Splatter enemies with a short-range stream of corrosive bile and then toss the ammo bladder as a grenade when reloading. The emptier the pistol's ammo bladder, the more potent its damage. A fully empty bladder packs the biggest punch.

Catabolyst is an Infestation b.svgInfested sidearm that fires short-ranged DmgCorrosiveSmall64.pngCorrosive beam. When reloading the Catabolyst's clip is thrown like a grenade, with greatly increased potency if reloading from an empty clip.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

This weapon primarily deals DmgCorrosiveSmall64.pngCorrosive damage.



  • Innate DmgCorrosiveSmall64.pngCorrosive damage – less effective against Proto Shields.
  • Primary beam:
    • Low critical chance.
    • Has linear damage falloff from 100% to 80% from 9m to 19m target distance. Distances are affected by Projectile Speed but do not increase the maximum range of the beam.
    • Damage ramps up from ?% to 100% over 0.6 seconds when firing. After firing stops for 0.8 seconds, the damage decays back to ?% over 2 seconds.
    • Limited range of 19 meters.
  • Reload grenade:
    • Low base critical chance.
    • Has travel time.
    • Explosion inflicts self-stagger.
    • Explosion has linear damage falloff from 100% to 50% from central impact.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Catabolyst's blueprint can be researched from the Bio Lab in the dojo.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 35
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png 190 Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:Credits64.png50,000
Bio Lab Research ClanAffinity64.png 3,000
Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: Embolist
Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Will not reload automatically on an empty magazine, preserving the grenade. The player must manually reload the weapon or attempt to shoot again to throw the grenade.
    • Cannot throw the grenade if reserve ammo is completely depleted.
  • If reload is interrupted after throwing an empty clip, reloading again will throw a weaker grenade.
  • The grenade throwing animation speed is affected by reload speed.
  • Mod TT 20px.pngSynth Charge increases the grenade damage.
  • Increasing magazine capacity has no effect on grenade damage.
  • Adding additional Punch Through affects the reload grenade, causing it to deal miniscule damage and pass through the floor without causing an explosion.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Multishot does not affect the reload grenade.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its name is based on catabolysis, a biological process in which the body breaks down fat and muscle tissue for survival.

Media[edit | edit source]

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • Sporothrix.pngSporothrix, a sniper rifle that shares the same visual theme.
  • Pulmonars.pngPulmonars, a melee weapon that shares the same visual theme.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 29.5.7

  • Fixed Catabolyst not showing a TRIGGER TYPE in Arsenal stats.

Hotfix 29.5.1

  • Removed Catabolyst from Conclave.

Update 29.5

  • Introduced.
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