A strange transmission leads deep into the dark world of Red Veil mysticism. What evils will be found there and what do they want?
—Quest Description

Chains of Harrow is a solo-only main Quest, released in Update 21.0 (2017-06-29). Through an unusual transmission from an abandoned Steel Meridian ship, the Tenno learn about Rell, a Tenno who was cast out, but also seems to be keeping a mysterious and potentially dangerous entity at bay.

The tie-in webcomic prequel, Rell can be found and read at the official website (Archived).


The Tenno receives a strange transmission from an abandoned Steel Meridian ship that draws their attention. Upon arriving on this ship, they discover its crew murdered in cold blood. Odd messages written in blood are scattered throughout, haunting the Tenno as they track down the suspect. Here, they meet Palladino, the Holy Speaker of the Red Veil, who says that their syndicate is in shambles. Their sacred muse, a Tenno named Rell, abandoned his post in their temple, causing chaos throughout their organization. Unlike other Tenno, Rell did not go into cryosleep in the Lua's Reservoirs for he was cast out by Margulis and his fellow Tenno for having blinded Margulis[1]. Instead, he sacrificed his life, bound his spirit to his Warframe, HarrowIcon272 Harrow, who became a resting vigil towards The Man in The Wall itself.

Requesting protection, the Tenno brought Palladino to the Steel Meridian base, Iron Wake, where she will be watched by Steel Meridian personnel. To contact Rell, Palladino asks the Tenno to bring back a sacred relic in order to complete her seance. Apparently, Rell still retains memories of his humanity despite having a manic episode that resulted from losing control over Transference due to attacks from The Man in The Wall. To resolve this, the Tenno captures Rell's manifestations of emotion, disturbances made of Transference energy, and return them to the Red Veil temple in the Void.

In order to end Rell's suffering, the Tenno frees HarrowIcon272 Harrow from his chains, allowing Rell to rest in slumber. However, with no vessel to protect against The Man in The Wall, the Tenno will have to deal with the consequences.

Hey kiddo.
—The Man in The Wall


AladVPortrait d
“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers. Please finish the quest before proceeding.

To unlock the quest, players must have completed The War Within quest. Afterwards, players must visit The Quills representative Onkko within Cetus and acquire the Mote Amp. Once both conditions are met, the quest will become available from the Codex.

Ordis begins receiving a transmission from their Syndicate channel, originating from the Red Veil. The playback involves a female voice, urging someone named Rell to tell them where he is. The player's vision gradually turns red before blacking out by the end of the message, and then returning to normal afterwards, at which point Ordis claims that the message is haunted, and tries to discourage the Tenno from investigating. Nonetheless, he has tracked the signal to an abandoned Steel Meridian ship in Earth orbit.

Investigate the Message: Pacific, Earth

Enemy Level: 20 - 25
Tileset: Grineer Galleon

Upon arrival, the Lotus informs the player that the ship is running on emergency power with no crew, and asks them to search. Their first discovery, indicated by a yellow circular area highlighted on the minimap, leads them to a place where dead Grineer lay with knives sticking out of them, while a second highlighted discovery shows blood smeared on the wall in the shape of the Red Veil symbol. The last highlight shows a blood-smeared message on a wall spelling the message:

You cast him out

At which point a garbled transmission from a person named Palladino contacts the player, claiming to be from the Red Veil and asking for protection, with her location being marked on the minimap. En route, players will then face multiple hostile Red Veil Fanatics armed with various weapons like the RaktaCernos Rakta Cernos, RaktaDarkDagger Rakta Dark Daggers, and the Tetra Tetra. Palladino states that the Red Veil is in chaos following the departure of their 'sacred muse', and asks to be taken to a place called Iron Wake.

Palladino can be found with a Kavat called Rook, at which point a horde of shambling, nameless and weaponless Red Veil operatives will begin to attack. Players must then defend Palladino from the horde until the timer runs out, after which they can then proceed to extraction.

