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ChaosModU15.jpeg Nyx Chaos.png
With a powerful psychic blast, Nyx causes mass hysteria on the battlefield by confusing all enemies to attack random factions.
Duration:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 s
Range:15 / 20 / 22 / 25 m

  • Nyx causes enemies within 15 / 20 / 22 / 25 meters to perceive their allies as Tenno for 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 seconds. Affected enemies will indiscriminately attack whoever is closest for the duration.
  • Affected enemies are given raised threat levels.
  • Will only stun Bosses and has no other effect on them.
  • Shield Ospreys will stop projecting shields and simply close up and fly around until the effect is over, and unaffected Shield Ospreys will not shield affected enemies.
  • Ancient Healers will still emit healing pulses but will not heal anything but themselves.
  • The auras of Eximus units will negatively impact everyone within range, ally or enemy, for the duration of the ability (for example, the aura of the Arctic Eximus will slow down anyone in range).
  • An illusion of Nyx wielding a Braton.png Braton (or a BratonPrime.png Braton Prime in the case of Nyx PrimeIcon272.png Nyx Prime) is visible on affected units, reflecting how enemies perceive each other.
    • The illusion will reflect the alternate helmet and skin Nyx has equipped, if any.
    • If Chaos is cast upon a ceiling-mounted Turret or Security Camera, the illusion will be upside-down.
  • Unlike MindControl130xDark.png Mind Control, enemies affected by Chaos will target Tenno if they are too close, and their attacks can still harm the team. Likewise, cameras and drones will still be able to detect players with normal detection behaviors.
  • Chaos can be ended prematurely by killing all affected enemies.
  • Can be recast while active.
    • Only one instance of Chaos can be active at a given time, making enemies who are currently affected lose its effects.
    • Reapplies both the stun and confusion.

Main article: Chaos Sphere

Chaos Sphere is a Warframe Augment Mod for NyxIcon272.png Nyx that allows Chaos130xDark.png Chaos to create a circular radius that affects enemies entering within its range for a fraction of its duration.

Rank Duration Cost
0 25% 6
1 30% 7
2 40% 8
3 50% 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Chaos halts the damage mitigation supplied by Ancient Healers and Corrupted Ancients, allowing the Tenno to dispatch of groups protected by those units without having to deal with the Ancients first.
  • In Interception missions, enemies affected by Chaos will less likely to attempt to capture the towers, and even stop if they are capturing any tower. This is particularly useful when doing Interception solo or with a nonfull squad.

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  • If cast near an Infested Tumor, Nyx's projection will be substantially larger than it should be.
  • Swarm-Mutalist MOAs swarm will still aid Infested even whilst Chaos is active (Possibly intended).


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