Cephalon Cy serves as the ship-Cephalon of the Tenno's Railjack, effectively functioning as both its navigator and executive officer (XO) to the Tenno's role of commanding officer (CO) on-board. As such he also fills in as "mission control" during railjack missions. His dialogue is characterized by a curt, no-nonsense attitude though with occasional lapses of dry humor.


  • "Crew: Welcome aboard. I am Cephalon Cy. You will refer to me as such. Aboard this railjack we work before we play."
  • "Translating in 3... 2... 1... Grab something.


  • During earlier previews his role was instead assumed by Cephalon Ordis and thus of a wildly different tone.
  • Cephalon Cy was voiced by Stefan Martello.
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