Meet Palladino at Iron Wake: Earth

In light of the rescue, the player is granted access to Iron Wake, which turns out to be a Steel Meridian outpost located on Earth. The player, who must use Transference (default 5 ) to enter the guest quarters, meets with Palladino, who is under heavy guard. She introduces herself as Red Veil's spiritual medium, who explains the situation regarding Rell, their spiritual focus and the basis upon which the Red Veil was founded. Rell has disappeared from his vessel, making Palladino unable to commune with him and driving many of their members mad. Palladino asks that the player retrieve a relic that was stolen from him in order to calm him. Lotus is suspicious of Palladino's motives, but asks the Tenno to go along their schemes for now.

Find Rell's Relic: Hydra, Pluto

Enemy Level: 20 - 25
Tileset: Corpus Ship

Similar to the last ship, the Corpus ship the player arrives in is darkened and devoid of crew. A discovery highlight leads to a wall with the message

He suffers while you dream

spelled out in blood, leading Palladino to the conclusion that Rell is lashing out. Conversation between Palladino and the Lotus reveal that Rell was a Tenno who was outcast by Margulis, explaining why the Lotus does not know of him, and that the Veil was founded when their foremothers took in Rell to study his teachings. A mysterious voice describing a 'man in the wall' then echoes through the ship, and Palladino asks the player to follow the voice.

Upon arriving at the source of the voice in a room filled with dead Red Veil corpses, players must retrieve the relic, a golden horseshoe-shaped object called the Donda, a relic important to Rell. Once the relic is acquired however, a hostile shadowy manifestation of Rell will appear, who will reanimate the Red Veil bodies as zombies. As the Rell manifestation cannot be killed by any means, Palladino orders the player to run back to the ship to escape.

Return to Iron Wake

Going back to Iron Wake, the player gives back the relic to Palladino, who uses it to commune with Rell. A short minigame, which represents Rell's past, will then commence, in which the player is shown cards with a face drawn on it, and they must choose the appropriate emotion the face displays from four different choices. At the completion of the game, the Lotus tells the player that she may have a theory as to Rell's nature, and asks the player to return to their ship.

Back on the Orbiter, the Lotus proposes her theory that Rell's manifestations are Transference energy split apart from a single mind, and asks if they can be captured. Ordis then proposes that the Kinetic Siphon Traps sold by Cephalon Simaris can be repurposed and used for the task.

Capture Rell's Manifestations: Exequias, Deimos

Enemy Level: 25 - 35
Tileset: Orokin Derelict

Before entering the next three missions, players must ensure that they are carrying a sufficient number of Kinetic Siphon Traps in their Gear inventory.

Lotus and Palladino discuss the nature of Rell's warnings, which appear to be the phenomenon known as Void Exposure. Though Lotus claims that its effects are well understood, Palladino claims that only Rell has seen its true nature as an entity "old as stars".

The player then comes across a message scrawled on the floor:

she cast him out

After which a manifestation of Rell's emotion will appear, which can be distinguished by having a pure black body and a white drawn face on its head. This particular manifestation can be restrained using a Kinetic Siphon Trap, which will allow it to be damaged and killed. If the emotion is not defeated immediately, it will teleport to a different part of the map, making tracking it difficult.

Once the first emotion is defeated, Rell's manifestations will begin hunting down the player, and unlike the emotions these cannot be killed, while at the same time possessing powerful attacks that can damage and kill the player. The manifestation's observed abilities include:

  • A slowing aura that drastically reduces movement speed if the player gets too close.
  • The ability to cast Condemn130xWhite Condemn to trap the player.
  • An area-of-effect attack similar to HallowedGround130xWhite Hallowed Ground.
  • Creating multiple ghostly copies of itself that attack the player in melee.
  • Launching a salvo of damaging red fireballs that can home in on the player.

Players must find, trap and destroy two more emotions while evading Rell's attacks. Players can extract once all three emotions are defeated.

