These are mods that can be equipped on both Sentinels and MOAs, but not Kubrows or Kavats.

Name Description Polarity Rarity
Mod TT 20pxAnti-Grav Array The Companion increases its owner's jump height. Penjaga Pol Rare
Mod TT 20pxCoolant Leak The Companion generates a small freeze aura which slows incoming enemies Penjaga Pol Rare
Mod TT 20pxGuardian The Companion automatically restores some of its owner's shields when they are reduced to zero Penjaga Pol Common
Mod TT 20pxMedi-Ray The Companion periodically restores a percentage of its owner's health Penjaga Pol Uncommon
Mod TT 20pxSanctuary The Companion provides a shield when its owner is reviving an ally Vazarin Pol Rare
Mod TT 20pxShield Charger The Companion periodically increases nearby Warframes' max shields and shield regen Penjaga Pol Rare
Mod TT 20pxVacuum The Companion collects Pickups, Ammo, and Mods within the area Penjaga Pol Common

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