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Category for Sword and Shields [[melee]] weapons.
Category for Sword and Shields [[melee]] weapons.
Sword and Shields [[Stance#Stances|Stance Mods]]
{{MeleeCategory|Sword and Shield}}
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EleventhStormModU145.png|[[Eleventh Storm]]
File:Harbinger.png|[[Final Harbinger]]
[[Category:Melee Weapons]]
[[Category:Melee Weapons]]

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Category for Sword and Shields melee weapons.

Sword and Shield Stance Mods

EleventhStormModU145 Harbinger LastHeraldMod
Eleventh Storm Final Harbinger Last Herald
(Conclave only)

Sword and Shield Weapons

RegorAxeShield Cobra &amp; Crane SundialSwordAndBoard TennoSwordShield
Ack & Brunt Cobra & Crane Sigma & Octantis Silva & Aegis
Silva & Aegis Prime

Weapon Comparison

Name Type Normal Range Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
Ack & BruntSword and Shield149.02.5 m0.83320%2.0x10%3Madurai Pol●●●○○
Cobra & CraneSword and Shield296.02.6 m0.91715%1.5x36%10Madurai Pol●●●●○
Sigma & OctantisSword and Shield174.02.5 m1.0828%2.2x16%10Madurai Pol●●●○○
Silva & AegisSword and ShieldHeat b 982.5 m1.05%1.5x20%0Madurai Pol●●●○○
Silva & Aegis PrimeSword and ShieldHeat b 3182.5 m0.7525%2.0x30%12Madurai Pol●●●○○

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