Dual Swords are a type of two-handed Melee weapons in Warframe.

Upon ground finishers all dual swords will do a slash proc, even if they have no physical damage whatsoever.

Dual Swords Stance Mods

CrossingSnakesMod SwirlingTigerMod CarvingMantisMod DividingBladesMod
Crossing Snakes Swirling Tiger Carving Mantis Dividing Blades
(Conclave only)

Dual Swords Weapons

DarkSplitSwordDualIcon DexDakra Dual Cleavers Dual Ether
Dark Split-Sword (Dual Swords) Dex Dakra Dual Cleavers Dual Ether
DualHeat DualInfestedAxes DEDualKamas DualKamasPrime
Dual Heat Swords Dual Ichor Dual Kamas Dual Kamas Prime
DualKeres SomaDualKamas DualSkana DualZoren
Dual Keres Dual Raza Dual Skana Dual Zoren
TnoCutlassAndPoignard PrimeNamiSkyla PrismaDualCleavers GrnDualFireAxe
Nami Skyla Nami Skyla Prime Prisma Dual Cleavers Twin Basolk
Twin Krohkur

Weapon Comparison Edit

Name Type Normal Heavy Slam Slide Range Slam Radius Attack Speed Critical Chance Critical Damage Status Chance Mastery Rank Stance Disposition
Dark Split-Sword (Dual Swords)Dual Swords116.0464.0232.0232.02.4 m8.0 m1.1725%2.5x15%5Zenurik Pol●●●●○
Dex DakraDual Swords142.0568.0284.0284.02.5 m8.0 m0.88316%2.0x24%6Zenurik Pol●●●●○
Dual CleaversDual Swords157.1628.0314.0314.01.7 m8.0 m0.83325%3.0x10%5Naramon Pol●●●●○
Dual EtherDual Swords180.0720.0360.0360.02.5 m8.0 m1.020%2.0x28%8Zenurik Pol●●●●●
Dual Heat SwordsDual Swords147.0588.0294.0294.02.5 m8.0 m0.9175%1.5x20%3N/A●●●●●
Dual IchorDual Swords122.0488.0244.0244.02.3 m8.0 m1.0825%3.0x15%6Zenurik Pol●●●●○
Dual KamasDual Swords96.0384.0192.0192.02.4 m8.0 m1.1710%1.5x15%1Naramon Pol●●●●○
Dual Kamas PrimeDual Swords160.0640.0320.0320.02.4 m8.0 m1.1720%2.0x25%8Naramon Pol●●●○○
Dual KeresDual Swords115.0460.0230.0230.02.5 m8.0 m1.2528%2.6x14%7Naramon Pol●●●●○
Dual RazaDual Swords110.0440.0220.0220.02.4 m8.0 m0.91725%3.0x10%6Naramon Pol●●●●●
Dual SkanaDual Swords120.0480.0240.0240.02.5 m8.0 m0.8335%1.5x16%0Naramon Pol●●●●●
Dual ZorenDual Swords70.0280.0140.0140.02.3 m8.0 m1.1725%3.0x5%2Zenurik Pol●●●●●
Nami SkylaDual Swords125.0500.0250.0250.02.5 m8.0 m0.91710%1.5x15%2Naramon Pol●●●●○
Nami Skyla PrimeDual Swords180.0720.0360.0360.02.5 m8.0 m1.3322%2.0x34%11Naramon Pol●●●○○
Prisma Dual CleaversDual Swords133.0532.0266.0266.01.7 m8.0 m1.025%3.0x25%9Naramon Pol●●●○○
Twin BasolkDual Swords210.0840.0420.0420.02.4 m8.0 m1.05%2.0x40%7Zenurik Pol●●●●○
Twin KrohkurDual Swords250.01000.0500.0500.02.5 m8.0 m0.91719%1.7x33%10Naramon Pol●●●●○

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