Please direct all questions on this to User:Tnargraef.

You may now add user personalized build pages to the Wiki. Post your builds for other users to view and use

To add your page to the wiki do the following:

  1. Click Add a page.
  2. Enter the page name as follows Replacing the italic text with your information.
    • User:Your Username/Weapon Name Build Name
    • Example of User Tnargraef with a Boltor Weapon for fighting Infested:
      • User:Tnargraef/Boltor Infested Build
    • Example of User Tnargraef with a Braton Weapon built with critical damage in mind:
      • User:Tnargraef/Braton Crit Build
    • If you do not wish to login, you may add a build by using the following:
      • User:User Talk/Weapon Name Build Name

This will enter you into a page creation. Copy the following code into the page to add it to the build category:

  • [[Category:User Builds]]
  • Appropriate Category for the weapon/warframe. For example, Boltor [[Category:Boltor Build]] and Volt [[Category:Volt Build]].

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