of a deal he made with the Orokin, he received the ProteaIcon272 Protea Warframe as a bodyguard. He was presumed dead for millennia after being betrayed by the Corpus Board of Directors, where an assassination attempt resulted in his ship being lost during a faulty Void translation.

Main article: Hunhow

Main article: Grineer Queens

The Grineer Queens, also called the Twin Queens, are the rulers of the Grineer Empire. All Grineer are genetically engineered at "birth" to display and feel absolute loyalty to the Queens.

Main article: Nef Anyo

Nef Anyo is a Corpus plutocrat introduced during Operation False Profit in Update 16.4 (2015-04-23). Though he has yet to be directly confronted by the Tenno, his pursuits in the name of profit have motivated the Tenno to action against him several times.

His main base of operations is the Orb Vallis on Venus, where his Terra Corpus research both Orokin and Sentient technology, while exploiting the labor of the citizens of Fortuna.

Main article: Ballas

Ballas was an Orokin Executor prior to the fall of the Orokin Empire. Romantically obsessed with Archimedean Margulis, he attempted to convince her to renounce the Tenno she was working to save rather than stand in the way of the Orokin, an act which ultimately proved futile. Ballas is also believed to be the Orokin primarily responsible for the development and creation of the Warframes.

Syndicate Leaders

Cressa Tal
Main article: Cressa Tal

Cressa Tal is the leader of the Steel Meridian Syndicate. She is a Grineer defector that seeks to protect those who cannot defend themselves, and also works to shelter other defectors.

Main article: Cephalon Suda

Main article: Palladino

Ergo Glast
Main article: Ergo Glast
Ergo Glast is the leader of The Perrin Sequence Syndicate. He is a Corpus defector that believes ethical commerce will bring about wealth and prosperity to the Origin System.

Main article: Amaryn

Amaryn is the leader of New Loka Syndicate. She believes that restoring humanity's past on Earth will be the Origin System's salvation.

CB NoseyMF
Main article: Cephalon Simaris

Cephalon Simaris (or referred to as Irmis by Cephalon Suda) is a Cephalon construct that resides within the Sanctuary Enclave, a room found in all Tenno Relays, which is accessible by visiting any Relay and then using Fast Travel from the Main Menu: default Esc  → FAST TRAVELCEPHALON SIMARIS. A seeker of knowledge, his ultimate goal is to "immortalize" creatures through the process known as Synthesis, that deconstructs a being and preserves them as data for further research within the Sanctuary.

Main article: Konzu

Konzu is an elderly Ostron who acts as the chief elder of Cetus. He offers Bounties to the Tenno, limited-time missions out in the Plains of Eidolon which can be accomplished to earn Ostron Standing and other rewards as provided in the bounty rewards. He is located just across the gate to the Plains of Eidolon. Talking to him will allow players to upgrade their standing title to the next rank. He also starts the Saya's Vigil Quest if the Tenno has at least completed a single bounty.

Main article: Onkko

Onkko (full epithet Quill Onkko Primary) is a former OstronSigil Ostron historian and archivist once responsible for lorekeeping, and the current representative of TheQuillsSigil The Quills on the Plains of Eidolon and in Cetus.

Onkko is the primary point of contact with The Quills, who provides players with various services relating to Operator Amps, Magus Arcanes and Virtous Arcanes, including the construction of Amps and the trade of Sentient Cores for Quills Standing. He also provides the player with various tips and warnings when fighting the Eidolons.

Main article: Eudico

Eudico FB-9 is the leader of Solaris United and the "loyal Floor Boss" of Nef Anyo. She offers Bounties to the Tenno, limited-time missions out in the Orb Vallis which can be accomplished to earn Solaris United Standing and other rewards as provided in the bounty rewards. She is located just across the elevator door to the Orb Vallis, sitting on a chair and holding a large welding gun.

Little Duck
Main article: Little Duck
Little Duck is a Solaris United operative introduced during the events of the WARFRAME: Ghouls graphic novel series, and a former protege of The Business. She also has an undefined relation with The Quills. In-game, she can be located in the backroom of Fortuna, Venus, selling wares for Vox Solaris, and also serves as mission control for Disruption missions across the system.

