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Challenge Rewards are rewards given for completing randomly generated challenges given to Tenno when they begin a mission. The challenge is displayed briefly at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of a mission and can be checked throughout the mission via the menu screen. When completed, a set amount of affinity is awarded across your equipment depending on the difficulty of the challenge.

List of ChallengesEdit

Here is a list of challenges, as well as the affinity rewarded upon completing them:

Name Objective Notes Affinity
Hacker Hack 1 console Hacking data terminals does not count towards this challenge. Only terminals that result in a lockout of key areas count. 1,000
Head Hunter Get 10 headshots An enemy must be killed by the headshot for it to count towards this challenge. 5,000
Killer Get 30 kills 5,000
Looter Collect 4 energy orbs 1,000
Pistol Master Get 20 kills with your secondary weapon 5,000
Exercising Power Use your first ability 5 times 1,000
Rifleman Get 30 kills with your primary weapon Kills from any type of primary weapon are counted towards this challenge.

Can be completed using your secondary weapon if your primary weapon is unequipped.

Speed Kill Get 3 kills in 10 seconds Timer will start upon the first kill. Any kills within 10 seconds go toward the challenge. If 3 kills are not achieved within 10 seconds, the counter will reset to 0. 5,000
Stealth Get 10 kills on unalerted enemies Under certain circumstances, some enemies can be killed to finish this challenge regardless of alert level. See the Notes page for more details. 5,000
Style Kill Get 5 kills while sliding This includes any kills attained with weapons, Warframe abilities or your companion, if any. 5,000
Swordsman Get 10 melee kills 5,000
Treasure Hunter Find 1 Mod 1,000
From Within Use your 4th Warframe ability once This challenge cannot be done if the player's Warframe is below level 10, as the 4th ability is only unlocked once the player reaches that level.



  • As mentioned above, certain enemies can be killed under specific circumstances to finish the Stealth Challenge;
  • Killing an enemy with NyxIcon272 Nyx's Absorb registers as a headshot kill.
  • As Update 15.0, Challenges are now displayed inside the mission in the player's Menu.
  • Challenge Rewards can sometimes be unobtainable depending on the mission; a player may get a Hacker challenge in an Endless Defense Mission, for example.
    • This is particularly evident in spaceborne Archwing gameplay; Rifleman and Pistol Master cannot be completed by any means, while Head Hunter is incredibly difficult to accomplish.
  • Exercising Power can be completed by performing Transference and going into Operator mode.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 24.3
  • Replaced with challenges associated with Nightwave.

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