Augment Mods (commonly called Augments) provide augmentation to a specific Warframe, Archwing, or weapon. On Warframes and Archwings, they alter abilities or passives. On weapons, they provide straight up bonuses, sometimes superior to standard mods (e.g. Mod TT 20px Scattered Justice). Most can be obtained as Syndicate Offerings, but a significant number is obtained elsewhere (for example, some are Executioner Mods). They are untransmutable. Augments granting Syndicate effects are overlaid with their Syndicate logo.

  • Different Augments affecting the same ability or passive cannot be equipped together (e.g. Mod TT 20px Aviator with Mod TT 20px Ironclad Flight on TitaniaIcon272 Titania).
  • Single-weapon Amalgam mods (e.g. Amalgam Ripkas True Steel) should not be confused with Augments. Augments stack with standard mods (therefore augmenting that which is standardly available), while Amalgam mods do not, as they are the standard mods themselves, in that particular variant.

Weapon Augments & Weapon-Exclusive Mods Edit Tab
Syndicate Augments
Mod TT 20px Eroding BlightMod TT 20px Gleaming BlightMod TT 20px Toxic BlightMod TT 20px Stockpiled Blight
Mod TT 20px Entropy BurstMod TT 20px Entropy FlightMod TT 20px Entropy SpikeMod TT 20px Entropy Detonation
Mod TT 20px Justice BladesMod TT 20px Scattered JusticeMod TT 20px Shattering JusticeMod TT 20px Neutralizing Justice
Mod TT 20px Bright PurityMod TT 20px Lasting PurityMod TT 20px Winds of PurityMod TT 20px Disarming Purity
Mod TT 20px Deadly SequenceMod TT 20px Sequence BurnMod TT 20px Toxic SequenceMod TT 20px Voltage Sequence
Mod TT 20px Blade of TruthMod TT 20px Gilded TruthMod TT 20px Stinging TruthMod TT 20px Avenging Truth
Arena Augments
Mod TT 20px Tether GrenadesMod TT 20px Flux OverdriveMod TT 20px Thermagnetic ShellsMod TT 20px Static DischargeMod TT 20px Kinetic Ricochet
Mod TT 20px Electromagnetic ShieldingMod TT 20px Vulcan BlitzMod TT 20px Acid ShellsMod TT 20px Rift StrikeMod TT 20px Nightwatch NapalmMod TT 20px Fomorian AccelerantMod TT 20px Hunter's BonesawMod TT 20px Harkonar ScopeMod TT 20px Medi-Ray
Nightwave Augments
Mod TT 20px Bursting MassMod TT 20px Napalm GrenadesMod TT 20px Wild Frenzy
Mod TT 20px Efficient BeamsMod TT 20px Exposing HarpoonMod TT 20px Meticulous Aim
Mod TT 20px Deadly ManeuversMod TT 20px Dizzying RoundsMod TT 20px Precision Strike
Mod TT 20px Combat ReloadMod TT 20px Range Advantage
Mod TT 20px Critical PrecisionMod TT 20px Vile Discharge
Mod TT 20px Eximus AdvantageMod TT 20px Metamorphic Magazine
Mod TT 20px Sentient BarrageMod TT 20px Sentient Surge
Mod TT 20px Critical MutationMod TT 20px Volatile Variant
Mod TT 20px Clip DelegationMod TT 20px Photon Overcharge
Nightwave Offerings and Conclave Augments
Mod TT 20px Ambush OpticsMod TT 20px Brain StormMod TT 20px Directed ConvergenceMod TT 20px Double TapMod TT 20px Focused AccelerationMod TT 20px Shrapnel RoundsMod TT 20px Skull ShotsMod TT 20px Spring-Loaded Broadhead
Amalgam Augments
Mod TT 20px Amalgam Argonak Metal AugerMod TT 20px Amalgam Daikyu Target AcquiredMod TT 20px Amalgam Furax Body CountMod TT 20px Amalgam Javlok Magazine WarpMod TT 20px Amalgam Ripkas True Steel
Entrati Augments
Mod TT 20px Damzav-VatiMod TT 20px Zazvat-KarMod TT 20px Bhisaj-BalMod TT 20px Hata-Satya

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