Main article: Mother

Mother is the alias of the leader of House Entrati. She is a partially-infested IconOrokinOn Orokin scientist, mathematician, and philosopher who resides within an infested flower inside the Necralisk; a Void research enclave located on Deimos. She offers Bounties to the Tenno, limited-time missions out in the Cambion Drift which can be accomplished to earn Entrati Standing and other rewards as provided in the bounty rewards.

Main article: Loid

For the original Loid found in the Albrecht's Laboratories, see Loid (Original).

Loid is the representative of the Necraloid syndicate within the Necralisk on Deimos. He is a construct, made by Albrecht Entrati, who is integrated into a Necraloid along with Otak, serving as a loyal, life-long servant to the Entrati family. He is located in the backroom and sells Necramech parts and weapons.

To interact with Loid, the player must complete The Heart of Deimos and The War Within. The backdoor at the northernmost part of the Necralisk will only open for the Operator, where Loid handles all interactions with the Necraloid, until the initiation of The Kalymos Sequence enables Warframes to pass through, unhindered.

Main article: Quinn

Quinn is the leader of The Holdfasts and the former liaison to the expeditionary command of the Zariman Ten Zero. He offers Bounties to the TennoIcon Tenno, limited-time missions out in the Zariman which can be accomplished to earn VoidplumeQuill Voidplume Quills and other rewards as provided in the bounty rewards. He is located near the front entrance of the Chrysalith.

Main article: Kahl-175

Kahl-175 is a IconGrineerOn Grineer Lancer introduced in The New War. Formerly in service to the Grineer Queens directly under Councilor Vay Hek, he was captured into IconNarmer Narmer service but escapes in Veilbreaker, becoming a defector as he now fights for all of his Grineer brothers. He allies with the TennoIcon Tenno and Daughter EntratiIcon Entrati in their shared goal of defeating their new enemy and rescuing any veiled - including IconCorpusOn Corpus, OstronSigil Ostron, SolarisUnited1 Solaris United - while forming GarrisonIcon Kahl's Garrison.


Main article: Baro Ki'Teer

Baro Ki'Teer (alternative spelling: Baro Ki'teer), also known as the Void Trader, is a character known for his love of the exotic and the luxurious, especially those involving the Orokin Void. He involves himself with the Tenno by selling various rare artifacts and valuable items unavailable anywhere else.

Nora Night transmission
Main article: Nora Night

Nora Night is a mysterious character who acts as the voice of the pirate radio station Nightwave. Her broadcasts can be heard at random on the Orbiter's Radio Scanner.

Main article: The Man in The Wall

The Man in the Wall (also known as The Indifference) is a mysterious and enigmatic being associated with the Void and MurmurIcon The Murmur. Virtually nothing is known of them. First appearing during The War Within, they have a more prominent appearance during Chains of Harrow, revealing themselves to be a potential threat that few anticipated, and even fewer prepared for.

Main article: Helminth

The Helminth is a being residing in the Helminth Infirmary of the Orbiter, behind a sealed door that requires special access methods to enter. It is responsible for the ship's "biological functions", namely the behind-the-scenes repair and maintenance of the Warframes.

While the Infestation in the room as a whole is a part of the Helminth itself, the "main body" of the Helminth can be considered the big mouth attached to the back wall, which it uses to swallow resources. The Tenno can interact with the Helminth's core functions by having their Warframe sit down on the infested chair in the center of the room.


Main article: Bosses

Bosses are targets in Assassination missions. They are stronger counterparts or high rank officials within their own factions and are outfitted with superior weaponry, higher health and shields compare to the normal infantry.

Grineer Faction

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Main article: Captain Vor

Captain Vor is the Grineer officer responsible for the players' awakening in the opening moments of WARFRAME. He is one of the few figures in the Origin System that understand ancient Orokin technology, and is capable of utilizing it and merging it with Grineer technology to create offensive weapons such as his trademark Seer Seer pistol and his armor, powered by a Void Key that he refers to as the "Janus Key", which also grants him a powerful ranged beam attack, impenetrable shielding and the ability to teleport.

Main article: Councilor Vay Hek

Councilor Vay Hek is the Grineer boss of Earth. He is among the most influential and dangerous Grineer, responsible for the Cicero Toxin to poison Earth's forests, the reconditioning of the psychotic and highly aggressive The Grustrag Three soldiers, the Balor Fomorian warships that can destroy capital ships and Relays, and the animalistic and hastily bred Ghouls.

