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“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
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Cephalon Melica is a Cephalon that first appears during flashbacks in The New War, serving as a teacher for the children on the Zariman Ten Zero. Since the Void-Jump accident, she's been stranded on the ship for centuries. In the present, she appears at Melica Cache terminals and greets players warmly. One of her terminals can be found in the Chrysalith in the hallway right after the hub's main entrance, while others can be found in Zariman missions.

She continues to think of herself as the teacher of the Tenno, commending them for their studies and rewarding them with a Voidplume Quill if they bring a Zarium Accolade to one of her terminals.


Cephalon Melica originally was one of the Cephalons aboard the Zariman that acted as a teacher for the children bound for the Tau System. The curriculum she taught them consisted of the Orokin's understanding of the Void, including "Temporal Axioms" and "Phasics" to prepare them for the journey. Due to a schedule shift, she administered a surprise Temporal Axioms exam, which Zariman Actual interrupted to initiate a routine Reliquary field drill. However, something went wrong with the Void-Jump and the ship was lost to the Void "fold." The Void-Jump seems to have severely damaged Melica and she was left stuck in a loop while her students barricaded themselves inside the classroom during the ensuing chaos.

A picture of Melica at a Melica Cache terminal.

Melica in the present at a Melica Cache terminal.

At some point after the incident, Melica appears to have been repaired to a functional state and in the present appears at various terminals across the ship. According to Quinn's bounty descriptions, the Zarium Accolades prevent her from becoming unstable, so these items are likely what keeps her functioning. She appears to have a rivalry with another teacher Cephalon named Acetuma, whose whereabouts are currently unknown.


  • She seems to enjoy Shawzin music and occasionally hums Smiles from Juran, although she reminds her "students" not to play the music while in class.
  • One of her bits of dialogue lists off some of her former students, including Rell.