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This article refers to valid content that is currently unavailable to be acquired in the live version of the game.
It may return to be available again in a future update or event.

Cephalite Resonance used to enter the Glassmaker's Weave.
—In-game Description

Cephalite Resonance is a unique resource that drops during Nightwave Series 3. It has a chance to drop from enemies that have been vitrified by Glass Fissures that can randomly spawn during missions, similar to how Void Fissures corrupt enemies.

Five of these are needed to access the Glassmaker's Weave in each Glassmaker crime scene.



  • During Railjack missions, Cephalite can be easily farmed without running around, as Glass Fissures will always turn enemies boarding the Railjack, given that there is no point of interest for ground enemies to spawn.
  • Void Blast can easily destroy glass nodes on vitrified enemies, without aiming for each specific part.
  • Similarly, most Melee attacks can easily destroy the glass nodes very quickly, requiring little to no aiming on your part.


  • Occasionally, vitrified enemies will not become vulnerable, even after destroying their nodes, making it impossible to finish some missions. This can be potentially circumvented by knocking them off the map.
  • Occasionally, when glassed enemies are pulled by KhoraIcon272.png Khora's Strangledome130xDark.png Strangledome, their destroyable nodes will not show up while being held by the Strangledome.

Patch History[]

Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)

  • The amount of Cephalite Resonance to enter the Weave has been cut in half. The requirement is now 5 instead of 10.
  • Your Cephalite Resonance count, as well as the amount required for the Weave, is now displayed upon hover on the Glassmaker crime scene episode selector.

Hotfix 27.5.4 (2020-05-20)

  • Cephalite Resonance is now linkable in Chat which can also reveal the amount in your Inventory.

Update 27.5.0 (2020-05-12)

  • Introduced.