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The location of an enemy VIP has been discovered. Track them down and then capture them. Watch out, as these enemies would rather run from combat than fight. If they see you, they will run towards the nearest extraction pint. Defeat them before they can escape.
Once a target is downed, press X  to capture these targets and teleport them to a waiting holding facility.

—In-Game Description

Capture is a Mission type requiring the player to find a person of interest, incapacitate them before they escape, and capture said target before heading to extraction.


Players must first locate the Capture Target (Grineer Target, Corpus Target or Nullifier Target), who typically spawns in a room used exclusively for the Capture mission type (though the Capture Target may spawn in a "generic" room that is used regardless of mission type). Once the Capture Target spots the player, the Target will immediately start running away to avoid capture, ultimately making his way to a ship or a safehouse. If the Target reaches that location, players will no longer be able to capture him, failing the mission. In order to actually capture the Target, players must attack him until he kneels, remaining still until the player interacts with the downed target, transferring him to a safe location. Players can head to extraction once the Target is successfully captured.

The Capture Target runs faster than most Warframes, is immune to most Warframe abilities, and will have an ability to evade his pursuers (such as Radial Blast or SmokeScreen130xDark Smoke Screen). Coupled with incoming enemy fire (who will ignore the target regardless of faction allegiance) and having much more health than the enemies present, players must get close in on the target quickly before they leave the map, where the mission will fail.

Once the target has fallen for 30 seconds, he will enter a bleedout state for the next minute. If players do not complete the capture before then, the target will die and fail the mission.

Capture missions may turn into Exterminate missions after the target has been captured. This is accompanied by Lotus saying "Change of plans, ignore your original objective, leave nothing alive". Exterminate missions of this type appear to have a much lower amount of kills needed to complete than normal.


Planet Mission Name Faction Level Tileset
EarthMantleGrineer2 - 4Grineer Forest
VenusVeneraCorpus5 - 7Corpus Outpost
MercuryElionGrineer7 - 9Grineer Asteroid
MarsAraGrineer10 - 12Grineer Settlement
VoidHepitCorrupted10 - 15Orokin Tower
PhobosSkyreshCorpus12 - 14Corpus Ship
DeimosHorendInfested12 - 14Orokin Derelict
CeresLexGrineer14 - 16Grineer Shipyard
JupiterAnankeCorpus16 - 18Corpus Gas City
EuropaAbaddonCorpus21 - 23Corpus Ice Planet
SaturnCassiniGrineer21 - 23Grineer Galleon
UranusArielGrineer25 - 27Grineer Sealab
LuaCopernicusCorpus25 - 30Orokin Moon
NeptuneGalateaCorpus27 - 29Corpus Outpost
PlutoHydraCorpus30 - 34Corpus Ship
VoidUkkoCorrupted30 - 35Orokin Tower
ErisIsosInfested32 - 36Infested Ship
There are a total of 17 Capture Missions

Enemy Types

Since Update 19.0 Capture enemy types are split into 3 tiers: Easy (1-10), Medium (10-20), Hard (20+). Unlike other mission types, the tier does not affect the reward given from capturing a target.

Corpus Nullifiers and white-suited Corpus Targets (capable of creating a SnowGlobe130xDark Snow Globe-esqe barrier) do not appear on lower level Capture missions.

These white-suited Targets often wield the CrpFreezeRayRifle Glaxion, which seems to do far more damage to players than normal.


  • The Capture Targets drop Credits as they're attacked.
  • Capture Targets cannot be Banish130xDark Banished by LimboIcon272 Limbo, but can still enter the Rift Plane by walking into a Cataclysm130xDark Cataclysm.
  • Capture Targets cannot be MindControl130xDark Mind Controlled by NyxIcon272 Nyx.
  • Capture Targets will flee the moment the Lotus tells you that you have found them, regardless of if the capture target itself has actually seen you or you have seen it.
    • Due to this, it is impossible to score stealth damage bonuses against the target.
  • Once the target is alerted, all enemies will become automatically alerted, making stealth kills impossible after this point. Enemies will also move to your position if you decloak from stealth, and there is no way to "reset" this alert status.
  • When capturing a Nullifier Target, be aware that their nullifier shield will regenerate if it was dispelled without destroying their nullifier drone. If you are invisible or have a defensive ability on such as IronSkin130xDark Iron Skin, it will be removed upon entering the shield, allowing enemies around to attack.
    • Due to these targets releasing non-allied units like Shield Ospreys due to a bug, enemies may focus their attack on that enemy instead of you while you capture the target.
  • Some Grineer Targets possess shields as well as armor, being the only non-boss Grineer enemies to do so.
  • Similarly, all Corpus Targets, including Nullifier Targets, have armor, being among the few Corpus units to have such a commodity.
  • Targets cannot be knocked down, but can be ragdolled by slam attacks from the GrnJetPwrPolearm Jat Kittag and other weapons.
  • All capture targets have significantly more health, armor, and shield than their level implies. In fact, some have double the stats of that level making higher level capture targets resist several shots from weapons like the PrimeTigris342 Tigris Prime.
  • You can trap the capture target using GaraIcon272 Gara's MassVitrify130xDark Mass Vitrify to trap the target and keep it from running away, making the objective easier.
  • The Capture mission type has a built-in anti-farming mechanism which reduces affinity from capturing a target to a flat 250 affinity (instead of up to 3000 affinity) if the player completes too many Capture missions of the same tier in a row.
    • Completing a non-Capture mission or a Capture mission of a different tier is usually sufficient to reset this mechanism and restore affinity rewards to their normal values.