Capture Rell's Manifestations: Stephano, Uranus

Enemy Level: 25 - 35
Tileset: Grineer Sealab

Palladino now warns the player that the manifestations are becoming stronger, and urges the Tenno to bring Rell home to the 'temple'. Lotus asks whether Rell is resting in this temple in cryosleep like the other Tenno on Lua, which Palladino answers that they didn't have that option. The player then runs across another blood message on the floor:

You rejected him
He saved you

Players will be facing more Red Veil Fanatics in this mission, along with zombies. Like the previous mission, players must trap and defeat all three of Rell's emotions using Kinetic Siphon Traps, then extract once the objective is complete.

Capture Rell's Manifestations: Everest, Earth

Enemy Level: 25 - 35
Tileset: Grineer Forest

The Lotus wonders how Rell has lived so long without cryosleep, and Palladino clarifies that he has transferred his entire consciousness to his 'undying vessel', aka his Warframe, before asking the Red Veil to chain the Warframe. One last message is encountered by the player upon encountering the first of Rell's emotions:

What is Evil but indifference

Once more, players must trap and defeat all three of Rell's emotions using Kinetic Siphon Traps, while escpaing the manifestation's attacks.

After all three emotions are defeated, Palladino exclaims that Rell's spirit has returned to his Warframe, and asks the player to come to the Temple where he is kept to perform one last act. Meanwhile, Lotus ascribes the occurrences that Rell describes as psychological damage caused by his prolonged Transference loop in the void.

Enter the Temple: Tiwaz, Void

Enemy Level: 25 - 25
Tileset: Orokin Derelict

The player must now proceed deep inside an Orokin Derelict which houses the Warframe in which Rell's consciousness is imprisoned, as Palladino reveals that the Warframe must be destroyed, killing Rell along with it to grant him peace. Players must find the central temple room, consisting of a large tree red with embers, and enter through a hole in its base to get below. Halfway down, Palladino asks that the Tenno only enter via their "true, sacred form", thus forcing them to exit via Transference as the Operator.

The Operator soon reaches the altar, where a Warframe is hung by chains in the center. Palladino asks the Operator to destroy the chains so Rell can be freed, and the player must use their Void Beam to destroy the chains that are lit in blue. Destroying the first chain however reveals that there is a malevolent being inside the Warframe that is not Rell, who then begins attacking the Operator with fireball attacks while sending Red Veil Fanatics against them.

To defeat the boss, players must first kill all Red Veil Fanatics on the field, after which up to three of the chains holding the Warframe will turn blue, allowing the Operator to destroy them with their Void Beam. Players must be wary as the boss will occasionally appear to launch fireballs against the Operator. After each set of chains is destroyed, the players will be taken to the card minigame from earlier, only this time they must choose one of three cards to respond with, and there is no "wrong" answer.

Upon destroying all the chains, the Warframe itself is destroyed, and Rell finally appears as his true self as Palladino urges him to be free. When he asks about the 'man in the wall', Palladino replies that the Tenno will take on that responsibility for him, who has earned his rest.

Completing this mission will grant the player the blueprint for the HarrowIcon272 Harrow Warframe, as well as the ability to permanently access Iron Wake on Earth.


On the Orbiter, players may randomly encounter a doppelganger of their Operator performing random actions inside (such as checking out machinery or sitting down), who will then greet them with "Hey Kiddo". The doppelganger will disappear after about ten seconds, or if the player looks away.