Vay Hek is fought on Oro, Earth, which can be accessed only by players of Mastery Rank 5 or higher. Upon defeating him and completing the mission, players will receive HydroidIcon272 Hydroid component blueprints.

Main article: Lieutenant Lech Kril

Lieutenant Lech Kril is the Grineer boss of Mars, and a dual boss on Ceres alongside Captain Vor. A revered war hero clad in impenetrable armor and armed with a Gorgon Gorgon and his signature Brokk hammer with DmgColdSmall64 Cold/DmgFireSmall64 Heat abilities, Lech Kril is a formidable adversary for anyone who opposes him.

  • On War, Mars, a successful assassination will reward ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur's components.
  • On Exta, Ceres, a successful assassination will reward FrostIcon272 Frost's components and either Miter Miter parts or TwinGremlins Twin Gremlins blueprint.

Main article: General Sargas Ruk

General Sargas Ruk is the Grineer boss of the Saturn system. The head of one of the Grineer Artifact extraction projects, Sargas Ruk was targeted by the Lotus for annexing Tenno-controlled dig sites. Ruk enjoys Grineer augmentation, even going as far as replacing the lower part of his right arm with a massive flamethrower and his normal vision with a single augmentation in the center of his helmet.

Ruk is fought in the mission Tethys, Saturn. After defeating him and finishing the mission, the player will receive an EmberIcon272 Ember component blueprint. He has an increased chance to drop an Orokin Cell upon death since it can also drop it as a normal planet resource.

Main article: Tyl Regor

Tyl Regor is the Grineer boss of the Uranus system. As the head researcher of Grineer gene repair, Regor works to remove the Cloning Decay Syndrome from his brethren, making strides through his "tubemen." Regor is fought in the mission Titania, Uranus. After defeating him and finishing the mission, the player will receive EquinoxIcon272 Equinox component blueprints.

Main article: Kela De Thaym

Kela De Thaym is the Grineer boss of the Sedna system. Bloodthirsty and sadistic, she owns the combat arena known as Rathuum where Grineer defectors are forced to fight for their freedom against her Executioners, to the delight of her audience.

Kela is fought on the mission Merrow, Sedna. After defeating her and finishing the mission, the player will receive SarynIcon272 Saryn component blueprints. She will also drop an Executioner-themed mod and has a chance to drop TwinKohmak Twin Kohmak blueprint and an Orokin Cell upon death.

Main article: Balor Fomorian

The Balor Fomorian is the strongest class of all known Fomorian types, according to Councilor Vay Hek. They are considered the most powerful vessels in the Origin System. Bristling with immense firepower and formidable armor, they are capable of destroying a capital ship in a matter of seconds. Their power has made them the repeated targets of the Tenno, to prevent Grineer influence from spreading.

They are occasionally available in a Fomorian Sabotage alert as a Grineer Archwing boss, where the player may be rewarded with ImperatorVandal Imperator Vandal components, Endo, or Archwing mods upon defeating the Fomorian and extracting.

Corpus Faction

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Main article: Jackal

Jackal is the Corpus boss of the Venus system. Although a more bulky and old model compared to more recent Corpus robotics, the Jackal possesses invulnerable shields, a giant shockwave ability to knock players down, and one of the most powerful Corpus weapons, the Plasma Grenade Cluster. Dissected models of the Jackal can be found in some Grineer tilesets, either showing that the Grineer have an interest in utilizing Corpus tech, or that they have simply purchased merchandise. The Jackal is fought on the mission Fossa, Venus. After defeating it and finishing the mission, the player will receive RhinoIcon272 Rhino component blueprints, as well as a chance to get a Stahlta Stahlta or Stropha Stropha blueprint.

A Terra variant may spawn in Orb Vallis during high alert state, which is considered a common enemy and will neither drop blueprints nor anger the Stalker. A Corrupted variant appears in The Circuit Assassination as a boss with some alteration to its mechanics.

