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Update 16.4
Gradual Change: Diminishing Returns vs Pure Ability Immunity

For those unfamiliar with the term, diminishing returns is when an ability become less and less effective against an enemy over time. When we original designed bosses and minibosses, a lot of them had pure ability immunity making your Warframe’s abilities ineffective in battle. We’ve slowly been experimenting with ‘diminishing returns’. Many bosses and minibosses in Warframe were affected by diminishing returns, including Captain Vor, Lephantis, the Grustrag Three, and more. Instead of being outright immune to crowd control these bosses will gain improved resistance to them with each successive use.

This Update expands the number of Warframe powers that fall under diminishing returns to the new Bursas. With this change we will monitor power use across each Warframe to ensure that every form of crowd control is given fair play against enemies, whether the Ability is timer-based or relies on energy drain.

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