Calculated Shot is a Precept mod for the Diriga Sentinel that allows it to engage enemies within sight with a long-range shot.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Rank Range Cost
0 40m 0
1 46m 1
2 52m 2
3 58m 3
4 64m 4
5 70m 5

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Range indicates the maximum distance the Diriga attacks a target, however it will keep firing on the engaged target a few meters beyond maximum distance until it disengages.
  • Keep in mind that Diriga will use this precept regardless of the weapon equipped, which has interesting consequences with certain weapons;
    • If used in tandem with weapons whose projectiles have considerable travel time, the Diriga will not switch targets until after the burst has finished or the weapon has finished its cycle.
    • The DESentinelSweeper.png Sweeper (SentinelSweeperPrime.png Prime)'s low accuracy and damage falloff are not taken into account, so the Diriga will barely damage its target, if at all. The bad scatter of the DESentinelDethMachineRifle.png Deth Machine Rifle will make it have the same issue.
    • Using the DESentinelBurstLaser.png Burst Laser (PrismaSentinelBurstLaser.png Prisma) will result in the weapon firing in heavily skewed angles or where moving enemies were when first engaging with them.
  • Even with the Diriga's signature SentinelElectricRailgun.png Vulklok, given the projectile's travel time the player will likely need to have Mod TT 20px.pngTerminal Velocity equipped in order to have a good chance at hitting moving targets beyond 40m.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 17.10

  • Diriga’s Calculated Shot Precept is now able to target Sensor Bars and Arc Traps.

Update 17.9

  • The Diriga’s Calculated Shot Precept can now target cameras and turrets.

Update 17.3

  • Introduced

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