Main article: The Sergeant

The Sergeant, formerly known as Sgt. Nef Anyo before Update 16.4 (2015-04-23), is the final boss of Phobos system. He is in charge of the Corpus Solar Rail systems, using them to obtain Cryopods with dormant Warframes for resale to rogue scientists and splinter groups. When confronted by the player during the mission, he has a very aggressive tone towards the Tenno and warns the player that they are making a fatal mistake by attempting his assassination. He also may demand information regarding Orokin secrets, or make fun of the player's Warframe or teammates.

He can be found on the mission Iliad, Phobos. A successful assassination awards MagIcon272 Mag component blueprints. The Sergeant has an increased chance to drop Morphics upon death.

DEAlad V
Main article: Alad V

Alad V was a high ranking Corpus member, seated on the Corpus Board of Directors and the head of Grineer Relations. He is the most recurring Corpus boss in terms of his involvements with various Events.

Originally the creator of the ambitious Zanuka Project, an initiative to create advanced robotics by using Warframe components, its eventual failure saw him removed from the Board of Directors and replaced with his longtime rival, Frohd Bek. He would later form unlikely alliances with his enemies, namely the Infested, the Tenno, and even the Sentients, to produce new schemes or ensure his survival while on the run from his former Corpus backers and the Stalker's Acolytes.

On the Star Chart, Alad V is first encountered on Themisto, Jupiter as a Corpus boss, where he is accompanied by his robotic pet and guardian, Zanuka, which he built from parts of Warframes that he captured. Upon completion of this assassination mission, the player will receive ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr component blueprints. He also has a high drop rate for Neural Sensors.

Main article: Raptors

The Raptors are Corpus Bosses found in the Europa system, with an underground factory working to mass produce these proxies. They are essentially modified Ospreys that boast increased power and defenses, and appear in three different types each armed with unique weaponry.

Raptors are fought in the mission Naamah, Europa. After defeating them and finishing the mission, players will receive a NovaIcon272 Nova component blueprint.

Main article: Hyena Pack

The Hyena Pack are the Corpus bosses of Neptune, made up of four unique and deadly variants of the Hyena proxy. Functioning like a pack, each Hyena is equipped with a plasma repeater, high agility, and can wall cling.

The Hyena Pack are fought in the mission Psamathe, Neptune, and after defeating them and finishing the mission, the player will receive LokiIcon272 Loki component blueprints. They can also be found during Razorback Armada missions, and a completely different set of Hyena proxies exist on the Orb Vallis. Upon death, all the Hyenas have a chance of dropping Orokin Cells or Control Modules.

Main article: Ambulas

Ambulas is the Corpus boss of Pluto, possessing a highly intelligent AI called Animo that allows it to learn and adapt from previous combat experiences to ensure that the proxy cannot be defeated by the same strategy twice. Animo was created by Ergo Glast during his time with the Corpus as a means of resolving conflict, only for Frohd Bek to misuse and weaponize it as part of Operation: Ambulas Reborn; fearing that Animo's learning may result in a repetition of the catastrophe which occurred when the Orokin made similar strides with advanced AI, Glast seeks the Tenno's aid to destroy the Animo processor.

Ambulas units are dispatched by Condor Dropships on any Corpus Outpost mission on Pluto; disabling and hacking into these units award Animo Nav Beacons which are required to initiate the Ambulas boss on the mission Hades, Pluto. After defeating it finishing the mission, the player will receive a TrinityIcon272 Trinity component blueprint.

Main article: Razorback

The Razorback is a Corpus boss introduced in the Divine Will Tactical Alert in Hotfix 18.4.10 (2016-02-11). A creation of Nef Anyo, the Razorback is essentially a much larger Jackal and is boastfully claimed to be "impervious to evil," but possesses a vulnerability to Nef Anyo's previous creations, the Bursas.

The Razorback is fought during a limited-time event called Razorback Armada, once the construction status in the Invasion menu is completed by supporting the Corpus, which appears as a node next to any active Relay. Completing the Razorback Armada mission three times per event awards Credits64 200,000 and a built Orokin Catalyst.

Infested Faction

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Main article: Phorid

Phorid is an Infestation w Infested Boss only found when an Invasion takes over the Assassination mission of a Planet. After players defeat it and reach the extraction point, they will receive either a NyxIcon272 Nyx Neuroptics, Chassis, or Systems blueprint upon mission completion. Upon death, Phorid has a chance of dropping rare resources of the planet it appears on.

