Augment Mods (commonly called Augments) provide augmentation to a specific Warframe, Archwing, or weapon. On Warframes and Archwings, they alter abilities or passives. On weapons, they provide straight up bonuses, sometimes superior to standard mods (e.g. Scattered Justice12?cb=20190608095452 Scattered Justice). Most can be obtained as Syndicate Offerings, but a significant number is obtained elsewhere (for example, some are Executioner Mods). They are untransmutable. Augments granting Syndicate effects are overlaid with their Syndicate logo.

  • Different Augments affecting the same ability or passive cannot be equipped together (e.g. Aviator12?cb=20190608095452 Aviator with Ironclad Flight12?cb=20190608095452 Ironclad Flight on TitaniaTitaniaIcon272.png Titania).
  • Single-weapon Amalgam mods (e.g. Amalgam Ripkas True Steel) should not be confused with Augments. Augments stack with standard mods (therefore augmenting that which is standardly available), while Amalgam mods do not, as they are the standard mods themselves, in that particular variant.

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