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Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.4.3
  • Enemies introduced on Operation Shadow Debt can now be scanned to reveal their Codex Entry. If you missed scanning any due to their swift death or otherwise, Acolytes will be introduced to the game outside of the event at a later date.
  • Game sessions can no longer be joined in-progress once an Acolyte Spawns. This prevents players from showing up late and missing out on the encounter entirely.
  • Added changes to reveal the method of Acolyte Mod Drops to prevent stress on host-migration and matchmaking in the event of repeated mission aborts. Please note that now any Event Mod dropped by Acolytes will appear with the 'Rare' beacon and only be revealed at mission complete.
  • Changed the default Common/Uncommon/Rare drop rate system for Acolyte enemies to have a more equalized distribution of drops across the rarities. In doing so, the rate that Uncommon and Rare mods drop has been increased by double, and the rate at which Common mods drop has been reduced.

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