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Strange stone lifeforms that call the Plains home. They are a rare find, clustering together, floating above a patch of ground they've taken inexplicable interest in. They are an enigma.

—In-Game Description

Cetus Wisps are odd beings found hovering on the edge of most bodies of water in the Plains of Eidolon, and are also purchasable from The Quills for ReputationLargeBlack2,000 (available at the rank of Architect ), or during Operation: Plague Star from Operational Supply for ReputationLargeBlack750 + Credits641,500 .

Behavior Edit

Cetus Wisps are generally found on the banks of Gara Toht Lake and the smaller pools of landlocked water. When approached by a player Wisps will spend a few more moments hovering in the same location (for approximately 5 seconds), before floating up towards the sky and disappearing in a small burst of light. They will be deposited in the player's inventory should the player manage to touch it.

Identified more as a loot pickup than a non-hostile NPC, they are widely used as a resource for crafting. Items that require Wisps as a component are Amp and Zaw components, GaraIcon272 Gara's chassis and RevenantIcon272 Revenant's systems.  

Blueprints Requiring Cetus WispsEdit

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Cetus Wisps.
Blueprints Type Quantity
Anspatha Brace Amp 10
Clapkra Brace Amp 10
Ekwana Jai II Link Zaw 2
Ekwana Ruhang II Link Zaw 2
GaraIcon272 Gara Chassis Component 2
Juttni Brace Amp 15
Klebrik Scaffold Amp 20
Kwath Grip Zaw 1
Lohrin Brace Amp 20
Mask of the Lost One Cosmetic 1
Mewan Strike Zaw 1
Mote Amp Amp 1
Pencha Scaffold Amp 10
Phahd Scaffold Amp 10
RevenantIcon272 Revenant Systems Component 3
Shraksun Scaffold Amp 15
Vargeet Jai II Link Zaw 2
Vargeet Ruhang II Link Zaw 2


Last updated: Update 24.6

Tips Edit

Cetus Wisp Spawn Locations

Cetus Wisp Spawn Locations (incomplete)

Optimal route

Cetus Wisp optimal farming route (optimised using genetic algorithm)

  • Wisp spawn locations are shared between players. They can be picked up and marked by other players, meaning if one player fails to retrieve it (by letting it float away), other players can still pick it up.
  • In addition to their reactive escape mechanism, Wisps will periodically despawn if located but not collected within a certain amount of time. This makes waiting for Smeeta Kavat's Mod TT 20pxCharm a risky venture.
  • As of Update 24.6 players can obtain Wisps from Quill Onkko for ReputationLargeBlack2,000 at the rank of Architect.
  • Wisps show up as loot on the Plains. Therefore, Mod TT 20pxLoot Detector, Mod TT 20pxAnimal Instinct, and Mod TT 20pxThief's Wit can be used to identify them, greatly reducing time used for searching.
  • Wisps are not highlighted by Codex or Synthesis Scanners.
  • Stealth abilities will not prevent wisps from escaping. Mod TT 20pxVacuum and Mod TT 20pxGreedy Pull will not pick them up and players must manually collect the Wisp, given that Wisps also ignores the 3-meter universal vacuum.
  • Wisps can be picked up while in Archwing. Itzal allows players to quickly skim fly around using Cosmic Crush ability to suck up wisps. Bring a Mod TT 20pxLoot Detector to see them in your Archwing (Mod TT 20pxThief's Wit won't work).
  • Wisps can be picked up by TitaniaIcon272 Titania while in Razorwing130xDark Razorwing form simply by flying through the wisp.
  • Wisps can be picked up by the Chesa Kubrow.
  • Wisps can be encountered at any time of day, though they can be easier to see at night. The blue shimmer on the ground at night in fact makes these harder to see. During the day the contrast of colors makes them easier to see.
  • During the day, 3-4 Wisps will spawn across the entirety of the Plains. At night, the number of Wisps spawned will increase to 6-8.
    • It is possible for Gara Toht Lake to spawn up to 4, or even 5 at night.
  • Wisps have set spawn points and will choose from a subset of those to spawn at upon entering the Plains, after which no more Wisps will spawn for that session. To continue searching for more Wisps, players will have to spawn a new instance of the Plains.
  • An active Resource Booster or the periodical Mod TT 20pxCharm buff will double the number of Wisps picked up for the duration.


  • Judging from symmetrical shape, design, material, glowing light, and the fact they are more abundant at nighttime, the Cetus Wisp is possibly Sentient in nature. They are likely a harmless, minuscule fragment of the fallen Eidolon.

Media Edit

  • Easy to spot at night with their blue lights. Around the size of a datamass.
  • cetus wisp

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 24.7.2
  • Fixed the Cena Apparel Blueprint and Vahd Apparel Blueprint requiring 5 Cetus Wisps by swapping it to 5 Eidolon Gems.

Update 24.6


With Fortuna's release, we applied some general economy changes based on takeaways from Cetus. Now that we have returned to Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon with a remaster, we are applying some 'Economy Remaster' changes to go with the changes in an effort to apply our continued learnings. Change is the name of the game - thank you for all feedback on our economies and for being receptive to change!

  • Replaced Arcane Blueprints with Arcanes in Hok's Offerings meaning that Arcanes no longer need to be built.
    • Owned Exodia Arcane Blueprints have been converted to full-crafted Arcanes
  • Removed Cetus Wisp costs from Operator Armour Blueprints, and replaced them with Eidolon Gems.
  • Removed Cetus Wisps from Amp Prism Blueprint, and replaced them with Fish Parts or Eidolon Gems.
  • Reduced Standing cost of Cetus Wisps from Quills Offerings (from 5k to 2k).

Hotfix 24.2.7

  • Reduced the Standing cost of Cetus Wisps from 10k to 5k.

Update 23.0

  • Moved Cetus Wisp spawn points a bit further away from water volumes in the NW corner of the Plains for gathering ease.

Hotfix 22.18.7

  • Quill Onkko has added a Cetus Wisp to his Offerings in Cetus. These can be purchased with Quill Standing for Architect level.

Update 22.16

  • A special UI message is now displayed when picking up a Syndicate Medallion or Cetus Wisp (similar to Argon Crystal).

Update 22.14

  • Picking up a Cetus Wisp now includes an FX.

Hotfix 22.13.4

  • Picking up a Cetus Wisp will now display the same special UI message like when you pick up an Argon Crystal.

Update 22.10

  • Cetus Wisps added to Ghoul Bounties.

Hotfix 22.8.3

  • More than doubled the size of the Cetus Wisp pickup radius. This will allow you to obtain the Cetus Wisp from further away instead of needing to be right on top of it.
  • Fixed Cetus Wisps being updated while the game was paused -- this could lead to them escaping while you answered the phone.

Update 22.3

  • Cetus Wisps are now Uncommon in various tables.

Update 22.0

  • Introduced.
Last updated: Hotfix 23.0.6
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