Faction Damage Mods increase damage done to all enemy types of the corresponding faction, including bosses. It is calculated as a total damage multiplier against the faction in question.

Faction mods increase the weapon's raw damage, and is apply a second time to damage over time (DoT) from status effects created by it, known as "double dipping". For complete mechanics see Status Effect.

Faction mods exist for IconGrineerOn Grineer, IconCorpusOn Corpus, Infestation w Infested, IconOrokinOn Corrupted, and MurmurIcon The Murmur for each of the 4 main weapon types (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Melee) as well as Railjack for those applicable, and all factions excluding The Murmur have a Primed variant. Damage is increased by x1.05 per rank, up to x1.30 for regular mods and x1.55 for primed ones, with a base mod equip cost of 4 and they all have a Madurai Pol polarity. Faction mods against SentientFactionIcon Sentient only exist for melee weapons, which have the Umbra Pol polarity and a lower damage bonus but enjoys a set effect when both Mod TT 20px Sacrificial Pressure and Mod TT 20px Sacrificial Steel are equipped together. Currently, IconNarmer Narmer, StalkerSigil Stalker, and IconWild Wild are the only factions that lack a damage mod.

Grineer, Corpus, and Infested faction mods have no effect on their Corrupted or Narmer counterparts. For example, Mod TT 20px Bane of Grineer will work on Lancer but not on Corrupted Lancer or Narmer Lancer.

List of Faction Mods

Slot \ Faction IconCorpusOn Corpus IconGrineerOn Grineer Infestation w Infested IconOrokinOn Corrupted MurmurIcon The Murmur SentientFactionIcon Sentient
Rifle BaneofCorpusMod PrimedBaneofCorpusMod BaneofGrineerMod PrimedBaneofGrineerMod BaneofInfestedMod PrimedBaneofInfestedMod File:BaneofOrokinMod.png File:PrimedBaneofOrokinMod.png BaneofTheMurmurMod
Shotgun CleanseCorpusMod PrimedCleanseCorpusMod CleanseGrineerMod PrimedCleanseGrineerMod CleanseInfestedMod PrimedCleanseInfestedMod File:CleanseOrokinMod.png File:PrimedCleanseOrokinMod.png CleanseTheMurmurMod
Pistol ExpelCorpusMod PrimedExpelCorpusMod ExpelGrineerMod PrimedExpelGrineerMod ExpelInfestedMod PrimedExpelInfestedMod File:ExpelOrokinMod.png File:PrimedExpelOrokinMod.png ExpelTheMurmurMod
Melee SmiteCorpusMod PrimedSmiteCorpusMod SmiteGrineerMod PrimedSmiteGrineerMod SmiteInfestedMod PrimedSmiteInfestedMod File:SmiteOrokinMod.png File:PrimedSmiteOrokinMod.png SmiteTheMurmurMod SacrificialPressureMod SacrificialSteelMod
Railjack Granum'sNemesisMod Worm'sTormentMod SentientScalpelMod


  • Faction damage mods for Infested, Corpus, and Grineer were added in Update 9.0 (2013-07-13), while Faction damage mods for Corrupted were added in Update 21.0 (2017-06-29).

Patch Notes

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

  • Changed the name of “Bane of Corrupted” Mods to “Bane of Orokin” to match their new faction name that was released with the Resistances and Status Rework in the Jade Shadows update.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

  • Changed the Faction Damage Mod (includes Bane, Cleanse, Expel, Smite, Railjack, and Riven Faction Stats) descriptions to use multiplier instead of percentage based stat formatting. Damage values have not changed! Just the way they are communicated.
    • For example: Smite Corpus (at max rank)
      • Was: “+30% Damage to Corpus.”
      • Now: “x1.3 Damage to Corpus.”
    • This change better communicates how Faction Damage is calculated, since calculation occurs when you hit the enemy, as opposed to when you shoot like other damage sources (since it needs to know what Faction is being hit). For that reason, multipliers apply to final damage as a whole and not just part of the formula!

Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)

  • Fixed the Bane Mods applying the increased Damage twice.

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