Category for boomerang type melee weapons, named after the popular Glaive.

Glaive Stance Mods

GleamingTalonModU145 AstralTwilight CelestialNightfallMod
Gleaming Talon Astral Twilight Celestial Nightfall
(Conclave only)

Glaive Weapons

PunctureGlaive CrpGlaive DEGlaive PrimeGlaive
Cerata Falcor Glaive Glaive Prime
GrnBoomerang Kestrel TeshinGlaive Pathocyst
Halikar Kestrel Orvius Pathocyst

Weapon Comparison Edit

Name Type Normal Range Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
CerataGlaive183.01.25 m1.015%2.0x30%7Naramon Pol●●●●●
FalcorGlaive230.01.3 m0.83312%1.6x34%8Naramon Pol●●●●○
GlaiveGlaive105.01.25 m1.012%2.0x12%1Naramon Pol●●●●○
Glaive PrimeGlaive164.01.25 m1.2522%2.0x30%10Naramon Pol●●●●○
HalikarGlaive149.01.2 m1.1717%2.0x29%7Naramon Pol●●●●●
KestrelGlaive84.01.2 m1.0810%2.0x10%0Naramon Pol●●●●●
OrviusGlaive195.01.3 m0.7518%2.0x18%5Naramon Pol●●●●○
PathocystGlaive262.01.3 m0.66715%2.1x30%9Naramon Pol●●●●○
XorisGlaive120.01.3 m1.1720%2.4x18%4Naramon Pol●○○○○


  • Throwing glaives, despite using the Heavy Attack button, does not consume combo.
    • Combo is only consumed upon detonating glaives mid-flight and will not be consumed if the glaive returns automatically without being recalled by the player or detonated.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 28.0.4
  • Fixed Critical Hits not triggering for Glaive mid-air detonations.

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