The term Vandal refers to a special classification of existing weapons that have been modified and optimized by the Tenno. Vandal versions of weapons are characterized by their blue-green metallic finish with Lotus branding on the grip or stock of the weapon, modified stats such as increased accuracy, damage, and/or base critical strike chance in lieu of firing rate, and added polarities for expanded modding capability.

So far, Vandal variants of weapons have only ever been offered on a limited-time availability basis coinciding with in-game events, such as Open Beta Celebration Weekend (Braton Vandal, Lato Vandal), the Informant Event (Snipetron Vandal), Operation Breeding Grounds (Prova Vandal) and Operation: Ambulas Reborn (Supra Vandal).

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.0
  • All Vandal weapons are now color tintable.

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