Faction damage mods are mods that increase the damage done to enemies of a specific faction. These mods work on all enemy types of a given faction, including bosses. They do not, however, work against Corrupted versions of enemies though, e.g. Bane of Infested will not increase damage done against a Corrupted Ancient. There are a total of 24 faction damage mods: 4 mods (Infested, Grineer, Corpus, and Corrupted) for the each of the 4 main weapon mod types (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Melee) plus Primed versions. All faction damage weapon mods increase damage by 5% per rank, and max out at 30%. The base equip cost for these mods is 4, and they all have a Madurai Pol polarity.

The damage increases from faction damage mods affect the base damage of a weapon, instead of adding additional 'elemental' damage. Faction damage mods stack multiplicatively with other mods, thus increasing all damage. For complete mechanics, see Damage.

List of Damage ModsEdit






  • Faction damage mods for Infested, Corpus, and Grineer were added in Update 9.0, while Faction damage mods for Corrupted were added in Update 21.0.

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