Main article: Lephantis

Lephantis is a massive, multi-headed Infested boss created to fight in the Old War, introduced in Update 10.0 (2013-09-13). This large amalgamated creature consists of three heads called Infested Corpus, Infested Grineer, and Ancient Infested, which can seemingly extend and are attached to a tripod-like body hidden beneath the ground.

It is found on Magnacidium, Deimos. After defeating it and finishing the mission, the player will receive a NekrosIcon272 Nekros component blueprint. Each of its heads are also capable of dropping Neurodes and Orokin Cells in addition to its main body, potentially totaling up to four resource drops.

Main article: Juggernaut Behemoth

The Juggernaut Behemoth is the larger, boss variant of the Infested Juggernaut enemy.

It is a massive quadruped Infested creature, armed with formidable ranged attacks and deadly close-quarters combat abilities, which combined with its heavy armor makes it an intimidating opponent. Initially introduced in the Black Seed Scourge Tactical Alert, it can now be found in the last mission of The Jordas Precept, as well as the first portion of the Jordas Golem assassination mission.

Main article: Jordas Golem

The Jordas Golem is a massive combat platform created out of an amalgamation of Infested flesh merged with Corpus ship technology and a corrupted Cephalon. It is one of the two bosses of Eris, the other being Mutalist Alad V.

It is found in its own Assassination node on Eris after a player has completed the Jordas Precept Quest. After defeating the Golem and finishing the mission, the player receives an AtlasIcon272 Atlas component blueprint.

Main article: Mutalist Alad V

Mutalist Alad V is a version of Alad V mutated and twisted by the Infestation. From his base on Eris, Alad V invented the Mutalist Strain, allowing the Infested to infect inorganic robotics and weaponry, before succumbing to the Infestation himself.

Upon completion of his assassination mission, player will receive the MesaIcon272 Mesa Chassis, Neuroptics, or Systems blueprint.

Main article: Hemocyte

The Hemocyte is a gigantic Infested creature that can be encountered during Operation: Plague Star. They only appear on the Advanced and The Steel Path variants of the Plague Star Bounty, with a total of four spawning during the final stage. They drop the Hunter Set Mods.

Zealot prelate
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The Zealoid Prelate is an Infestation w Infested Boss introduced during the fifth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary. It wields the Pathocyst Pathocyst Infested Glaive and, upon death, it drops one of the Pathocyst components.

Sentient Faction

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The Ropalolyst is a gigantic bird-like Sentient boss capable of flight. It can be found in the Remastered Corpus Gas City on its own Assassination node on Jupiter, requiring players to have completed Chimera Prologue to battle it. It was dispatched by the Sentients to ensure Alad V does not double-cross their "partnership", much to his displeasure.

After defeating the Ropalolyst, the player will receive WispIcon272 Wisp component blueprints and an Amalgam mod from five possible.

Field Bosses

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Assassins are rare bosses that randomly hunt players down outside of Assassination missions. They can be spawned by players who have earned Death Marks through various means. Defeating these rare enemies may yield rare resources, parts, and blueprints. A death mark can be obtained from killing a boss or by completing 3 invasion missions on the opposing side of the assassin's faction. They can also be spawned using beacons.

Though they can spawn in most of the game, they cannot spawn in:

Stalker d
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The Stalker is an ominous, vengeful figure that infrequently appears during missions, armed with powerful weapons and abilities to hunt down Tenno who have his Death Mark.

The Stalker wears Warframe armor and is able to use ability powers belonging to various other Warframes. His arsenal is similar to that of the Tenno, utilizing a primary, secondary, and melee weapon. The Stalker's signature weapons are the bow Dread Dread, the scythe Hate Hate, and the throwing knives Despair Despair.

If the Tenno marked for assassination has completed The Second Dream Quest, they will be confronted with the more powerful, Sentient-enhanced Shadow Stalker instead. Upon completing the Jade Shadows Quest, Stalker will appear as Protector Stalker, having reverted to his original appearance, with his mask and Hate Hate imbued by JadeIcon272 Jade's energies.

Main article: Shadow Stalker

The Shadow Stalker is an ominous, vengeful figure that infrequently appears during missions, armed with the War War and powerful abilities to hunt down the Tenno. He appears during and after The Second Dream quest. Visually, the Shadow Stalker takes the form of a modified ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur with his own original helmet, and donning the Sentient-imbued Pakal Armor Set.

