When modding a weapon, the order in which bonuses are applied follows a consistent pattern. When combining different kinds of damage bonuses, the following rules apply:

Mods of the same TypeEdit

All mods that add a bonus of the same type have their bonus added together. For example, if a weapon has Mod TT 20pxSerration giving +165% damage and Mod TT 20pxHeavy Caliber also giving +165% damage, it will receive a total of +330% damage.

This is true of all bonuses, not just damage. Combining Mod TT 20pxSpeed Trigger (+60% Fire Rate) and Mod TT 20pxShred (+30% Fire Rate, +1.2 Punchthrough) will give a total of +90% Fire Rate.

Damage TypesEdit

Mods primarily increase damage in one of four different ways:

  1. Some mods increase the base damage of the weapon. This is usually written as simply "+X% damage". For example, see Mod TT 20pxHornet Strike and Mod TT 20pxSerration
  2. Some mods increase physical damage types. Slash b Slash, Impact b Impact, and Puncture b Puncture are the physical damage types. For example, see Mod TT 20pxFanged Fusillade or Mod TT 20pxPiercing Caliber.
  3. Some mods increase primary elemental damage types. Heat b Heat, Electricity b Electric, Cold b Cold, and Toxin b Toxin are the primary elemental damage types. For example, see Mod TT 20pxPathogen Rounds or Mod TT 20pxHellfire.
  4. Some mods increase damage against enemies of a certain faction. For example, see Mod TT 20pxBane of Corpus or Mod TT 20pxBane of Infested

The Damage Application OrderEdit

When calculating damage, first base damage bonuses are added together and applied. For example, the GrineerM16Rifle Karak has a base damage of 27. Equipping a max rank Mod TT 20pxSerration (+165% base damage) adds 1.65 × 27 = 44.55 additional damage for a total of 71.55 damage. The added damage will be of the same type(s) the weapon innately deals.

Then, all elemental and physical damage bonuses are calculated based on the modified base damage. For example, adding a Mod TT 20pxHellfire (+90% Heat b Heat damage) to a Karak that already has Mod TT 20pxSerration equipped will add 90% of 71.55 for a total of 64.4 Heat b Heat damage. This damage is added to the base, and the Karak now deals a total of 135.95 damage if you add together all damage types.

After that, faction damage bonuses are applied to all damage types. A Karak equipped with Mod TT 20pxSerration, Mod TT 20pxHellfire, and Mod TT 20pxBane of Corpus (+30% damage against Corpus) will deal an extra .3 × 71.55 = 21.47 physical damage and an extra .3 × 64.4 = 19.32 Heat b Heat damage for a total of 176.74 damage of all types.

For weapons that fire multiple projectiles like Shotguns or CernosPrime Cernos Prime, this damage is split evenly across all projectiles to get the base damage per projectile. If the weapon only fires one projectile at a time, all of the damage is the base damage per projectile.

If the weapon has Multishot from a mod like Mod TT 20pxSplit Chamber, it will fire additional projectiles, each of which will deal the base damage per projectile. For weapons that only fire a single projectile, Mod TT 20pxSplit Chamber's 90% multishot will cause each shot to randomly have a 90% chance to fire two projectiles instead of one. Since CernosPrime Cernos Prime already fires 3 arrows per shot, adding Split Chamber will make it fire 3 × .9 = 2.7 additional arrows, so each shot will fire at least 5 arrows, and 70% of shots will fire 6.

On continuous beam weapons like the CrpFreezeRayRifle Glaxion, the damage of the beam simply has the multishot chance added. For example, adding Mod TT 20pxSplit Chamber to a CrpFreezeRayRifle Glaxion will act as an additional 90% total damage bonus.

Once damage is calculated, it may be affected on impact by Critical Hit mechanics or modified based on the opponent's armor. For detailed calculations of how various damage types affect different types of enemies, see the Damage page.

Calculating Physical DamageEdit

Physical damage mods apply only to base damage of the same type. For example, at max rank Mod TT 20pxFanged Fusillade increases Slash b Slash damage by +120%. The GrineerM16Rifle Karak does 27 damage split into 12.15 Impact b Impact, 8.1 Puncture b Puncture, and 6.75 Slash b Slash. A Karak equipped a max rank Fanged Fusillade will gain (6.75 × 1.2) = 8.1 additional Slash b Slash damage for a total of 14.85 Slash b Slash and 35.1 total damage.

If a Physical damage mod is added to a weapon that does no physical damage of the corresponding type, the mod will have no effect. For example, the ChainLightningGunEdit Amprex does entirely Electricity b Electric damage when unmodded, so Mod TT 20pxFanged Fusillade will do absolutely nothing.

Calculating Elemental DamageEdit

Elemental damage mods apply to all damage done by a weapon. For example, a max rank Mod TT 20pxHellfire adds 90% Heat b Heat damage to a rifle. If a Karak was equipped with a max rank Hellfire, it would gain 27 × .9 = 24.3 Heat b Heat damage.

Each two different elemental mods will be added up into a Combined Element, with different damage multipliers against certain enemies. For combined elements, the slots are ordered from left to right, top row then bottom row, with any inherent elemental damage (from the weapon) added last. For example, if both Mod TT 20pxHellfire (+Heat b Heat damage) and Mod TT 20pxCryo Rounds (+Cold b Cold damage) are equipped on an ChainLightningGunEdit Amprex, they will combine to add Blast b Blast damage to the weapon's base Electricity b Electric damage. If only Hellfire is used, it will combine with the Amprex's base Electricity b Electric damage to make Radiation b Radiation damage instead.

If multiple mods of the same element are added, only the first is used when making combinations. For example, if Hellfire, Cryo Rounds, and Mod TT 20pxThermite Rounds are added to an Amprex, no matter what the order is the weapon will deal Blast b Blast and Electricity b Electric damage since the Heat b Heat element has already combined with Cold b Cold, so the second Heat b Heat mod simply increases the amount of Blast b Blast damage dealt.

Combining Physical and Elemental DamageEdit

Both Physical and Elemental damage are combined in the same step and are based only on the weapon's base damage and any mods that effect base damage.

In terms of raw damage, this makes a +90% Heat b Heat damage bonus superior to +90% Slash b Slash damage bonus unless the weapon deals all of its damage as Slash b Slash. In terms of actual impact, the total effect varies based on the armor type of enemy being damaged.

Total Damage FormulaEdit

If you're interested in simply calculating the total damage per shot fired, the equation (ignoring multishot and criticals) is:

Base Damage × (1 + Base Damage Bonus) × (1 + Elemental Damage Bonus + Weighted Physical Bonus) × (1 + Faction Damage Bonus) = Total Damage

Weighted physical damage is the physical bonus multiplied by the percentage of base damage that is made up of the specific physical bonus.

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