Unlike other mission types, all capture missions outside of the Void pull from the same pool of rewards regardless of level.

View Rewards List

FusionCorePackSilversingle Ammo Drum 11.06%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Rush 11.06%
Large Health Restore Health Restore 10.84%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Fast Deflection 10.84%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Fast Hands 10.84%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Magazine Warp 10.84%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Quickdraw 10.84%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Trick Mag 10.84%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Vitality 10.84%
Ammo Box Omni Ammo Box 0.34%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Molten Impact 0.34%
FusionCorePackSilversingle North Wind 0.34%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Pressure Point 0.34%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Shocking Touch 0.34%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Stretch 0.34%


Up to date as of Hotfix 29.2.1

VoidProjectionsIronD Lith C6 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith D1 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith D2 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith G1 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith M5 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith M6 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith P3 Relic 12.5%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith S10 Relic 12.5%


Up to date as of Hotfix 29.2.1

VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso E4 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso F2 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso I1 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso K3 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso N10 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso N9 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso P2 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsBronzeD Meso P3 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo A3 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo I2 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo M3 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo R4 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo S5 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo T2 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo T3 Relic 6.25%
VoidProjectionsSilverD Neo Z5 Relic 6.25%


Up to date as of Hotfix 29.2.1

Affinity rewards scale with mission level, up to a maximum of 3000 affinity, and are given for capturing the target.

View Capture Affinity Rewards
Planet Sector Capture
Earth Mantle 910
Venus Venera 1185
Mercury Elion 1240
Mars Ara 1460
Void Hepit 2560
Phobos Skyresh 1460
Deimos Horend 3000
Ceres Lex 1827
Jupiter Ananke 2120
Europa Abaddon 2450
Saturn Cassini 2472
Uranus Ariel 2846
Lua Copernicus 3000
Neptune Galatea 3000
Pluto Hydra 3000
Void Ukko 3000
Eris Isos 3000


  • There is a rare bug where when the Corpus capture target cloaks itself it will be cloaked permanently. This could possibly occur because of host or client lag.
  • Sometimes, when an assassin/death squad appears, the capture target may glitch if the person capturing him dies and the death squad leaves. Usually it will make the target appear outside the map.
  • Void capture targets will sometimes deploy units like Shield Ospreys to protect them, although these units are occasionally not allied with the caster or with the Corrupted faction, and therefore do not provide any benefit to the target.
  • Targets may fall out of the map after being ragdolled if flying out of bounds, in similar locations where the player is teleported to the previous location after falling out. This can result in the mission failure, more commonly the target will teleport back to the location before being ragdolled.
  • There is an uncommon bug where the player can actually kill the capture target. Although the target is "dead", an invisible body will still remain in its place and let the player capture it anyway, thus making it purely a visual glitch that does not affect gameplay.
  • After the target has been captured, it is possible to still perform stealth kills on Hydra, Pluto.


  • Capture as seen in the lobby (U9)
  • "You are ours now. Welcome to the Fold."

Patch History

Update 29.2

  • Fixed Clients seeing double Markers in Capture missions.

Hotfix 28.0.5

  • Fixed a script error when a Capture Target goes down.

Hotfix 27.3.15

  • Fixed a script error that would occur for Clients if you loaded into a Capture mission after the Target-capturing animation had started.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when joining a Capture mission in progress right as the Target was downed.

Hotfix 25.4.2

  • Fixes towards ability to kill flying Capture Targets (Gas City), resulting in a mission failure. As reported here.

Hotfix 25.3.2

  • Fixed Grineer Capture Targets have a Shield that does not regenerate instead of Armor.

Hotfix 25.1.2

  • Airborne Capture Targets in the Gas City tileset will now keep flying when critically injured, with his jetpack set on fire. Upon landing he will continue his escape, but the powerful explosion of his own jetpack will knock him down. He is yours now to capture, Tenno!

Hotfix 23.4.2

Capture Mission Changes:

Capture Targets now have a 1 minute Bleedout timer after being downed for 30 seconds, upon which Lotus will now alert you that you’re running out of time to capture the Target. Capture missions had become an unofficial Endless mission with the tactic of leaving the Target squirming on the ground for hours while players dealt with the never-ending horde of enemies. The Bleedout timer has been added as a countermeasure to fix the unintended Endless Capture missions.

Hotfix 19.6.3

  • Fixed Capture Targets not scaling with difficulty for real-time missions (Alerts, Invasions, Sorties, etc).
  • Fixed no Capture Target spawning in Kuva Siphon missions.

Update 19.0

Capture Mission Changes:
  • Capture enemy types are now split into 3 tiers- Easy (1-10), Medium (10-20), Hard (20+).
  • Corpus Nullifiers and white-suited Corpus Targets (capable of creating a Snow Globe-esqe barrier) no longer appear on lower level Capture missions.

Update 17.0

  • Capture levels now have a single target following a longer escape route.
  • Capture targets now have increased health and special abilities.
  • Capture targets can now initiate lockdowns if they reach a room without any players.
  • New capture targets have been added to this game mode.

Update 11.0

  • Capture targets are now more dynamic and mobile: there are a range of tougher Corpus and Grineer targets with varying abilities and weapons will flee at the first sign of danger. Stop them from boarding a shuttle and escaping!

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