WARFRAME: Ghouls is a five-issue comic series that explores some of the events in an Ostron village leading up to the events of the game itself. More specifically, this series entails the tale of a lone Tenno and a blinded Ostron girl protecting an Orokin artifact from the Grineer force led by tactician Captain Vor.

A joint project between Digital Extremes and Top Cow Productions, the series is based on the idea of WARFRAME's creative director Steve Sinclair, written by Matt Hawkins and Ryan Cady with additional contributions from Cam Rogers and Ryan Mole, drawn by Studio Hive, and lettered by Troy Peteri; with contributions of cover designer Stjepan Šejić, Atilio Rojo and Kevin Glint. First announced on June 2017 on TennoCon 2017, the first issue was later released on October 2017 and began serializing itself monthly.

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