As seen in the aforementioned quest, the Shadow Stalker was gifted with Sentient powers and equipment by Hunhow, allowing him to adapt to damage continuously as well as releasing new forms of power. This appears to have cost him some of his previous abilities such as Absorb130xWhite Absorb and SmokeScreen130xWhite Smoke Screen.

He can only be fought if the Tenno has confronted him during The Second Dream; if the Tenno in question has not, they will be confronted with the pre-Second Dream Stalker instead. If Jade Shadows is completed, the Stalker will appear as Protector Stalker, having reverted to his original appearance, with his mask and Hate Hate imbued with JadeIcon272 Jade's energies.

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The Zanuka Hunter, formerly known as the Harvester, is a gray-colored Zanuka proxy controlled by Alad V. During missions, it will attack one targeted Tenno until either the Tenno or Zanuka Hunter dies. It appears rarely, in a manner similar to the Stalker. Triggering a Zanuka Hunter attack requires a player to have a Death Mark, acquired by fighting against the Corpus across five Invasion missions, or it can be summoned by using a Zanuka Hunter Beacon. Active Death Marks can be seen on a player's profile.

Main article: The Grustrag Three

The Grustrag Three (commonly abbreviated as the G3) are a group of Assassins, founded by Councilor Vay Hek, who come after Tenno that have completed five Invasion missions against the Grineer.

Main article: Wolf of Saturn Six

The Wolf of Saturn Six is a rogue Grineer criminal introduced as an antagonist in Nightwave: Series 1 – The Wolf of Saturn Six. Formerly a model prisoner of the previously undisclosed Saturn Six penitentiary, the Wolf escaped along with his "pack" of Saturn Six Fugitives. He later underwent Sentient hybridizing after being enslaved by Alad V and sent to hunt down the Tenno. He eventually broke free once again and disappeared alongside his comrades. However, he is once again captured and forced into serving Narmer after they took control of the system.

During Nightwave: Series 1, the Wolf could spawn randomly in almost any player-accessible mission, similar to Assassins but without the Death Mark. For the entire length of the Series, all players could be considered to have a permanent death mark. As Series 1 escalated, his spawn chances also increased incrementally. Towards the end of Series 1, a Tactical Alert was issued to hunt down the Wolf in two Assassination-type missions of varying levels.

Following the end of Nightwave: Series 1, Wolf Beacons can be bought from Nightwave Cred Offerings to forcibly draw out the Wolf. He returns as a boss in Break Narmer's Prison Break, fought by Kahl-175.

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Grand Bosses are massive, titanic bosses with specifically designed sets of mechanics, often with unique abilities not found in any regular missions, instead, in open-world regions such as Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis and Duviri. Equipped with far stronger offensive and defensive capability, Grand Bosses are significantly higher in difficulty and defeating them usually requires the execution of a complex strategy, as well as equipping powerful gear.


Main article: Eidolon Teralyst

The Eidolon Teralyst is a gigantic spectral Sentient Eidolon creature that can be found aimlessly roaming around the Plains of Eidolon at night, acting as one of the Grand Bosses of the landscape. This is the first of the 3-night bosses of Plains of Eidolon, followed by Eidolon Gantulyst and then Eidolon Hydrolyst.

The Eidolons are remnants of a massive Sentient that was defeated in a battle against the Tenno during the Old War, whose remains now wander the plains perpetually searching for their lost components. These fragments are, however, still formidable creatures armed with powerful attacks and near-impenetrable defenses, and are hostile to both Tenno and Grineer alike.

It is important to note players that have not unlocked Transference from The War Within won't have any means to properly fight the Characters.

Main article: Eidolon Gantulyst

The Eidolon Gantulyst is an enormous spectral Sentient Eidolon creature that can be summoned on the Plains of Eidolon at night, acting as one of the Grand Bosses of the landscape. This is the second of the 3 night bosses of Plains of Eidolon, preceded by Eidolon Teralyst and followed by Eidolon Hydrolyst. Much larger than the preceding Eidolon Teralyst, this one has replaced its right arm with an elongated boulder, and its massive weight creates shockwaves with every step.

