In GeneralEdit

Captain Vor's shield is nowhere near ordinary, it takes a full magazine or two of Braton MK1-Braton to deprive his shield to damage him. It's best to move on to another weapon with higher DPS like Braton Braton, you should have enough credits to purchase it by this point.

At every change of phase, he will shield himself with his Sphere Shield and summon a squad of Lancers and Butchers to his aid, use your melee to exterminate them to save ammo.

In Phase 1, be sure to strafe around him to avoid his CaptainVorPistol Seer projectile while sustaining your fire. Avoid resorting to melee as his Cronus Cronus deals higher damage than your melee (and immune to stagger).

Once Phase 2 begins, he'll start to deploy the Nervos Mines. At this phase, backpedal to long distance when he deploys the mines and try to snipe him with an accurate secondary such as Lato Lato. By the time he throws Mines again, the first ones should have expired, move back to short-medium distance and take him out with your stronger primary such as Braton Braton. Rinse and repeat.

Finally, at Phase 3, he will stop using the Seer and Cronus, using the Orokin Laser instead. At this phase, stay close to cover. Exploit your shoulder sight to hide behind a cover while being able to shoot at him. Keep an eye on his mines, sprint to the next cover when he deploys them.

Utilizing Warframe AbitiliesEdit

MagIcon272 Mag's Shield Polarize will do a good deed to help yourself ease his high amount of shields, which can also be used to take out his reinforcements in a blow.

ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur's SlashDash130xDark Slash Dash is one of the first attempts you could use against Vor.

NovaIcon272 Nova's MolecularPrime130xDark Molecular Prime is not advisable, as Captain Vor's invulnerability is dependent on his animations. Though his shielded state causes him to recharge his shields very slowly, this usually gives enough time to dispatch his reinforcements before attacking him.


  • Due to Update 11's Damage 2.0, Captain Vor's health can be damaged through Status effects, specifically Slashing. This can save both time and ammunition, as the weapon provided with this effect can simply rip his health instead of his shields.
    • This effect can also speed up Captain Vor's recovery time between summons, if he retains his shields before being downed.
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