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Cephalon Capture is a PvP mission provided exclusively by the Conclave Syndicate. It resembles the conventional Capture the Flag style game mode.


Cephalon Capture is a game mode where two teams (named Moon and Sun, each with up to four Tenno) face off against each other. The Tenno must try to steal the Cephalon from the enemy team's base so that they can bring it back to their own in order to score points - whilst simultaneously preventing the enemy team from doing the same. Points are scored by carrying the opposing Cephalon to the team's Cephalon (as long as it is not captured). To complicate matters, the Cephalon can only be captured if the capturing team's Cephalon remains at their base. If both team Cephalons have been stolen, neither can be captured until one team retrieves their Cephalon. The match is decided by the number of successful captures, with the first team to reach 5 captures declared the winner.

Conclave Sun
Conclave Moon

Tenno combatants can be killed to scavenge their energy orbs if they had some stored. In addition, energy stations are scattered across the level to spawn small energy orbs at preset locations around the map occasionally. If Energy Surge has been initiated, energy stations will spawn medium energy orbs instead.

Energy Surge of the Cephalon Capture mode will be initiated if the match has gone over 10 minutes without conclusions, or if there are a total 4 Cephalons captured across the match. Once initiated, all energy stations will then spawn medium energy orbs instead to further instigate the gameplay, all empty energy stations will also be resupplied with energy orbs.

At present there are four maps available, each possessing their own health stations, energy stations and universal ammunition drops scattered around the map. Unlike regular gameplay, maps are completely fixed rather than randomly generated.


There is currently 7 maps for Cephalon Capture.


Main article: PvP#Limitations

Limitations on players' arsenal choice are applied for balancing reasons.

Bugs Edit

  • There have been various known cases with disappearing Cephalons that don't respawn.
  • Sometimes the game won't finish when a team reaches five points and will keep going until the host of the game leaves, allowing a team to score more than five points.

    A match where players went over the standard 5 points.

  • A match will sometimes get stuck in the lobby.
  • Host migrations can end the game, both in lobby and during a round.
  • Rarely, it will be possible to be able to kill your teammates even without being affected by Mind Control or Chaos. This is ultimately due to large amounts of host lag.
  • Occasionally, a player will respawn automatically despite being alive when they respawn. This is also related to the first bug if the player was carrying a Cephalon at the time.
  • Related to the above bug, a match will reset itself after about 15-20secs after that match actually started, causing all players to respawn and lose all energy they had gained. Like the above bug as well, this is also related to the first bug if a player managed to grab a Cephalon in time.
  • Dead players can become stuck in spectator mode until the match finishes.
  • Sometimes players won't receive rewards after finishing a match.
  • The team balancing can sometimes cause imbalanced teams to occur during the match lobby. (4V1, 3V1. 4V2, etc.)
    • It is also possible for a team to be composed of more than 4 players.

      A team composed of six players.

  • Rarely, it has been known that some players can't obtain the conclave sigil.
  • Non-syndicate sigils can't be seen in PvP. [Possibly intended]
  • Players using Nyx can sometimes become invulnerable after using Absorb.
  • Sometimes a Cephalon does not disappear from the player's hand when captured, while still appearing at its team's base, resulting in duplication and an advantage for the opposing team.