All Eidolons are remnants of a Sentient that was defeated in a battle against the Tenno during the Old War, whose remains now wander the plains perpetually searching for their lost components. These fragments are, however, still formidable creatures armed with powerful attacks and near-impenetrable defenses, and are hostile to both Tenno and Grineer alike.

It is important to note players that have not unlocked Transference from The War Within won't have any means to properly fight the Eidolon Gantulyst.

Main article: Eidolon Hydrolyst

The Eidolon Hydrolyst is a titanic spectral Sentient Eidolon creature that can be summoned on the Plains of Eidolon at night, acting as one of the Grand Bosses of the landscape. This is the third and final of the 3 night bosses of Plains of Eidolon, preceded by Eidolon Teralyst and Eidolon Gantulyst. This one is large enough to wield the landing strut of an ancient spacecraft as a weapon, and its arcane energies create localized storm systems wherever it surfaces.

All Eidolons are remnants of a Sentient that was defeated in a battle against the Tenno during the Old War, whose remains now wander the plains perpetually searching for their lost components. These fragments are, however, still formidable creatures armed with powerful attacks and near-impenetrable defenses, and are hostile to both Tenno and Grineer alike.

It is important to note players that have not unlocked Transference from The War Within won't have any means to properly fight the Eidolon Hydrolyst.

Orb Mothers

Main article: Profit-Taker Orb

Profit-Taker Orb is a large Raknoid creature found atop the Enrichment Labs in the Orb Vallis, acting as one of the Grand Bosses of the landscape. The gargantuan creature can only be engaged during the Heist with Vox Solaris, requiring the rank of Old Mate within Solaris United.

The orb incorporates Sentient technology within its shields that are put into overcharge by satellites and is protected by an extremely durable carapace reserved for Corpus Ships, making it seemingly invulnerable.

Main article: Exploiter Orb

Exploiter is a large Raknoid creature that can be found patrolling around the Temple of Profit within the Orb Vallis, acting as one of the Grand Bosses of the landscape. She is the one responsible for the destruction of Deck 12 which left many of its Solaris United survivors traumatized. The Exploiter Orb is battled in the ruins of Deck 12 located in a cave northeast of Harindi Crater, requiring a single Diluted Thermia from the recurring Thermia Fractures event.

Unlike the Profit-Taker Orb, the Exploiter Orb lacks Sentient adaptive shielding, but her carapace remains impervious to all gunfire. To defend herself, the Exploiter Orb can surround herself with a winter storm on command and has four vents across her lower body which spray jets of ice and an underbelly turret. Her main weakness of overheating is kept in check by her numerous exhaust vents as well as the small squad of Coolant Raknoids accompanying her.


Main article: Orowyrm

The Orowyrms are gigantic bio-mechanical creatures of Orokin design. They serve as the Grand Bosses of the Duviri Landscape, fought at the final stage of a Spiral.

Each of the courtiers of Dominus Thrax has an Orowyrm form they assume when they lose control over the emotion they embody: Mathila for Joy, Lodun for Anger, Bombastine for Envy, Luscinia for Sorrow, and Sythel for Fear. The only gameplay difference between these Orowyrms is the elemental damage they inflict.

They were officially introduced in Update 29.0 (2020-08-25), appearing inside mirrors found in Isolation Vaults. Orowyrms have since made appearances in other places as well, making rare occurrences while loading in Empyrean Void Storms and regularly passing by in the Void passage between Rania and Belric's crystals in Mirror Defense.

Other Characters

Some characters played a major role in the Warframe universe but are only mentioned in Synthesis entries and other character's dialogue. They do not explicitly appear in-game, nor do they have major interactions with the player directly. Such characters can be found in Category:Characters.

See Also

  1. When inspecting the Narmer Veil inside Teshin's Cave.
    • Drifter: "How'd you end up here, anyway?"
    • Teshin: "Through the eye of a storm... I'm not sure if I was dead or alive at the time. You?"
  2. "In all the ages of Thrax's reign, only two strangers have ever known to come to Duviri. One was the monk, Teshin, who fell from the sky into the lake on the island we now call Hermit's Landing. Seemingly lifeless, he was dragged ashore by Mathila who nursed his return to health. I have never known a constitution to match his; yet unlike us, he has... deteriorated... with the passing of time." - Acrithis, Lost Islands of Duviri