  • Players who have bought Harrow with Platinum before playing the quest will receive a Melee Riven Mod instead as a quest reward, with the appropriate inbox message.
  • Iron Wake is a fully functional Steel Meridian enclave, and has the same functionality as their room on the Relays:
    • Cressa Tal can be found in a room on the left side from where the player enters the compound, where players can purchase offerings.
    • Steel Meridian Insignias can be traded in for Standing with a Grineer member in the large building to the right.
      • Clem can be found in the same building in a hastily-made pillbox on the roof.
  • Palladino can be visited on Iron Wake as a unique vendor, selling Rell's Donda as an Orbiter Decoration for OrokinDucats 25 after completing the quest. She can also exchange 10 Riven Slivers for a veiled Riven Mod every week.
    • Players can buy another copy of Rell's Donda by visiting Palladino again after placing the Donda(s) owned by the player in the Orbiter.
  • While the Red Veil Fanatics and the Ghastly Red Veil Apparitions cannot be scanned, they can be resurrected by ShadowsOfTheDead130xWhite Shadows of the Dead.
    • Interestingly, they cannot be made into specters through the SynoidHeliocor Synoid Heliocor.
  • The epilogue of the quest can happen at any time after its first appearance. This event is completely random.
  • If the player has Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra and decides to redo the quest, Excalibur Umbra will follow the Operator to the temple altar despite Palladino's claims. Excalibur Umbra will function as normal and can easily defeat the Fanatics.
  • During the Find Rell's Relic mission, a shadowy figure may appear. Approaching near it will make it run away, later appearing near the Donda meditating before vanishing.


  • In the final mission, the Operator's weak health pool and reduced combat ability compared to the Warframes means that kiting is important in fighting against the Red Veil Fanatics. Like Warframes, Operators are able to attack while running, even shooting backwards, and so it is prudent to keep moving while attacking pursuing enemies from behind.
    • If the melee enemies are blocking most of your attacks, using Void Sling to knock them down will leave them open to attacks for a brief time.
    • It may be wise to gain access to The Quills and Vox Solaris before doing this quest; merely acquiring the Mote Amp boosts the Operator's health and energy pools (along with unlocking additional Focus nodes) and assembled Amps can easily make short work of the Fanatics, while Magus and Virtuos Arcane Enhancements will respectively improve the Operator's survivability and damage output.
  • A deployed Specter or two can easily kill the fanatics in a matter of minutes. Players may opt to equip the Specters with AoE weapons such as the ArcaPlasmor Arca Plasmor , Fulmin Fulmin, or Zarr Zarr to kill groups of fanatics.



All dialogue and cutscenes in Chains of Harrow- Quest Digest-0

Patch History

Hotfix 35.5.6 (2024-04-10)

  • Fixed the Chains of Harrow Quest “Equip Kinetic Siphon Traps” prompt missing instructions on how to acquire them.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

Mote Amp Acquisition

Receiving your first Amp from Onkko becomes vital soon after The War Within. Right now, an inbox message from a mysterious figure who tells of a secret door in Cetus is all that directs new players to the Quills. New players are never forced to find the door and receive their Amp to progress, which can cause problems by the time they play The Sacrifice.

To address this, we are now making Mote Amp acquisition an explicit requirement to progress in the main questline:

  • Removed the Mot requirement from Chains of Harrow Quest and replaced it with the requirement to visit Onkko in Cetus.
  • Added a new inbox after completing The War Within directing players to visit Onkko in Cetus.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

  • Fixed Titania getting stuck in an endless falling loop during the Chains of Harrow Quest due to Razorwing.

Hotfix 31.0.4 (2021-12-21)

  • Fixed Chains of Harrow Red Veil Fanatics bow targeting displaying square FX.

Update 31.0 (2021-12-15)

  • Fixed Chains of Harrow Quest mission on the Corpus Ship tileset being overly dark.

Hotfix 30.5.1 (2021-07-06)

  • Fixed several script errors in the Chains of Harrow Quest.

Hotfix 29.10.1 (2021-03-19)

  • Fixed a crash during the Chains of Harrow Quest.

Hotfix 27.4.4 (2020-05-07)

Hotfix 27.4.3 (2020-05-05)

  • Fixed a script error in Rell's Condemn ability.

Hotfix 25.7.6 (2019-09-18)

  • Fixed missing audio queues in the Chains of Harrow Quest.
  2. Prelude to War is compilation of miniquests and cutscenes leading up to The New War.
  3. While not part of the main story quest, The Duviri Paradox has very interlinked story context to several critical characters in The New War.